More New Music from Gold Leaves

Awhile back we brought you an early listen to “The Ornament,” the first single from the upcoming album, The  Ornament, by Gold Leaves.  It’s really easy to see comparisons to other folk acts such as Fleet Foxes, but one thing I enjoy that is a bit different is the lush arrangements behind the sound on each track.  We’ve got another one today, and you’ll hear hints of the kind of orchestration you usually find on the quiet tracks of Papercuts records. Yeah, those are great qualities to have, so you won’t hear any complaints coming from my end right now.  Be sure to pick up the record on August 16th via Hardly Art.


Download: Gold Leaves – Cruel/Kind [MP3]

New Music from Light for Fire

You would think that a band made up of former members of The Village Green would have some sort of Davies-esque influence of their songwriting, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for Portland’s Light for Fire.  They’ve just released their self-titled debut, and you’ll be disappointed if you don’t give this a good solid listen.  Personally, I hear an edgier Dr. Dog, but that’s probably based on the piano line.  Still, that guitar chord that knifes its way through the song just cleanses your palate before the band brings it all home again, making for one heck of a single.  Be sure to check out the band’s SITE to preview their entire album.


Download: Light for Fire – NY (By the Hand) [MP3]

Show Preview: Bill Baird & Blank Fritz @ Baby Blue Studio (7/22)

Date 7/22/11
Location Baby Blue Studio
Doors 9pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Local musical legend Bill Baird has begun recording with yet another moniker going by the name of Bill Baird & Blank Fritz.  Bill hopes to debut some new material from the project tonight at a show going down at this studio Baby Blue Studio in east Austin.  Helping provide some additional music entertainment on the night are two California bands Range of Light Wilderness and Yesway.  You can also expect opening support from one of our favorite local up and comers Sleep Good.  Below you can also find the first new song from Bill’s new project “Wino Strut”.  It’s just streaming here, but can be bought in MP3 form over on bandcamp.


New Music from Mikal Cronin

It’s easy to know you’ll love something when the press release tosses the names of Ty Segall, The Ramones, and Trouble in Mind Records all into one email.  Mikal Cronin will be releasing his self-titled debut on TiM on September 20th, and based on this track alone, I know I’m going to be playing it on repeat over and over.  If you toss in a little more melody on Segall’s formula for psych-rock, perhaps remove a bit of hazy tones, and this is pretty much what you’re going to get.  I know, right! Sounds pretty awesome, so jump on the wagon now, and prepare for Cronin to come to Austin in September (17th) with Ty.


Download: Mikal Cronin -Apathy [MP3]

New Music (and album) from Fungi Girls

Earlier this year I caught Fungi Girls as an opening act, and I remember thinking to myself how young they were, in looks, not musical sound.  The Cleburne, TX trio definitely do seem young in person, but their music seems like it was washed in the glory days of San Francisco.  It’s sort of jangly, but it’s also got this mysterious coat of fog that drifts atop of it.  You can hear the whole new record from these Texans by visiting their BANDCAMP page, so get there fast.  That album is called Some Easy Magic, and it will be in your record store next Tuesday thanks to the good folks over at Hozac Records. Also, if you dig the song below, P4k ran a sweet video for it HERE.


Download: Fungi Girls – Velvet Days [MP3]

New Music From Son Of The Sun

Here’s a new song called “10,000” that was just sent our way from Buffalo, NY band Son of the Sun.  It’s a simple pop tune that makes me think of fellow indie rock bands that I’m currently drawing a blank on for names right now (little help?). Regardless of who you can compare the guys to, the song is a fun listen and I hope you enjoy.  A new EP Almost Not There is said to be available from the band July 26th.


Download: Son of the Sun – 10,000 [MP3]

Obligatory Girls Post

I say this is obligatory, as I’m sure that everyone in the world has this track on play right now, or at least gave it a listen today at some point. We’d be remiss if we didn’t post it, as Girls were one of our favorite bands, or are rather.  The last time they offered up a 6 minute song (Hellhole Ratrace) it played non-stop.  Here, on “Vomit” they’ve clearly slowed things down, but the delivery of the vocal sounds remarkably similar to early works.  When the song bursts, you get a glimpse at the hard work the band’s done, crafting a much fuller sound, even with a bit of a sharp edge.  Surely we can expect great things when their new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, hits on September 13th via True Panther.


Download: Girls – Vomit [MP3]

New Song from Carter Tanton

You might have seen this tracking floating around last week, but I wanted to give it some more attention, as it’s such a deserving track.  Carter Tanton spends a lot of his time playing with Lower Dens, but you wouldn’t be able to tell after listening to this lead single from his upcoming record, Freeclouds; the record will be in stores on November 1st via Austin’s own Western Vinyl. From the get go, there’s this brightness to the song filtering beneath the vocal.  There’s something really familiar about it, though I can’t place it precisely, greatness perhaps?  Regardless of what it reminds you of, this song will surely be playing around you for the rest of the week.


Download: Carter Tanton – Murderous Joy [MP3]

More New Music from Boston Spaceships

Just last week we gave you an opportunity to give a listen to “Christmas Girl,” the first release from the upcoming Boston Spaceships album, Let It Beard.  In true Pollard fashion, he already has another song for you folks to enjoy, and again, it’s just a great track.  Over the years he’s been able to win us over, though most will admit he’s tossed out a few misses here and there.  After listening to Let It Beard all week, I can tell you that this is not going to be the case this go round; it’s a solid record through and through, full of gem after gem. You can get yourself a copy on August 2nd.


Download: Boston Spaceships – Tabby and Lucy [MP3]

New Music from Loney Dear

There’s always something special about listening to Loney Dear.  On the last effort, Dear John, I found myself drawn into some really spectacularly quiet songs that fit right into where I was emotionally.  Emil’s voice has this memorable pitch to it, and the construction of the songs has always done wonders to give it the most power.  This new track comes from the group’s upcoming record on Polyvinyl Records, Hall Music.  You can hear the song building slowly in your ear, melodies rising all the while, waiting for Emil to unleash his vocals.  There’s definitely a more orchestrated approach to the record based on what we’ve heard so far, and that’s got me looking forward to see what the rest of Hall Music will sound like.  Give this track a good once or twice over.


Download: Loney Dear – My Heart

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