New Music From Hurricane Bells

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from Steve Schiltz and his solo project known as Hurricane Bells.  In my personal opinion, the guy’s 2009 LP Tonight is the Ghost was one of those highly underrated types from that year.  Fast forward to the present, and a new song entitled “Possibilities” has sprung up and shows even more promise from the project.  A sophomore album, Tides and Tales, is said to be out on October 25th


Download: Hurricane Bells – Possibilities [MP3]

Free ATH Show Sampler: Threadgill’s (10/7)

Happy Monday kids!  We are pleased to be sharing a free 3 song sampler of music with you today featuring three bands playing together this Friday at Threadgill’s south.  The show and sampler highlight some of Austin’s best up and coming talents with Crooks, Guns of Navarone, and Whitman all on the bill.  You can download the sampler right now for free over on our recently created bandcamp page.  All songs are previously unreleased or appear on upcoming records from each band.  We’ll throw in a little preview of the sampler with new and unreleased track “I Bid You Farewell” from alt-country boys Guns of Navarone.  We’ll also bring you a friendly reminder about this show later in the week, but until then, check out some info. on the Threadgill’s site.  $5 only.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

New Track from Body Language

Looking for a fun way to kick off your Monday?  You might have just stumbled to the right place, as this constructionist jam from Body Language has really been doing wonders on my spirits.  It’s got a trickling little melody, with a bit of crafty pep that sort of lurks in and out of your speakers.  This is the sort of thing that gets under your skin/soul, bringing about welcome changes in mood.  If you dig what you’re hearing you can grab this tune, and others, off the band’s upcoming LP, Social Studies, which hits the stores on October 18th.


Download: Body Language – Seeds of Sight [MP3]

New Music From Mr. Gnome

I’ll be honest here and say that I had never really come across Cleveland’s Mr. Gnome prior to a few days ago.  Since then, I’ve been enjoying their sort of spastic style indie rock music featured on their upcoming LP Madness in Miniature due out October 25th.  From that new joint, I’ve got their latest single “Bit of Tongue” available for you below so you can see what spastic indie rock sounds like.  Enjoy.


Download: Mr. Gnome – Bit of Tongue [MP3]

New Slow Burner from Little Silver

There’s a certain genre of music that I would have discarded long ago, but as I have matured (barely) my tastes have as well.  Slow songs with woodsy folk influences are now jewels, so when I got this new track from Little Silver I had to share it with you.  They’ve just put out The Stolen Souvenir EP, and this little number is absolutely superb.  The attention to detail, the inherent melody and vocal harmonies make for an incredible listen.  You’re gong to fall head over heels when you listen to this track; here’s to hoping you enjoy it as much as I do.


Download: Little Silver – Sleep Til Morning [MP3]

New Punk Jam from Steve Adamyk Band

It’s been a mild week, musically speaking, with nothing really rocking coming my way.  So, when I got this new track from Dirtnap Records about the Steve Adamyk Band, a little bit of joy came across my face. It’s got a classic pop-punk sound, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  For those looking for a little bit of fun, get into this one now.  Sharp guitars, hooks, gang vocals and oh so much more.  If you dig this, you can get your hands on the group’s newest, Forever Won’t Wait, come the end of the year.  Maybe it’s just me, but this definitely made my day.


Download: Steve Adamyk Band – Landslide [MP3]

More New Music From Warm Ghost

Here’s another new industrial pop jam called “Myths on Rotting Ships” from Brooklyn based Warm Ghost that’s been crawling around inside my head recently.  As previously stated, the band has finally released their debut full length LP Narrows this week on Partisan Records.  It’s taken some time for me to get into their tunes, but after spinning their new album several times now, I’d call it highly recommended from ATH Ray Ray.


Download: Warm Ghost – Myths on Rotting Ships [MP3]

New Music from Cate Le Bon

It’s been an odd year, as I seem to be warming to incredible female vocalists quite a bit more.  Welsh singer Cate Le Bon is yet another of my discoveries, spinning songs that have this majestic quality to them, recalling music of the past that seems far more enchanting than anything else I’ve heard recently; it’s like french pop spun around the emotions of the British Isles.   If you love the song below, you’ll love Put Me to Work, her new album that just came out.  I keep finding myself getting completely lost in it all, and that’s a perfect way to wrap up my evening here. Hopefully you’ll take the same from this tune, and this record.


Download: Cate le Bon – Puts Me to Work [MP3]

New Gem from Ramesh (formerly of Voxtrot)

I wondered what happened to Ramesh, formerly of Voxtrot.  Personally, his songwriting was always really affecting, so I am glad to see he’s getting back out there.  Floating around the Internet is his EP 1, which you can stream right HERE for your own listening pleasure.  It’s still got that soft quality of pop that you came to expect from his old group.  Not sure if he’s still writing from Austin, but I’m going to claim him as one of our own, as we need all the good musicians we can get.  Best of luck to Ramesh as he gets back out there in the music world.


Download: RAMESH – The King

New Single from Forbidden Friends (Hutch of the Thermals)

As a long time fan of the Thermals, I’ll always be dedicated to anything that’s associated with the band.  Luckily for me, and for you as well, Hutch never really writes a bad song.  His new solo project, Forbidden Friends just released a the new Totally Low 7″ on Kill Rock Stars, and it’s been playing on my turntable all night long.  It might not have the sharp edge of the Thermals, but you can hear the backbone in there.  His voice is always has a special place in my heart, which is perhaps the reason why I’m so attracted to the simplicity he’s revealed with this new project.  Go get your hands on the single today!


Download: Forbidden Friends – Totally_Low [MP3]

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