SXSW Music: St. Deluxe

As our SXSW week of mayhem draws ever closer, we wanted to share some tunes with a few of the lesser known acts making their way into Austin.  Today we’ll take a quick look at Scottish band St. Deluxe.  This fuzz-pop quartet dropped their stellar debut LP in February of last year and have already shared the stage with the likes of Mudhoney, The Vaselines, and Sonic Boom.  Ironically the band come across as a more modern version of Mudhoney, or a sort of Scottish take on Dinosaur Jr, with a bigger emphasis on distorted vocals and bass.  However you want to label them, St. Deluxe will be a band to check out next week.  Not convinced?  Check out this live video of their song “New Wave Stars” and tell me that doesn’t do it for ya.  Two opportunities to see these guys for free:

Friday 3/19 – Dart Music Party @ Mi Casa (503 E. 6th st) – 1pm

Friday 3/19 – BME Scottish Stage @ Latitude 30 (512 San Jacinto Blvd.) – 4:20pm


Download: St. Deluxe – After the Fire [MP3]

Introducing: Trumpeter Swan

Trumepter Swan is the brand spanking new project from former What Made Milwaukee Famous keyboardist/guitar player Drew Patrizi.  The endeavor is basically a solo project from Patrizi with a few of his friends brought on board to help record debut album Listen for the Clues.  Throughout that new album, you’ll hear a pop-rock sound similar to the stylings that WMMF were known for.  Expanding on that though, Patrizi has created his own new voice in the genre and created a beautiful album chock full of pop ballads.  You can buy the new album online now and check back for shipping dates.  Digital downloads for purchase will be available soon.


Download: Trumpeter Swan – Loose Lips [MP3]

New Tunes from Dr. Dog

Personally, the new Dr. Dog really has me on edge.  Sure, they’re not necessarily indie darlings anymore, but I’m really looking forward to the release of Shame, Shame, which hits stores April 6th.  Here’s another new track off their latest effort.  You can welcome the boys to Austin in May @ Emos as they come our way to support their new album, that’s if you don’t catch them at SXSW.


Download: Dr. Dog – Stranger [MP3]

New Music From Here We Go Magic

Luke Temple and his band Here We Go Magic are currently sitting on top of the world.  They earned spots on all kinds of year end lists with their debut LP last year and pretty much everyone is labeling them the next big thing.  Now only a year after their debut release, HWGM are planning to release their sophomore effort, Pigeons, on June 8th via their new label Secretly Canadian.  This album will feature collaborations from all band members as opposed to last years album that was basically a Luke Temple solo effort.  Below you can find the first sneak peak from the album, “Collector”, which some of you may recognize as a staple of their live sets.  After a few spins, I’m ready to call this best new song of the week and a must have album in 2010.


Download: Here We Go Magic – Collector [MP3]

New Tunes from Tre Orsi

Tre Orsi recently popped up on the Matador Austin Compilation, though the band is a three piece from Denton.  This is probably due to the fact that we’d like to claim them as our own due to their rocking live shows, and their powerful sound.  The band will be releasing their album, Devices + Albums, on March 23rd through Works Progress Records.  Production credits go to Bubba Kadane of Bedhead (The New Year too) fame, so you know it will sound great–I can confirm it does, as I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I got my hands on it.  Give the band a try. Buy local.


Download: Tre Orsi – The Engineer [MP3]

Prismo Perfect

Prismo Perfect are a French band whose tunes have been catching our ears as of late.  The band has only been around for about a year now, but are hoping to use their DIY spirit to make a name for themselves in 2010.  Below you can find a downloadable copy of their song “Summer in the Kitchen” which will hopefully spark your interest in these guys.  They have a sort of 90s garage/70s psychedleic throwback type sound to them that we’re really digging on.  You can hear more on their myspace page or read more about them on their blog.


Download: Prismo Perfect – Summer in the Kitchen [MP3]

New Tunes from MGMT

MGMT are coasting right now.  They’ve got the adoration of every one, and their new album hasn’t even hit the streets yet.  But, we finally have a track from the new record, Congratulations.  You’ll want to keep close track of these guys this year, as this track indicates they’ll be huge by the year’s end. Grab yourself a listen and lets us know how you feel. (via Fader)


Download: MGMT – Flash Delerium [MP3]

New Single From Sweet Serenades

This incredibly poppy little number from Swedish band The Sweet Serenades has been creating quite the positive buzz around the interwebs.  The song appears on the bands debut LP Balcony Cigarettes, which is currently only available via digital download on itunes in the US (physical release stateside coming soon).  You can also check out a quirky video of the new song via youtube.  I digs.

Update: After the song popped up on our radio, my mother informs me that the song was on a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We’re going mainstream!


Download: The Sweet Serenades – Die Young [MP3]

New Music From Hacienda

While you may not be familiar with our San Antonio friends Hacienda, you are probably familiar with Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach.  What does Auerbach have to do with Hacienda?  Well a few years ago, Auerbach got his hands on a Hacienda demo, liked what he heard, and subsequently helped the band record their 2008 debut Loud is the Night.  Now in 2010, the guys plan on releasing their sophomore effort Big Red and Barbocoa on April 6th via Alive Records.  Check out new single “I Keep Waiting” below as you await their upcoming LP.  You’ll probably notice right off the bat why Auerbach picked up on these guys.


Download: Hacienda – I Keep Waiting [MP3]

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