Honey Cutt Share Vacation

Sometimes I think to myself that they just don’t ever make pop music like they used to, and then I’m hit with a song like this new one from Honey Cutt. The song jangles in all the right spots, with spot on bounce provided by the rhythm section. I love how there are two guitar lines, seemingly giving you two different approaches…one jangling and giving energy, while the other seems far more intent on wandering off, much like the song’s theme. It doesn’t hurt that Kaley Honeycutt has the most mesmerizing voice, the sort that sets indiepop hearts a flutter, sort of rising and falling in between notes. This is going to be one hell of a debut LP; Coasting is out March 13th via Kanine Records.

Pintandwefall Share Short Goodbye

Admittedly, Pintandwefall were not on my radar at all until this year when they announced their new album with our friends over at the Finnish label Soliti Music. But, since then I’ve fallen head over heels for the band’s sound; I can’t help but think they’d be huge if the US/UK press caught on to them. This track opens in more of a brooding fashion, carefully moving before taking on heavier tones, though always employing great melody in the vocals. For me, the biggest success in this song, however, is the bits between the verses…space-y pop vibes galore. I promise you that you’re going to love Your Stories Baby, out next week!

Girlatones Announce Horn if You’re Honky

Aside from the fact that I can’t stop giggling at the title of the new LP from Australia’s Girlatones, I’m totally sold on the opening single they’ve shared with the record announcement. It’s this soft bit of pop, crafted beautifully on the back of a piano, touched up with some light percussion and delicate little arrangements; I loved the crisp guitar notes at the 3 minute mark. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of the slow-core stylings of maybe Bedhead, though spun through a different set of influences; the song sort of builds and builds, peaking as the song draws to a close. Horn if You’re Honky will be out on March 20th via Meritorio and Lost and Lonesome.

Holy Share Another New Track

Sometimes I feel like I’m a one-man Holy hype machine, but I definitely don’t care. This fresh single from the forthcoming LP is so stunning; I can’t quit playing it. I rush back each time to figure out why it is that I love it, only to find that I can’t pigeonhole or identify much, other than I’m just really taken by the song. It’s so open and intimate at the beginning; it’s almost like an artists baring their soul (as it should be), then it slinks into this electronic-laden dreamy pop number. There’s no words here, just go listen. Ryder is out on February 28th via PNKSLM.

Other Lives Announce For Their Love

It’s been almost 5 years since we last heard from Other Lives, but today they’re back with the announcement of For Their Love. While they’ve been away for a minute, they’re clearly every bit as interested in the detailed craftsmanship of song as ever; this video alone features an array of instruments and textures used to build a huge sweeping movement. This song in particular never seems to peak, hanging the chorus just on the edge of restraint…a tip either way and the song wouldn’t come off nearly as perfect as it does here. It’s good to hear from this lot; they’ll be releasing For Their Love on April 24th via ATO Records.

Hop Onboard The Disq Hype Train

Madison, WI based band Disq has certainly been receiving a ton of praise around the interwebs for their early singles. And hey crazy thing, we were part of the hype back in March as we interviewed the band during SXSW! All that noise out of the way, I recommend you come aboard the Disq fan train by checking out this banging new single & accompanying video called “Daily Routine”. Though some may call it power pop, which sure, it is as its core, but I also hear some undertones of forward thinking 90s bands like POTUSOA or even Blur. It’s quite rad. They will also be returning again in March for SXSW so you’ll have a chance to see them again.

Disq will release new album Collector on May 6th via Saddle Creek. Pre-orders are live now.


Dropkick Share Catching On

With the vinyl release of the Lucksmiths Naturaliste last month, it had me wondering, who is best suited to fill that void in my life? Seems like Dropkick are the perfect band to fill that void, especially with what we’ve heard from the forthcoming The Scenic Route. This new single is filled with understated jangle, just playfully crafting a warm melody that perfectly aligns with the delivery of the vocal lines. I love the vocal in the chorus; it feels like its sweeping down from above to carry you away in this blanket of blissful harmony. The new LP will be out on February 7th via Bobo Integral.

Dead Stars Announce Never Not Here

We’ve been writing about Dead Stars almost as long as we’ve been running this site, which says more about the band than it does about us. Today, they share a brand new single with fresh news of a new LP on the February horizon. In true Dead Stars fashion, it’s just a huge guitar pop rocker, balancing heavy riffs with the melodic nature of the band’s vocals; they’ve always sort of walked this tightrope between reimagined grunge and power-pop, in the best way possible. They’re just one of those bands that makes you want to turn the volume way up and hit the road with nothing but the wind at your back. Never Not Here will be out on February 21st.

The Media Release Globalist Blues

While the Media claim Austin as their home base, this is an example of finding a pure gem in your own backyard. Honestly, the opening number is worthy of your time and energy…immediately. It has this delicate nature, this fragility like the song’s shattering in your hands that’s absolutely stunning. The song’s got this slide guitar fading away, leaving the strumming guitar far off, eventually leaving it isolated with the vocals. That voice takes on sort of this folk meets bedroom pop; it feels pained, but like that’s been accepted and welcomed…and luckily shared with us all. Globalist Blues is out now for NYoP, but had to share this stunning opener.

No Museums Return with Moths

How is it that some bands get all the accolades and popularity, yet there are tons of working bands putting out brilliant release after brilliant release, and it seems like its only me listening over here. No Museums are one such band, occupying the larger indie rock space, though they’ve been mostly doing it on their own terms through their high albums. On Moths, their second LP this year, they draw on various sounds that have my ears alert…like the Blank Dogs (ish) Local Cold or the GBV style of “Things I Have Hidden.” On the latter, the sonics get drawn out into that tundra of negative space, filling it with chugging guitars and stomping rhythm, something you generally find in the works of a Gedge-penned number. Bits and pieces for everyone to love, and ultimately, another well rounded release from this Edmonton outfit.

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