New Music from Wild Nothing

Remember when I raved about how great Wild Nothing‘s Gemini was?  Well, the band, the one project of Jack Tatum, will return with the Golden Haze EP this fall on Captured Tracks.  If you pass judgement based on the following track, it seems like Wild Nothing will definitely have another gem of pop music to win the adoration of listeners everywhere.  Label me excited.


Download: Wild Nothing – Golden Haze [MP3]

New Music From Sun Airway

Philadelphia band Sun Airway are proud to announce that they are joining forces with indie record label Dead Oceans.  The group, primarily the project of Jon Barthmus, will release their debut LP Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier on October 11th via their new DO label.  Below you’ll find new track “Oh, Naoko” which puts out the “chill wave” type sound that emanates from the band’s sound.


Download: Sun Airways – Oh, Naoko [MP3]

New Music from Cinema Red and Blue

Odds are you haven’t heard much about Cinema Red and Blue, yet many of you will be familiar with the players.  The group, which is said to be just a brief project, is comprised of members of jangle-pop darlings The Comet Gain and dark post-punk outfit Crystal Stilts. Upon playing together, they created a beautiful collection of songs that will likely live on in the canon of underground music for years to come. Personally, David Feck’s voice will always hit me right in the heart, and I hope it does the same for you.  The self-titled album will hit stores on September 28th via the hard-working folks over at Whats Your Rupture?.  I can hear this playing around my house for years to come.


Download: Cinema Red and Blue – Same Mistakes [MP3]

New Music From Backwords

Backwords is a young band from Brooklyn with that sort of alt-country/folk sound that I’ve been into a lot lately.  The group are prepping their new LP, Quilt, for a September 7th release which can be had digitally, via CD, or on a limited 300 pressing vinly (check bandcamp for pre-order).  Below you can check out latest single “And Then Sigh” to see what you think of the band.  It’s pretty simple stuff, and yet somehow readily enjoyable.


Download: Backwords – And Then Sigh [MP3]

The Whiskey Priest @ End of an Ear

Normally we would reserve this space for a show post, but we wanted to give more details about the free show that will take place this Saturday, August 14th, at End of an Ear, at six o’ clock.  You see, The Whiskey Priest is Austin songwriter Seth Woods, and his new collection of songs is really spectacular.  Wave and Cloud will be released on August 23rd, and it’s a down-trodden affair, of the most enjoyable type, of course.  You’ll enjoy the way the songs flow from Woods’ voice, and the gentle strumming allows for optimal emotion to be pulled from every chord.  You’ll have a new favorite Austin band after listening to this.


Download: The Whiskey Priest – If A Train Was A Doctor Was A Song

FTC: Whiskeytown

I’ve been heavily into the alt-country scene these days so I thought I’d continue that trend with a quick look back at Ryan Adams and his old band Whiskeytown.  Now it’s been awhile since I’ve sung the praises of Mr. Adams (course with his recent material can you blame us?) and I thought it would be fun to glance back at how great he used to be.  Most of us know by now that Adams fronted this great alt-country band that never really soared to the heights of fame seen on Adams solo career.  The group only existed for about a 6-7 year period and released just the 3 official albums with countless B-sides and singles along the way.  Below I’m bringing you “Easy Heart” off Whiskeytown’s final album Pneumonia which came out in 2001.  I’d probably say that Strangers Almanac is my favorite from the band and where interested parties should begin their Whiskeytown tour.  I like this song below because it’s the last song on the last album from the band and you can really hear the transition from this tune to Adam’s solo career.


New Music from The Bankees

Every once in awhile you come across something that you really takes you aback, but you can’t really explain it to anyone, or really grasp you’re own understanding of it. Such is the case with French band The Bankees, who I really can’t find any information on at the moment, other than they just released an album titled The Girls LP. It’s got all this classic British invasion feeling to it, and I just can’t walk away from it. Here’s the latest single; see if it hits you like it hit me.


Download: The Bankees – Rebecca

New Music From Pomegranates

Cincinnati indie pop band The Pomegranates are offering up a new song from their soon to be released album One of Us.  Recently coming off a lineup shake down, this will be the first new album with the new band members.  Check out new track “Your Own Reality” below and hit stores October 26th for their new LP on Afternoon Records.


Download: Pomegranates – Create Your Own Reality [MP3]

New Music From Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers are a band that have been on the mind of most every music blogger around the country.  We’ll officially join the hype machine band wagon with this new song “Pogo” that just got sent our way.  The track will appear on a new 7″ single from the group hitting stores at the end of the month.  Debut LP, Silver, from Endless Summer will also feature this new track and looks to a release date on September 28th via Kanine Records.


Download: Eternal Summers – Pogo [MP3]


WRSTLRS is a brand new project brought to you by John Lamonica and Matt Bergeland, both formerly of ATH favorite emo band My Spacecoaster.  Now I’ve been following Lamonica since his days in MP until he moved on to form Tiebreaker and then joined Polyphonic Spree for some time.  This new project sees the duo creating tunes most similar to the short lived days of Tiebreaker:  heavily layered electronic beats over the subtle and calming voice of Lamonica.  Right now the duo have 5 songs they are pushing on SoundCloud as they work to a full LP for release sometime in October.  Have a listen to “Did You Come to Save Us” and see why I think Lamonica is one of the best kept secrets in the underground.


Download: WRSTLRS – Did You Come To Save Us [MP3]

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