New Track from Country Mice

As we approach the summer heat, I tend to have sort of a lull in my musical listening habits.  I tend to back away from the heavier/faster tracks, and indulge in those sort of songs that remind me of just sitting around in the backyard with a cold beverage and a bevy of friends.  Brookly band Country Mice  might have just given me a track to add to my collection of mid-season jams.  This single is prepped to get your aedy for the release of their album, Twister, which will hit stores on June 7th.  Singer Jason Rueger’s vocals soudn a lot more youthful, and less country, than the band’s name might lead one to belive. Give this track a nice couple of listens.


Download: Country Mice – Festival [MP3]

New Song from We Are Trees

Last time we heard from We Are Trees, they seemed to be crafting more of a bedroom pop appeal with their songwriting, but now we have a new tune fromt he band from their upcoming Girlfriend EP, coming sometime soon (you can currently grab it on iTunes).  The track I wanted to post is one of the more upbeat numbers of the five present on this collection, and it shows the groups terrific grasp on absolute pop goodness. It’s hard to imagine such a completed sound coming from only two musicians, but it’s definitely exciting to watch this group as they continue to progress with incredible tunes.


Download: We Are Trees – I Don’t Believe in Love

New Music From Sons & Daughters

It’s been so long since I’ve heard anything about Glasgow band Sons & Daughters that I just sort of assumed they had called it quits as a band.  An email today tells me I’m wrong and the band is prepping a new album called Mirror Mirror due out June 14th on Domino Records.  Below you can find a new song from the band called “Silver Spell”.  I haven’t given it too many spins just yet but I am glad to at least see the band pressing forward musically.


Download: Sons & Daughters – Silver Spell [MP3]

More New Music From Fleet Foxes

Well we hear on the streets that the new Fleet Foxes album Helplessness Blues has leaked super early and indie fanboys are already going crazy.  With a distant release date of May 3rd, you’ve still got some time to check out singles like this one “The Plains/Bitter Dancer” before you pick up the album in about a month.  Will they be able to keep their buzz going on the sophomore effort?  Only time will tell.


Download: Fleet Foxes – The Plains/Bitter Dancer [MP3]

New Tunes from Low

This tune has been all over since Friday, but it’s precisely the type of track that’s drawn me to Low for the past decade or so, which means I have to post it right?  You’ll find the following tune on the band’s upcoming album, C’mon Baby, which Sub Pop is putting out on April 12th.  While their last few records have demonstrated an edgier band, one that is much more forceful, long time fans will surely find this record a return to form, if one is to even say the band has fallen off form (they haven’t!).  On this track you’ll find Mimi softly singing you into submission, as the band takes a much quieter approach to the orchestration and arrangements; this is the sort of stuff that will make you fall in love with Low, surely.


Download: Low – Especially Me [MP3]

New Track from Gold Bears

First, I’d like to take a minute to thank my fictitious friend Toby over at Finest Kiss for alerting me to this band.  Gold Bears are a group from Atlanta, and they seem perfect to fit right into the stable of Slumberland Records, who will be releasing a full-length from the group later on this year.  But, what you need to know is that this track is on a recent 7″ (on Cloudberry) and it sounds just like Cloud Nothings, minus the lo-fi tag, and with a more adult lyrical approach.  Don’t get be wrong, both options are great, but I definitely am enjoying the more developed vocal approach apparent on this track.  Give this a spin, and get ready for big things from this group.


Download: Gold Bears – Something To Think About [MP3]

New Song from The Elected

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from anyone aside from Jenny Lewis in the Rilo Kiley camp, but it seems that the once retired Blake Sennett has put down some tracks of his own. He’ll be releasing his newest record under his The Elected moniker for Vagrant Records on May 17th titled Bury Me in My Rings.  Listening to this song reminds me of the early work of RK, when used solid harmonies to provide a bit of summery pop to listeners.  I’ve always liked Blake’s voice, ever since his early days on Boy Meets World, so I’m happy to hear him back doing what he does best.  Lets hear it for Joey the Rat.


Download: The Elected – Babyface [MP3]

New Music from Title Tracks

If you haven’t been introduced to John Davis before, you must’ve been hiding behind a rock of some sort. He was in Q and Not U, one of the phenomenal Dischord bands and he fronted Georgie James for a bit.  Both bands earned a respectable following, but now John’s working on his new group, Title Tracks, who are about to release their second album, In Blank, on April 19th via Ernest Jenning Records. These tunes are full of a steadier, less angular guitar groove, allowing Davis more room to develop his vocals, not to mention his overall craftsmanship.  If the rest of the record sounds anything like this, we’re destined for another brilliant work by one of the most under-appreciated songwriters around.  You can also check out another track from the upcoming record on his SITE.


Download: Title Tracks – All Tricks [MP3]

New Track from Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Portland seems to be known for the down-trodden style of tunes coming out, or something folky, right?  Well, I’m excited to bring you a bit something different from the band Blue Skies for Black Hearts, who have a new album called Embracing the Modern Age coming out on April 19th.  Listening to the new single “Majoring in the Arts” reminds me a lot of classic power-pop, except this time it’s the decaf version, which is really what grabbed me.  Sometimes you like to sit back, take the groove in, and just tap your feet a little bit, which is exactly the case with this track.  You get the feeling the whole record’s going to be nothing but gems. Try this one out.


Download: Blue Skies for Black Hearts – Majoring in the Arts [MP3]

New Music from Bill Callahan

Long have I followed the career of Smog, or Bill Callahan, as we know him now, so when he became one of the many musicians to move to Austin, I was hopping with joy, hoping we’d get to see more of him around town.  We have been so lucky, as he popped up on numerous occasions, not to mention random talks, such as his upcoming appearance at Book People on April 10th.  But, more important is his music, and P4k premiered a new song yesterday from the gent in preparation for his new record, Apocalypse, which comes out April 19th on Drag City.  If we’re going off this track, it’s going to be your usual fair, with trickling guitar work and Bill’s soft and smoky voice.  Yeah, that’s right, it’s going to be goo.


Download: Bill Callahan – Baby’s Breath [MP3]

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