Conflict at Serenity Pools Share Jasmine

I really love the vibes that Conflict at Serenity Pools are offering up in their last single before the release of their new album, Ladders of Misfortune. For my measly two cents, the track has this more rock version of Broadcast; it’s flirting with these delicious melodic vocals that are almost more spoken (cooly, mind you) amidst the energetic punch of the musical element. Plus, as the band work into motion, the song takes on this propulsive groove that really starts to sneak into your skin, particularly as it adopts more volume in there. This tune lives somewhere in that world of weirdo pop artists in love with pop music; you can expect to get a lot of joy when the LP drops on October 20th.

Alien Nosejob Shares Act Different Single

Jake Robertson is currently burning up everything in his path as he tours through the US with his Alien Nosejob project; I’ve heard several accounts of incredible shows, and there’s still a few US shows left before he heads back to Melbourne. Still, great shows mean little to me without great songs, and as this single can attest, Alien Nosejob has the songs. In a way, it reminds me of some of those early King Khan/BBQ LPs, where things were blending punk sentimentality with a love for blues and classic rock n’ roll riffs. Still, there’s more of a melodic centerpiece here, which, as a cheesy pop fan, I gobbled up and ran to post about it. The Derivative Sounds of…Or…A Dog Always Returns to Its Vomit is out via Goner Records/Anti Fade on October 27th.

Feeling Figures Share Movement Video

On their last trip around the singles market, Feeling Figures offered us this brooding bit of indie rock that felt like it had drifted from the Pacific NW all the way over to Montreal. This go round, well, they’re adding in a bit more “movement,” should I say, bringing this frantic energy that kicks off a bit of riotous bounce. Personally, I love the way the guitar lines seem to be work in opposition, one sort of meandering about in the mix while the other pairs with the rhythm section to drive the song forward; they somehow meet and fuse from time to time, creating this synergy that livens the vibe. Plus, the vocals have this almost maniacal how, pushing this snotty playfulness that I absolutely love. Spend some time here, and grab Migration Magic from K/Perennial Death on November 24th.

Bubblegum Lemonade Share Fresh Single

There’s always room in my listening rotation for Laz and Bubblegum Lemonade; Laz has been blending his love for classic guitar pop with modern indie pop, and this new tune’s the perfect example. There’s a nice little thumping drum setting the tempo, as a guitar rides right atop, opening the track into this twisting breed of jangling guitar pop. Despite the natural lightheartedness in the tune, some of the guitars take on some heavier psychedelic notes that really flesh the tune out beyond your average fare. There’s also this cool driving stomp that kicks in just around the 2 minute mark that was a total ear-worm. This track features on the Out There on the Radio EP, out Friday via Matinee Recordings. An LP is expected later this year!

Martha + Spook School = Get Wrong

When this glorious email came across my inbox from Father/Daughter Records, I had expectations; I’ve written extensively about Martha and Spook School for years, so I dove right into Get Wrong. Now, while the lyrical content definitely resonates with both Adam and Naomi’s other acts, the musical style present here is a little bit of a left turn, in the best way. Rather than employing driving guitar riffs that tear through your speakers, the duo employ catchy synth lines, giving their track a natural bounce that plays into their ability to write infectious tunes you’ll want to sing with your best friends. The urgency is twisted towards a more reflective fashion, but these two are going to enchant you no matter what they write; look for their Get Wrong EP via Father/Daughter on December 1st.

The Serfs Share Electric Like an Eel

One of the records I’m looking towards before the year is up is this new LP from Cincinatti’s The Serfs; you could file them under a darker brand of outsider post-punk or creative new-wave, but every time you think you’ve got them penned, the new LP seems to shift towards something else. For some reason, the tune feels like you’re locked into a serious round of Arkanoid at your favorite arcade. You can hear the manager complaining in the background, or perhaps cavorting with the local teens in awe. But, you’re locked into the game, the pinging of that little ball hitting a cold electronic note that bounces in your head as it does on the screen. Furthering it all, you hear the echoes of other games and their like-minded digital noises, all bleeding into this one sound that continuously has you pumping quarters into the machine. It’s futuristic nostalgia, and it’s pretty awesome, so be sure to get ready for Half Eaten by Dogs, out October 27th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Fleur Bleu-e Release New Single

We covered the first single from French outfit Fleur bleu-e, and they’ve got another new tune that really feels perfect for a reflective Thursday listen. It reminds me a lot of Bones Garage, the Israeli band we worked with on our label, sort of melding classical pop vocals with a dreamier, janglier guitar underbelly. Here, the vocals enter the picture first, with a sort of warped guitar echoing in the background; it allows you to kind of relax as the melody laps at your ear. With continued patience, the song begins to reveal itself with sharper guitar notes that playfully tickle your ears and ask for you to dive into the depths of the band’s sound. This tune’s brought to you courtesy of Pan European Recording.

Lower Plenty Share Blue Shadows

You ever listen to a song, and be it the timing or the song’s magic, and you just feel like crying? Well, there’s something truly special in this new Lower Plenty song that really just filled me, emotionally, and maybe I cried, and maybe I didn’t, and maybe it doesn’t matter. But, the song was brilliant from the get-go, opening with this heavenly and deep string arrangement atop a really light strum and bouncing bit of percussion. Every vocal note seems perfectly matched too, buried deep within the vibe of the track; this all changes when you hit the 1:19 mark in the tune, allowing the song to soar with a united vocal approach that shines a brilliant light right through your speakers. Imagine if Galaxie 500 got recorded in some Australian home for lost musicians, and that about sums it up for me. No Poets, the new LP, is out on October 6th via Bedroom Suck Records.

No Zu Share Farewell Singles

It’s a shame that No Zu decided to call it quits earlier this year, but as we’ve seen, being a musician in the current climate is a challenge unto itself. But, as they say goodbye, the Australian outfit wanted to send you off with a fond farewell. The track began as a take on 23 Skidoo’s “Last Words,” but the group quickly made the instrumental tune their one, creating “one last bucket of Zu ooze” to share with the world. For me, it encompasses the energetic fusion of all great dance music, which is what the group always brought in their sounds…plus you get a great visualizer created by Bridget Trout and Jon DeNapoli. Join me in wishing the band a fond farewell! This track brought to you by the good folks at Chapter Music.

Products Band Share The Matter

Guess we’re hanging out in Minnesota today, with Products Band the second act from the state we’re featuring today. But, unlike that ripper from Citric Dummies, Products Band are taking in that groovy bit of rock n’ roll, then fusing it with a nice little hook-laden stomp. For me, it all starts with that stuttering guitar line, jittering and shuffling throughout, letting the vocals kind of glide right in and play to the audience. The band use all sorts of different backing vocal elements too, boosting the infectious quality they bring to the table. And, while the groove factor kicks on, they’re not afraid to switch it all up for a little bit of a straight rock punch; I love a group still willing to let their rock sound fun! Some Sudden Weather drops on October 20th via Solid Brass Records.

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