The Parson Red Heads Announce New LP

Over many years time, I have grown to love the musical stylings of Portland based geniuses The Parson Red Heads. Somehow the band has continued to evolve from what I considered a fairly straightforward indie rock band into a more alt-country, bright folk sounding ensemble. With a new album on the way, TPRH just dropped this new single called “All I wanted” and I am yet again impressed by the maturation of this group. This song has so many beautiful elements involved and it progresses so nicely that I’ve decided you simply have to listen to it right now. Ok go.

The Parson Red Heads will release this song a new album entitled Lifetime of Comedy due out on November 13th via Fluff and Gravy Records.

Rock n’ Recipes: European Sun

A little over a week ago European Sun released their self-titled LP on one of my favorite labels WIAIWYA. But, despite being a relatively new band, the pedigree of the members is really special for all the indiepop fans (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Short Stories)…enough heavy-hitters to pique your interest I would reckon. We caught up with the bunch via email to chat a bit and a recipe for “Steve’s Daal.” Click on below for a great read…and be sure to listen to the entirety of the self-titled LP.

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Girlatones Announce Short & Sweet EP

Earlier this year, Girlatones released one hell of a sophomore record, Horn if You’re Honky, and they’ve turned right around to give us another offering this year by way of the Short & Sweet EP. I was pleased to find that the band would be taking on a similar downtrodden mood, as was present on the standout single from HiYH, “Get to the End.” I was happily basking in my solitude while listening here, when a sudden uptick in the sound perked me up; you’ll hear a slight tonal bounce around the 1:30 mark, offering up this tiny sparkle of promise before receding back to the solemn notes of the verse. Despite its shifting moods, you’d be missing out if you didn’t hear the faintest dash of hope on the horizon in the band’s pop sensibility. They’ll release Short & Sweet on October 2nd via limited cassettes! (Photo by Izzie Austin)

Christian Singles Announces Maybe Another Time

In case you weren’t hip to the news, Christian Singles is the solo moniker of Rob Miller, who has played in Mall Walk and Blues Lawyer; he’s just announced Maybe Another Time. While the songs were recorded during quarantine, the album was influenced by news that Miller’s father’s cancer had returned…forcing him to face issues of family and forgiveness. While he’s working over synthesized beats, the song snakes its way around that pulsing sensation, honing in on a very new wave sound, only reimagined through the pain of the world that surrounds us. If your’e digging it, the LP will be released by Mt. St. Mtn. this October.

Another Single from Chloe Alison Escott

I just simply don’t think its possible to listen to the work of Chloe Alison Escott and not be moved; you just can’t listen here and miss out on the natural drama of Escott’s writing. Merely piano and vocals on this tune from the Native Cats front woman, yet it just hits you in your core, something that speaks to the power of Chloe’s narration and vocal delivery. There’s a uniqueness too, something distinctive in her voice…the sort that leaves its scars on your eardrums as it courses into your brain. A striking elegance permeates this entire song, and for that matter, the whole of Stars Under Contract; the LP will offer up high brow pop art for the everyperson when it drops on October 16th via Chapter Music.

Catching Up with the Austin Music Scene

Seeing as the City of Austin is determined to ignore the struggling creativity of our city, we’re trying to do just the wee little bit we can for the five of you that read this site. So, I wanted to kind of jump in and highlight some of last week’s great Austin releases. This is all in addition to the great Mobley track we wrote about earlier in that week!

First, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to listen to Pelvis Wrestley, current holders of the best band name in Austin. Oh, and did we mentioned our label put out cassette of their debut Vortexas Vorever LP on Friday? We did very little but ride the coattails of their genius, which you can stream below!

Second, one of the acts we’ve championed for years, Jana Horn, released her new solo LP, Optimism. Pretty sure this might be one of the best releases in Austin this year, and hopefully the world finally starts to take notice of Jana’s incredible gifts.

Then there was a new single from Dylan Pacheco, which I’ve been super into over the weekend. It reminds me a tad of Elvis Depressedly in that sort of bedroom pop sense, but I’ll admit I feel like Pacheco might have better production touches on this number. His debut EP, Youthful Exuberance, will hit on October 30th.

Future Museums also had a single of his minimal electronica that was released via Holodeck Records. It’s this carefully constructed organic piece that’s probably best experienced while watching the following video accompaniment.

The Very Most Announce Needs Help LP

It seems like the musical world and the weather in Texas have collided to create the perfect moment for The Very Most to announce their new album. The song’s got this spritely spirit, the sort that will assuredly drawn comparisons to other like-minded indiepop acts…and that’s just fine. My favorite bit comes just after the 2 minute mark, where a female foil comes into play a vocal counterpoint; it creates a nice melodic touch that really helps the song bounce its way to euphoric close…and couldn’t we all use that!?. Dammit if I don’t love good pop tunes. Needs Help will be out on October 9th!

Yore Shares Debut Single

Callum Brown has been part of the greater music community for a few years, spending time playing with Ulrika Spacek and Mint Field, among others. But, now there is the new project Yore, largely a solo venture wherein Brown has gathered friends to work on the project. This tune, for instance, features Katie Drew of White Flowers offering vocals to Callum’s wash of fuzzy guitars and looped beats. It’s like a melting pot where you get the sort of intoxication from the pop element, yet there’s still this careful heaviness, toying playfully with the boundaries of shoegaze; I’m quite fascinated to hear what the rest of the forthcoming album will sound like. Yore plans to drop the self-titled debut this December, so stay tuned for more tracks!

Rockin’ Track From Primo Danger

As many of you know, Nathan and I are truly struggling with the current world of online learning so we are excited to get a few days off, listen to some tunes, and relax. For me, I am seeing a lot of enjoyment and weekend stereo blasting with this new track called “Welcome Son” from our Dallas brothers in Primo Danger. The song has this unique way of combining poppier indie elements like say Franz Ferdinand with a more post-punk sound like Les Savy Fav. It shows a real promise of what will surely be a bright future for this up and coming Dallas area band.

Primo Danger have a new EP out today entitled Welcome Son. It’s available for stream and purchase right now!

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The Green Child Share Fashion Light

Don’t tell me you’re not in love with the Green Child?! You get Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, teamed up to make this wonderfully subtle, dreamy pop music. That synthetic beat initially made me want to bounce; it just has that joyous nature to it’s movement. But, Raven’s voice has this light drizzle to it, steadily soaking you with melody; it’s a strong contrast, which is one of the reasons I love what they’re doing, playing with both sides of my musical brain. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to come to the end of the week; it’s thoughtful and promising, and maybe I can crack a smile. Look for Shimmering Basset this October via Upset the Rhythm.

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