ACL Gimme 5 – Drew Holcomb

Hopefully those of you attending Weekend One of ACL Festival have survived and are possibly looking forward to another 3 days of fun in the cooler weather. I know I am looking forward to it and especially the new acts for W2. Drew Holcomb is one such act who didn’t play last weekend so he seems like a great choice to continue our Gimme 5 ACL playlists this week. He’s featured a few artists not yet mentioned by previous band so it should offer you something new. Hit the jump for his words and picks.

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Have Another From JW Francis

After my compadres both shared some tuneage from New York based JW Francis over the last several months, I felt it was my turn to get in on the hype. Today we have this new song called “Lofi” which is a lovely bit of guitar pop music similar to a guy like Albert Hammond Jr. in his earlier solo days. What draws me in here is the infectious, breezy sound that is super easy to fall head over heals into. Now having shared three songs from Francis, I think it’s safe to say he’s ATH approved.

Joy Cleaner Share Dramatization

Dammit, I just love Joy Cleaner. There’s something refreshing about a band that’s just banging out rockers from start to finish, like that classic guitar rock sound from the 90s. Sure, that seems dated, but the the huge riffs and the hooks lend themselves to the reemergence of power-pop fans across the Internet’s web. Sometimes its nice to just sort of put your pretense to the site, turn the stereo up and let it rock. I promise, it’ll be cool to rock again real soon, so let this bunch ease you into it. You’re So Jaded drops on November 8th courtesy of Jigsaw Records.

New Jam from Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage

Admittedly, the first twenty seconds of this tune had me scared; definitely tested my adoration for Jeffrey Lewis…so just hold on. Once the track kicks in, you get a steady dose of Lewis’ distinctive delivery working over these catchy riffs and precision drum stomps. I can’t help but compare Jeffrey to John Darnielle, but here there’s definitely an affinity for pop moments that shines through Lewis’ style, which is why I’ve always found a soft spot for his music in my own collection. Catchy and unique, as if you needed anything else. Bad Wiring is out November 1st on Don Giovanni Records.

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Share Catch

Every new single that comes from Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton just raises the anticipation for their new LP, Take the Reigns. At this point, Lach’s voice should be super familiar to fans of our site, or even folks who’ve been following along the last few years. He’s got one of the most gentle voices in Australia, and one that has this immediate warmth and intimacy. That talent alone would make his tunes sparkle in the pop ears, but Emma is the perfect foil; she enters the scene in just the right places, rounding out sentiment with a bit of harmonizing. I particularly love the last 20 seconds or so where she takes off on her own; it’s a touching moment, and another gem. The LP will be out on October 18th via Bobo Integral and Osborne Again.

New Track from Nevil

Nevil have rather quickly ascended the ranks in the Austin music scene, with everyone talking about the group’s great live sets. So, while I obviously can’t share that with you, why not drop this brand new track from the trio. I love the song’s patience on this one; it’s the purest essence of a slow burner, yet they never lose you, tightening their grip with just the slightest raise in volume here and there. If this is the direction the group’s going with their music as things carry on, you better believe I’ll be right here waiting to throw more praise their way.

Holy Shares New Single ft Boys

I’ve already thrown my support behind the new material from Holy, but now he’s called label mate Boys to add depth to his songwriting. For me, it’s a pretty brilliant pop tune, building these layers, much as was done on the most recent LP. This time, there’s a nice little textural balance that really encourages this sort of exultation, a sort of emphatic embrace of blossoming pop music. It calls to mind work by the likes of Radio Dept, though this has a fresher pop sensibility, sort of stripped of the dense claustrophobia. Apparently there’s a new LP on the works courtesy of PNKSLM coming at us in early 2020.

Ismay Shares When I Was Younger

I don’t often gravitate towards live performance recordings, but it seems fitting considering the aims of Avery Hellman’s project, Ismay. The debut LP is filled with various field recordings and the trickling of nature, perhaps an homage to Hellman’s rural California upbringing, or perhaps just the lifeblood of humanity. For me, I was drawn to two things in this track: the vocals and the fingerpicking. The vocal delivery and storytelling reminds me of early Joanna Newsom; it’s distinctive and sort of takes on its own soul as notes land emphatically here and there, sort of rising and falling with each breath…not to mention the crystalline rise in pitch. In regards to the fingerpicking style, it helps the vocal delivery, sort of giving it a natural rhythm, or perhaps its the other way around; the accent from the fiddle/violin is an added bonus. This tune appears on Songs of Sonoma Mountain, out in February of 2020.

Catchy Pop from Dad Sports

I’m way into this single from Dad Sports that I recently came across in the Internet world; it’s not brand new, but don’t you just wanna bob your head up and down? I think the rhythmic pulse that this song has is guaranteeing that you’re starting your day off by tapping your toes right in step with me? I love the quieted style of the vocals pushing the agenda; it doesn’t even need much from the drum machine push either, relying upon the catchiness of the guitar lines to really wrap you up. Anyways, happy Mondays to you.

Nice Ballad from Margaux

Margaux is a songwriter living in Brooklyn, but I hear a little bit of the softened vibes of maybe a Stella Donnelly in the way she’s crafted this track. Sure, there’s the intimacy of the strummed notes, but the song’s opening first few minutes have this playfulness that really makes po fans swoon, or at least this particular listener. But, what really drew me to the song was the shift midway through things; it takes on this ethereal dream quality that sort of takes the song into this floating meander that I didn’t see coming. It’s nice to be surprised by things. Expect a debut EP from the artists in November.

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