Free Sampler From Bad Panda Records

Our amigos over at Bad Panda Records are celebrating their very first birthday with a free sampler of music from the label.  The freebie features 18 tracks from such artists as Great Lake Swimmers, Frederik Teige, James Yates, and tons more.  Below we’ve got a taste of the new sampler with “Kind of Guy” from Yawn.  It’s a winner!


Download: Yawn – Kind Of Guy [MP3]

New Track (and album) from Rural Alberta Advantage

In case you missed out on the last Rural Alberta Advantage album, Hometowns, you’ll have a chance come March 1st to grab their new one, Departing.  The band created quite a buzz with their last effort, so our bet is that this round will be no different than the last.  It’s going to be coming out on Paper Bag Records, with a little help from the great kids over at Saddle Creek.  The intro really uses the cutting guitar to build some tension, but then the vocals kick in, using the pounding rhythm to really kick up the pace.  Just listening to this track makes you appreciate the spirit of the band.  Consider me stoked, brah.


Download: Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp [MP3]

New Tunes from Toro y Moi

It’s not like we haven’t already been keeping our eyes on Toro y Moi, but after catching his set recently at Fun Fun Fun Fest, we’re stoked to hear the entire Underneath the Pine album, coming your way on February 22.  If you can’t get into the groove of the bass line on this single, then you better get to the doctor quick like.  Of course, Chaz’s voice adds that extra element of smooth cool to the moving song, all things that will definitely leave you wanting more already.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to get down with the opposite sex while grooving to this song. Count us in.


Download: Toro y Moi – Still Sound [MP3]

New Music From Turbo Fruits

Nashville garage rock band Turbo Fruits have this awesome new song “Keepin’ On” floating around the interwebs.  The track is set to appear on a limited run 7″ white vinyl coming to stores on December 14th.  This is also a good time to bring up the band as they are coming into our city on Friday at Red 7.  We’ll remind you about that show later this week.  Thanks to amigo MOKB for pointing us to this track.


Download: Turbo Fruits – Keepin’ On [MP3]

New Track from Milky Wimpshake

It seems like there are so few bands that can really pull off long careers in the twee/jangle arena, yet Milky Wimpshake have been at it forever, or so it seems.  They have just released their latest record, My Funny Social Crime, and man I can’t get this thing out of my head.  It’s full of catchy hooks, clever vocal delivery, such as I love, and clean production.  It’s right up the alley with everything from the classic Northern Soul world, the one that influences Belle and Sebastian so greatly.  You’re going to be missing out on something quiet and special if you overlook this group, so don’t be foolish, look into the MW.


Download: Milky Wimpshake – Broken Again [MP3]

Merry Christmas From Los Campesinos!

So we here at ATH initially agreed that we wouldn’t be posting any lame Christmas music this year, but then I went and got extremely festive this weekend and decided to hell with it.  I think many of you may also agree that Los Campesinos! seem like the perfect band to be making some original and poppy holiday time tunes.  This track “Kindle a Flame in Her Heart” was just released by the band for free on their website.  Sure it’s a little cheesy, but I digs it.


Download: Los Campesinos! – Kindle A Flame In Her Heart [MP3]

New Music from Secret Shine

It seems strange to me that there were all these incredible bands rocking around the British Isles long ago, yet they hardly got recognition.  Somehow, shoegaze music returned to the fold, and with it, many of these great bands.  Such is the case with Secret Shine, one of the bands from the great Sarah Records catalog.  The group has returned, and will release The Beginning and the End on December 25th.  If you’ve been loving groups like Pains of Being Pure at Heart, or others that border on shoegaze/dream pop territory, then this will be the perfect fit for your collection.  This single is warm, hazy, but overall, absolutely beautiful. Get down with the past, as its the present now.


Download: Secret Shine – No More Inside [MP3]

More New Music From Get Up Kids

Everyone knows that we here at ATH are incredibly excited about this upcoming Get Up Kids album.  We’ve already posted about the new LP more than once so we saw it fitting to share another new single from the band.  This new one “Pararelevant” will also be appearing on The Get up Kid’s new LP There Are Rules due out January 11th.  Is it just me or can the rest of you keep hearing the heavy influence of bass player Rob Pope’s time in Spoon?


Download: The Get Up Kids – Pararelevant [MP3]

New Music From Braids

It seems like the music world is really getting behind this new pop band from Montreal Braids.  I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to jump on the hype machine at first, but their sweet tunes have turned the tide on me.  Below you can find the song “Plath Heart” that put me on the Braids team.  The track will appear on the band’s upcoming debut LP Native Speaker due out January 18th on Kanine Records.


Download: Braids – Plath Heart [MP3]

New Tracks from Asobi Seksu

Clearly 2011 is going to be huge year for music, at least as far as releases go in the first half.  We have another addition, that of Asobi Seksu; the band will be releasing their latest album, Fluoresence, on February 14th, via the good people at Polyvinyl. This first single kind of has this furious moment from the beginning, almost with a driving rhythm, but this is before Yuki’s voice begins to really take flight, allowing the rest of the track to soar off into the horizon.  Give “Trails” a listen, and get prepared for yet another noteworthy release when the new decade kicks off.


Download: Asobi Seksu – Trails [MP3]

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