New Track from Little Red

This track is one of those numbers that you keep playing over and over again, just checking to make sure it’s as magical as it was the first time you listened; ten times later, you still love it.  Little Red hail from Melbourne, but they’ve signed on with True Panther to release their debut, Midnight Remember, on October 25th.  Listening below, it sort of begins with that collage work of say Panda Bear, but then it goes off in a completely different direction, spinning your ears in an entirely different direction. There’s just a hypnotic vibe here that encourages repeated listens, and that’s what makes this a good little listen.


Download: Little Red – Get A Life [MP3]

New Music from The Apartments

It seems that Australia is intent upon taking back pop music this year, and Chapter Music again is the team behind it all.  They’ve teamed up with Peter Walsh and his group the Apartments to release a new 7″.  It’s a single titled Black Ribbons, with two distinctly different mixes.  The one we have below drifts into the realm of twee-pop, but it does so with such beauty that you can’t help but swoon when you listen to this track.  I think we’ll look back on this in time and be thankful that the band took the time to craft such melodiously enchanting tunes.


Download: The Apartments – Black Ribbons (Spring Mix) [MP3]

New Music from The Beets

Honestly, I can see why there are some people that haven’t completely gotten into The Beets, but that’s such a shame.  Perhaps the vocals aren’t as pristine as similarly-minded bands, but that doesn’t apply for the great melodies the band has crafted over the last several years.  They’ve just signed on with the increasingly superb Hardly Art, who will be releasing their new LP, Let the Poison Out, on October 24th.  On their last run through, I fell absolutely in love, and you should spend a bit of time with their last record, Stay Home, and it will only get you more excited for this much anticipated release.


Download: The Beets – Doing as I Do [MP3]

New Deconstructionist Jam from Co La

Where was this track all summer?  Those dub vibes just fit perfectly to my listening experience for any good summer party, but better late than ever, right? Co La is the project of Matthew Papich, and he’s going to be releasing his full-length, Daydream Repeater, on NNA Tapes on November 15th. It seems like the relaxing vibe here is suitable for warm months, but I have a feeling if he executes this well on the whole record, then it’ll probably get some play around my house no matter what.  Sit back, and let the vibe sink in.


Download: Co La – Egyptian Peaches [MP3]

New Jam from The Sweet Ones

Sometimes you find yourself in a little bit of a rut, at least in regards to your listening patterns.  I guess lately I’ve felt like I need something to sort of kick out the jams a bit.  Lucky for me I found this rocking record from The Sweet Ones in my inbox.  Their record is titled Big Mistakes, and you can pick it up now.  It’s a solid little rocking album, filled with sing-a-long barroom brawlers in the vein of garage rock, just a bit filthier. Cleaner production just gives way to the old fashioned good times, which is perfect for your Thursday.


Download: The Sweet Ones – 2005 [MP3]

New Track from Dick Diver

It’s going to be a great year for our dear friends over at Chapter Music; they’ve already released Geoffrey O’Connor‘s record, and they’ve got the Twerps new one on the way.  But, more importantly, they’ve got the debut full-length from Dick Diver, yet another great band from Australia waiting to be heard over here in the States. Their record is titled New Start Again, and it will be released October 14th overseas.  On first listen, you’ve got to fall in love with the way the guitar gently trickles in, while a layer of brightness begs to burst forth.  It never does, but you’ll follow the song until its end, waiting.  Even if you have to wait, you’ll play it over again, just to make sure it’s as great a song as you thought it was in the first place.


Download: Dick Diver – Through the D [MP3]

New Jam From Pack A.D.

It’s frustrating when I feel like I’ve missed out some new music from one of my favorite rock bands and I’m late as hell delivering the news via ATH.  Today is one of those days as I bring you a new, to me, son from Canadian rock n roll duo The Pack A.D.  The song is called “Sirens” and appears on the bands brand new LP Unpersons which just came out earlier this week via Mint Records.  Pardon my tardiness.


Download: The Pack A.D. – Sirens [MP3]

New Track from The Serenades

At the moment there’s not tons of news stateside about The Serenades, other than it feature Adam Olenius of Shout Out Louds, and his friend, Markus.  They’re not crafting bubbling pop with hints of melancholy; they’re offering up sweeping pop music that only the Swedes seem to know how to perfect.  They’ve got an album out called Criminal Heaven, and it’s full of really warm numbers with swelling bursts of exuberance.  It’s the perfect track to fit into your midweek listening rotation.  Just kick back and enjoy this little ditty.


Download: The Serenades – Oceans [MP3]

The IT Department – v1.1

Going to be a quick one, preparations are in full swing for the annual pilgrimage to Town Lake …erm Lady Bird Lake, to listen to music by bands we already like while standing on the Great Lawn. The IT Department brings an exclusivish track from Fujiya & Miyagi, a new one from Toro Y Moi, mellowness from Geotic and pretty chilly track from The Parish of Little Clifton. The IT Department is back from vacation. Hi.

Update: Ok, adding one more track, new stuff from Jonti.

Welcome to the next edititon, welcome to the IT Department V1.1.

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New Music From Shimmering Stars

Somewhere around a year ago, we shared a new song from new band Shimmering Stars.  Well now we’ve finally got you a new song “Nervous Breakdown” from the band’s latest LP Violent Hearts which just hit stores yesterday.  It’s easy to see why some of the music blogging kids have gotten behind this band and we just can’t resist ’em either.


Download: Shimmering Stars – Nervous Breakdown [MP3]

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