New Tunes from Adam Franklin and the Bolts of Melody

I”ve been a fan of Adam Franklin since early on in Swervedriver‘s career, and he just keeps coming up with new ideas and new albums that I always find myself fawning over. His latest endeavor is called Adam Franklin and the Bolts of Melody.   The group has a new album titled I Could Sleep For a Thousand Years, which comes out on June 29th. The first single “Yesterday Has Gone Forever” is coated in Franklins smooth vocals, and recalls the pristine power pop of the 90s.  If this song doesn’t get you in the mood for relaxing in the shade while you’re trying to avoid the heat, then I don’t know what will.


Download: dAdam Franklin and the Bolts of Melody – Yesterday Has Gone Forever [MP3]

More New Tunes from Suckers

We’re sure you’re probably tired of hearing about Suckers from us, as we’ve been fawning over the group for what seems like ages, but we can’t help ourselves.  As the June 8th release date of their album Wild Smiles draws near, the anticipation can only build.  This is going to be a contender for album of the year, we can promise you that, and luckily there is a new single for you to take a listen to today.  “A Mind I Knew” shows their versatility, as it’s not the adrenaline fueled punch you got from “Black Sheep,” but the emphatic breakdown over the track’s last minute just goes to show you why we love this band so much.  You should too.


Download: Suckers – A Mind I Knew [MP3]

New Tunes from Sunglasses

There’s a new band coming out of Georgia these days, and with their blend of melody and electronics, Sunglasses are sure to be making waves with the crowds soon.  At first listen, it has a lot of the flavor that Animal Collective has, but their beats have a bit more of American nostalgia to them.  For instance, this single, off their self-titled Sunglasses EP, feels like you’re walking into a Leave it to Beaver show, and the vocal delivery has a bit more of a flow, as opposed to a chant, like many of the chill-wave bands.  If you like it, you can hear more from the group when the EP comes on on June 15th.


Download: Sunglasses – Stand Fast [MP3]

New Tunes from Television Personalities

Listening to this new track from Television Personalities has really made my week.  While I’ll admit that Dan Treacy’s vocals don’t sound as sharp as they once did, you can still see how they evoke the purest emotion.  Perhaps it is this reason that has made the group one of the best cult bands, often missing mass popularity by mere minutes.  But, just take one listen to this song, wait until the rest of the instrumentation really takes hold of the song, and tell me that you don’t like it.  Well, lucky for you (and me!) there will be many more songs coming out on the groups next album A Memory is Better Than Nothing, which is supposed to come out in June. Get into it; they could’ve been bigger than the Beatles.


Download: Television Personalities – Funny He Never Married [MP3]

Of Montreal @ Mohawk (5/23)

Date 5/23/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets Sold Outz

Oh man oh man.  Don’t you just love living in this city?  When I see things like huge indie band Of Montreal playing at a smaller venue like Mohawk, I just get all warm and tingly inside.  Hopefully you already got your tickets to this sold out show on Sunday or you’ll be stuck  scalping for a good time.  The visually and musically pleasing band will have opening support from Noot D’Noot and a solo set by James Husband.  Try to make your way to the inside stage as well for a set by hot locals Mother Falcon.


Download: Of Montreal – Id Engager [MP3]

More New Tunes from The Drums

Let’s face it, I’ve been all about The Drums ever since I discovered their beach-pop jangle “Let’s Go Surfing,” but we’re nearing the time for the release of their debut self-titled album.  Recent days have posted a clever video with the great track “Forever & Ever Amen,” which led me to go to the band’s site where they were offering the song we’re offering today.  Honestly, I really like the song, if not for the very fact that it’s not nearly as jangly and bouncy as their previous work, which means their debut could be all over the map. Personally, I think that means we can expect great things from the band this June.


Download: The Drums – It Will All End In Tears [MP3]

New Tunes from Menomena

It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard any new material from Menomena.  They’re set to release their new album Mines on July 27th on Barsuk Records.  Based on this opening track it’s going to be another record of driving riffs and odd time changes, all built to please.  There is a sneaking suspicion that this record will make lots of year end lists, just as Friend or Foe, the group’s last project.   And on the mic, check it.


 Download: Menomena – Five Little Rooms [MP3]

Autobus Records Showcase @ Stubbs (5/22)

Date 5/22/10
Location Stubbs
Doors 9pm
Tickets $5 with RSVP @ Do512

Anyone looking for something fun to do with some great music on Saturday night should head out to Stubbs for a local show sponsored by Autobus Records, Birds Barbershop, Do512, and Covert Curiosity.  The lineup features local favorites Brazos, Mark David Ashworth, The Weird Weeds, and one of my favorite new locals Sleep Good.  The price is super cheap and apparently some free Lone Star will be coming out so you won’t want to miss this one.  Below you’ll find a new MP3 from Austin artist Sleep Good which is basically a solo project from Will Patterson of Sunset.  You can find more tunes and more info on this hot up and coming artist on the Autobus Records website.


Download: Sleep Good – Schlitterbahn [MP3]

New Music From Henry Clay People

Some days you just need a little kick in the face… and that’s just what I’m getting with a new rockin’ tune from Cali band The Henry Clay People.  This new song “Your Famous Friends” reminds me a lot of The Hold Steady with someone who actually knows how to sing.  You can find this new track on the band’s upcoming LP Somewhere On the Golden Coast which hits stores via TBD Records on June 8th.


Download: The Henry Clay People – Your Famous Friends [MP3]

Loose Lips

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you D.C. based band Loose Lips.  Many of you may not be familiar with this upstart indie-rock band, but we’d like to think they deserve your time.  The four piece are a fairly straightforward post-punk band with a rough edge to their recordings that leave promise of a bright future for this band.  Loose Lips will be dropping their debut EP Lower Your Expectations and Be Happy on June 15th by way of self-release.  Check out their myspace page for more info on the band and more tunes for your jamming pleasure.


Download: Loose Lips – Our Sons and Arsons [MP3]

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