New Music From Lissie

One of the best voices in indie rock, Lissie, is busy readying her debut LP coming out next month.  The album, Catching a Tiger, will be hitting stores on August 17th via Fat Possum Records.  Before that date, you can check a new tune from the album below entitled “Bully”.  You’ll hear pretty similar things to what we got on Lissie’s debut EP from last year.


Download: Lissie – Bully [MP3]

New Music from Les Savy Fav

See that naked guy on top of another man in the picture?  That’s Tim from Les Savy Fav, one of our favorite bands, hands down.  But, this isn’t about Tim’s live antics, it’s about the band’s new album Root for Ruin, which comes to your home stereo on September 14th via Frenchkiss.  You’ll love the angular guitar lines, and the production is simply the best yet from the group.  Be sure to stop by and drop off your email so you can keep up to date on all the news from Les Savy Fav, which you will have to do because this new album is too good to miss.


Download: Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out of Here [MP3]

New Music From Colour Revolt

So an old favorite of mine Colour Revolt is apparently still making new music?  I thought the band was calling it quits for sure… I mean after 3 members of the band leave, you get dropped by your label and your left only with a lead singer and a guitar player, you’d think it might be time to hang it up.  Well don’t tell that to leading man Jesse Coppenbarger.  The group is pressing on and ready to release their third LP in august entitled The Cradle.  Below you can find the first single from the upcoming album “Our Names”.  Glad to hear this group will be continuing to make solid tunes.


Download: Colour Revolt – Our Names [MP3]

New Tunes from Oberhofer

Oberhofer makes the perfect music for a Friday afternoon, well, any afternoon, but its pertinent, seeing as today is Friday.  You’ll find his single, “I Could Go” builds with a bit of throbbing samples and moving rhythms, designed to lift you up out of your office chair, albeit for a five minute span.  As his chanting vocals come in, bouncing in the seeming background of the song as cymbals crash, you’re hooked; you’re stuck with this song in your head.  It’s a good Friday after all.


Download: Oberhofer – I Could Go [MP3]

New Music From Wolf People

Man I’m really digging this new UK band that just signed to JagJaguwar called Wolf People.  Sure you may be sick of all the damn bands with Wolf in their name (I am), but these guys have a great throw back sound I can’t get enough of.  Coming across as sort of a 60s psychedelic rock band with a banging rhythm section, I hope you’ll quickly see the appeal.  Oh and that flute in the background… hell yeah.  You can expect the debut LP from Wolf People, Steeple, to hit stores this Fall on October 12th.  Hope you enjoy this jam as much as I do.


Download: Wolf People – Tiny Circle [MP3]

FTC: C.A. Quintet

If you have heard of the C.A. Quintet, you probably: (a.) were a part of the small Minneapolis rock scene in the late 60’s or (b.) are a huge music geek who revels in seeking out obscure regional psychedelic records.  Or, if you’re like me, you stumbled on them because your friend’s neighbor was in the band.  Regardless of how you come across the C.A. Quintet, their album Trip Thru Hell is wonderfully perplexing.  The record moves effortlessly from the murky and psychedelic “Trip Thru Hell (Part 1)” to the straight 60’s pop of “Blow to My Soul.”  Did I mention they throw in a lot of trumpet?  Not exactly standard psychedelic fare, but the end product is both cohesive and original.  A good portion of Trip Thru Hell is evocative of the darkness suggested by the title, but there are plenty of bright spots too.  Check out  “Sadie Lavone” (apparently a bonus track) which at first might be mistaken for a boy meets girl pop song, but takes a weird turn a minute in and ends in a funky psychedelic jam.


Download: C.A. Quintet – Sadie Lavone [MP3]

New Tunes from Young Man

Chicago native Colin Caulfield is going to be blowing you away this year.  He’s playing under the name of Young Man, but there’s nothing that sounds entirely young, so to speak, as the melodies go way back in the history of American pop music.  His debut Boy EP will be coming out on Frenchkiss on October 12th, so you better accustomed to hearing him now, as we’re sure that he’s just beginning to rise into the forefront of it all.


Download: Young Man – Hands [MP3]

Sonny & The Sunsets On Daytrotter

Been awhile since we’ve seen an artist on the Daytrotter website playing as much unreleased material as Sonny & The Sunsets did during their session.  In total, the band plays 6 songs with a whopping 4 of these being unreleased material.  The session is definitely worth your time and the free download.  Preview below with the relaxing live version of new song “I Wanna Do it Again”.


Download: Sonny & The Sunsets – I Wanna Do It Again [MP3]

New Music From Ra Ra Riot

A long time favorite of the ATH kids, Ra Ra Riot, are finally planning a followup to their surprising debut LP from 2008.  Below you’ll find the first taste of new material from the band in a couple years in the form of new song “Boy”.  I can’t really say I’m feeling this new tune just yet, but maybe it’ll grow on me.  Ra Ra Riot’s upcoming LP The Orchard hits stores on August 24th via Barsuk Records.


Download: Ra Ra Riot – Boy [MP3]

New Music From Dakotafish

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Mike Fish and his very own version of chillwave known as Dakotafish.  Having been looking forward to what this dude creates, I was happy to get a couple of his new tracks in my inbox the other day.  One new track “Jitter” can be downloaded and streamed below.  The other new one is available for free download on the Dakotafish website.  I digs.


Download: Dakotafish – Jitter [MP3]

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