Broken Gold Share Fault Single

I’m running a million tracks today so had to make sure I got a touch of Austin in the coverage, and it never hurts to offer up a Broken Gold single. While they’ve traditionally been working on a more punk aesthetic, you’ll find that they’re latest track continues to see their allegiance to Paul Westerberg grow a bit. There’s still an edge with the guitar work in the mix, but the rhythm guitar is out there running with a nice little jangle, which ultimately allows for a soaring pop vocal from singer Ian MacDougall. There’s just enough pop hear to satisfy your cravings, while not straying too far from the rock n’ roll roots of the group. Wild Eyes will be out May 3rd via Chicken Ranch Records.

Club 8 Share Sucker Single

Admittedly, woke up dragging ass today; it’s the post standardized test blues all teachers get after forcing their students to take a meaningless exam. So, I need a pick me up and the springing notes from this fresh Club 8 track immediately did the trick. Both the rhythm and the guitars are off and running from the get-go, encouraging you to get just the slightest bit of a wiggle running through your body; if you give in, you’ll find that wiggle turns more into a full-blooded head-bob and toe-tap. The Swedish duo’s bread and butter is locking into that energy, then juxtaposing it with a bit of sugary sweetness, which you’ll certainly get when you hear the intermingling of the voices! Another hit!

Autocamper Relase Blanche

Okay, so maybe I over-indulged in my Friday listening a little bit, but you’ve got to hear this fresh tune from UK outfit Autocamper. They hang these jangling guitar notes right at the front, and you know instantly that you’re going to feel the energy rushing right through you. They steady the jangle when the vocals run into the scene, layering it with a rolling bit of keys to soften the melodic nature; they don’t stop their, stacking layers of backing vocals to the tune, completely filling every inch of the tune with pop sentiment. You’ll find this track on a cassingle, courtesy of Safe Suburban Home.

Ariella Shares Ready Single

Ariella, who just recently signed up to work with Lauren Records, has dropped two tracks this year. A month or so ago, “Blindsided” offered a glimpse at an artist working out the kinks while finding their footing; the song had great production and was a step up from the early demos, ultimately leaving us with a voice that would go on to haunt us for a few days. On this new jam (a rerecording of an early demo), the song just hits you like the Texas heat when you step off a plane in July; it’s in your face, and you’re unsure if you’re meant to be welcomed or encouraged to run. I stay stick around in order to find Ariella Fett’s voice gently weaving its way inside your brain as the heavy riffs punch through the speakers. With a voice this moving, only time will tell where she takes us.

Check Out New Singles from CBVB

After retreating to raise a family, former Pas/Cal member Craig BV Badynee is ready to make his return to the music biz, and he’s doing so with two pretty striking new tunes, courtesy of Team Love Records. His solo work as CBVB sounds an awful lot like the sophisticated pop you’d get from a Jarvis Cocker or Richard Hawley. Verses and arrangements are built around bits of swagger and rock n’ roll histrionics, while there’s a classiness that supersedes all the cool. While the arrangement in “The New Richter Waltz” drew me in, the vocal performance on “Grumbling Bellies” cemented my joy in listening; there’s a lot of playfulness in the tones that I found really rewarding.

Lame Drivers Return with Become An Island

Nearly a decade after their last, New York’s Lame Drivers are back with a classic brand of pop rock that’s undeniably built for modern days. Bits and pieces of their new single pull from an amalgam of crisp guitar licks from the era where folks like Alex Chilton struck gold. That said, there’s a nice bit of edgy undercurrent running beneath, which becomes more apparent as the track goes on, so you’ve got a bit of a modern blend between classic and pop, putting them into a realm that momentarily feels all their own. Good to hear them back at it, and I look forward to Become an Island when it drops in June via Jigsaw/Bleeding Gold.

Special Swansea Sound Release News – Collector’s Notice!!!

Okay, so I failed to get Heavenly/Swansea Sound down to Austin on their forthcoming trip; I tried, I swear! But, there’s great news on the collector’s front, as Swansea Sound are currently in the process of auctioning off the only white version of their lathe-cut “Markin’ It Down” 7″. The tune appeared on last year’s Twentieth Century LP, and they’ve run 100 copies of the 7″ on black vinyl…but this rarity not only can be part of your collection if you’re willing to bid on it, as your bid will go directly to support the Amazon workers on strike in Coventry. If you don’t want a copy…you have two options…just generously donate to the cause HERE or enjoy the song itself below. You can also become double the winner by doing both! Bidding for the rarest of the rare must be done HERE.

They’re also coming to the US for a mini-tour on the East:
June 2: Queens, NY – Trans Pecos
June 5: Washington DC – Quarry House Tavern
June 6: Providence, RI – Alchemy
June 7: Boston, MA – O’Briens
June 8: NYC, NY – Knitting Factory
June 9:Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas

Breezy New Tune From David Robert Pollock

It’s been a bit of a slow week for me on the new music end as I still try to shake off the Spring festival lull. Los Angeles based artist David Robert Pollock is helping ease me into a chill Thursday with his lovely and enchanting new tune “I Want the World.” I am totally mesmerized by the delicate, intimate, and brutally honest nature of his approach to songwriting. What a lovely way to start your day.

This track appears on a new EP of the same name which is due out on April 30th via Snack Shack Tracks/Anxiety Blanket Records.

The Wesleys Share A Lot to Lose + Drop Debut LP

If you’re looking for the perfect album to walk into Spring, might we suggest you put this debut LP from the Wesley‘s in your listening rotation? As a whole, the record’s pretty diverse; it’s like trying to decide between a path of Elephant 6 to your left or Dirtnap Records to your right, but the Wesleys said fuck it, we’ll play our own road. On the single below, they are definitely playing more towards the pastoral folk pop stylings, maybe even flirting with acts like Woods. The vocal harmonies hang perfectly in the air, and you get hints of groovy Aussie pop too with the way the acoustic guitar gets picked carefully atop that bobbing bass walk. The song’s within The Wesleys are the perfect blend between sharp power and melodic folk tendencies, leaving you with the perfect gateway into the changing of the seasons. Full album releases tomorrow courtesy of Little Village Records.

Premiere: New Single from Max Blansjaar

You may not know the name Max Blansjaar just yet, but, if proper time is given, you might just have a songwriter who will be with you for years to come. Upon first listen to his latest track, you’re likely going to find his clever wordplay supremely charming, recalling folks like John Darnielle or Jeffrey Lewis; it’s both witty and narrative, making up for an album that you can get lost inside. In the first 45 seconds, you’re sitting right next to Max while he’s strumming and making everyone in the room swoon; arrangements then drop into the mix, with overlapping guitar lines that blossom into this whimsical piece you won’t be able to escape. If you champion great lyrical work matched by a lively bit of folk pop, then find your way to picking up a copy of False Comforts, out on June 21st via Beanie Tapes.

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