Introducing: Shark Week

It’s time to get that new band smell going around these parts kids.  This new artist that I’m promoting today comes at you straight out of the D.C. area and goes by the incredible band name Shark Week.  Now when one hears such a band name, you will immediately assume that they have some sort of badass tendencies behind their music.  You would be safe in assuming such things about Shark Week and can confirm with a quick listen to the rocking track “If You Want Me to Stay (For a While)”.  It’s sort of a surf rock sounding tune with tons of energy and plenty of grit to boot.  If you’re into it, check out Shark Week’s latest EP over on bandcamp which can be downloaded at a name your own price policy.


Download: Shark Week – If You Want Me To Stay (For a While) [MP3]

Slacker Pop from Bitch Prefect

Our friend Toby over at Finest Kiss just ran a great re-cap on an article that ran over in Australia highlighting all the excellent bands working in Melbourne area.  There’s tons of great artists on the list, but one that I’ve taken a liking to is Bitch Prefect.  My ears can see The Clean reference from the write-up, but I also think it speaks to the approach many of the acts overseas have taken, seeming to maintain a certain nonchalance about their writing and recording.  That’s probably not the case, as the songs on the group’s Big Time LP from Bedroom Suck Records are too good to be taken lightly.

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New(ish) Country Jam From Trainwreck Riders

We just got sent this new track “House Upon the Hill” by Trainwreck Riders and I’m impressed with it’s fresh take on the alt-country genre.  We seem to lack at times in this area of the sonic world so I try to incorporate it from time to time.  I’m a little late on this track as they just released their new album Ghost Yards last week.  If you enjoy this track, I obviously recommend you check out the full album.


Download: Trainwreck Riders – House Upon The Hill [MP3]

Photo Pop 2012 Preview: Rick Kern @ Red 7 (11.9)

Here’s another one of the great photographers that will be displaying and selling their photography at Photo Pop 2012 this Friday at Red 7.  If you’re lucky, Rick might give you the sexy photo of me stuffing my face with a cupcake backstage at ACL.  His photo to the left is from a GWAR shoot, and you can also read on to find out why he’s mad I called Emily Haines to just chat. Here’s Rick.  Read more

Exciting New Single from Sherpa

Sherpa have actually been on my radar for some time, so I’m excited to see that the New Zealand act has just put out a new single for their excellent album, Lesser Flamingo.  The entire record is full of this inherent catchiness that’s provided with a power-pop act, yet they mix things up with just a hint of psychedelia to throw you off course.  You’ll listen to this record, and it’ll have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet; you’ll also be excited because you’ve discovered a new favorite band.  Get on it.


Download:Sherpa – Turner [MP3]

Photo Pop 2012 Preview: Brian Gray @ Red 7 (11.9)

Hey folks! Have you heard about the awesome art show/sale at Red 7 this Friday night, followed by an even more killer rock show?  Well, it’s going to be a special night for the Austin community, so you owe it to yourself to be there. We’re offering you some insight into some of the great artists showing their work, and we’re pleased to introduce you to our hard working and genuine mate, Brian Gray. Meet him… Read more

New Music from The Little Ones

Feel like I’m being a bummer today, so I wanted to throw out this gem in the afternoon.  It’s an upbeat track from The Little Ones; it’s the first single from their sophomore release, The Dawn Sang Along; the album comes out on February 13th via Branches Recording Collective. I feel like this is the sort of track everyone can appreciate, filled with hooks and pop goodness galore.  I even hear a bit of Kevin Barnes in the vocals, so that’s an added bonus in my eyes. Sorry for bumming you out today.


Download:The Little Ones – Argonauts [MP3]

New Driving Rock Number From PAPA

PAPA is a band that I have posted about in the past on numerous occasions and have continued to stay i touch with the band as they progress musically.  This new song “Put Me To Work” was just sent our way and I’m ready to say that it’s by far the most enjoyable song the band has ever done.  It has a great driving rock sound and a downright grittiness to it that’s totally worthy of many repeat listens.  The band will be dropping their debut full length sometime next year and this is the first single of new material from that LP.


Download: PAPA – Put Me To Work [MP3]

Quieted Pop from Lone Wolf

The last 24 hours I’ve been inundated with political commentary, but my mind has begged and pleaded with me to escape. I wasn’t able to get this done until I heard this track from Lone Wolf, a missing track from his upcoming album, The Lovers.  It’s a sprawling bit of wondrous pop, rising and falling with Paul Marshall’s voice.  It’s allowed me to go off into my mind for a bit, enjoying the space where only music can take me.  If you like what you hear, look for The Lovers on November 27th.


Download:Lone Wolf – All Clear [MP3]

More New Tunes from Pretty and Nice

Not too long ago I brought you one of the gems off the brand new Us You All We EP from Pretty & Nice. The EP just came out this week, and it’s definitely something you need to get your hands on as soon as possible.  This new tune they’re offering your way is precisely why I fell for the band, opening with this rambunctious pop swing.  It’s got a pounding rhythm, and a little bit of a guitar stutter followed by a blast of noise; it’s a nice new twist on the group’s sound, emphasizing their prowess. You need a lift? Get into this jam right away!



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