New Music from The Papercuts

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to get a little sample of new work from The Papercuts, after Sub Pop announced they would be bringing Jason Quever on board for his new album.  Thankfully, Stereogum got it out before I went crazy, so we’ve got it here for you.  The record, Fading Parade, comes out on March 1st, with this single hitting stores on February 1st.  Jason’s music has really blossomed since his first album, adding more textures, blending his melodious voice, and each time, topping his previous output.  His progression continues to lead me down a path of great enjoyment, so give this tune a try.


Download: The Papercuts – Do What You Will [MP3]

New Music from The Veils

Finn Andrews and Co. have opted to bail on Rough Trade, pursuing their own adventure into the DIY realm, and their first test will be the release of their new Troubles of the Brain EP. The new label for The Veils is now going to be called Pitch Beast Records, with some allusion to animals used in promotional campaigns. Anyways, the last record the band put out was underrated in my opinion, and I’ve been really enjoying what I’ve heard from the EP so far (you can sample 3 tracks HERE).  I really hope this works out for the band, as Finn has this incredible voice that never ceases to hit my musical heart.


Download: The Veils – The Wishbone [MP3]

More New Music From John Vanderslice

ATH favorite John Vanderslice has been a busy guy these days.  He already offered up a free EP of new tunes in November and is already dropping a new full LP this January.  Mr. Vanderslice’s new album, White Wilderness, was recorded in only a matter of a few days with the help of the Magik Magik Orchestra.  A short documentary of this recording process was also captured by Yours Truly and is available to watch over on Vimeo.  Until the January 25th release date, you can check out intimate album opener “Sea Salt” below.


Download: John Vanderslice – Sea Salt [MP3]

More New Music From Broken Records

Broken Records are gearing up to release their new LP Let Me Come Home on 4AD Records next week.  Leading up to the release, the band has a few surprises in store.  First up is new single “You Know You’re Not Dead” found below for downloading and streaming.  Even more enticing, you can stream the entire new album prior to next week over on MOG.  Last but not least, the band recently recorded a 4AD live session featuring some of the tunes from their new album.  Muchas gracias Broken Records.


Download: Broken Records – You Know You’re Not Dead [MP3]

New Music (Free EP) From Jonny

Admittedly, I’m a huge Teenage Fanclub fan, so much so, that I freaked out when I bought the recently re-issued Bandwagonesque a few weeks back.  Now, frontman Norman Blake has joined with Euros Childs (of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) to create Jonny, and they’ll be releasing a self-titled album on Merge Records, which is out digitally Feb. 1st, and in stores on April 12th.  They’ve also put up a free EP, which you can get over at Merge by clicking HERE.  If you go with this small sample, its going to be a splendidly soft-spoken pop affair–just the kind of I love to rave about.


Download: Jonny – Gloria [MP3]

New Track from Akron/Family

There’s been all kind of mystery surrounding the new record from Akron Family, titled S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT.  You’ll find the album in stores on February 8th in the US from Dead Oceans, and the mystery is beginning to unfold.  We’ve got yet another new track from the group to give us more insight into the release itself.   Also, the band’s released a whole bunch of tour dates, which include heading to our fair city of Austin in April, though there is a gap during the favored SXSW, so maybe we’ll get a chance to hear this killer new stuff sooner rather than later.  Give this new jam a listen.


Download: Akron Family – So It Goes [MP3]

New Music From We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

Over the Holidays and during this slow week back to the music world, we had some time to sift through the many emails we receive and our ears perked up to a band calling themselves We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves.  They are another group hailing from the indie hotspot of Brooklyn, NY featuring jangly twee pop eerily similar at times to Austin’s own Hollywood Gossip.  What strikes me as unique and noteworthy of this band are the vocals from lead singer Giovanni Saldarriaga.  Can anyone else hear hints of Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets?  You can also download the band’s entire debut LP One Belongs Here More Than You for free on their bandcamp page.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Miss Maris Morris [MP3]

New Music From Choo Choo

We had the good fortune of checking out Swiss band Choo Choo a couple times during SXSW last year and were impressed with the live show they brought to the table.  Since that time, the band sort of fell off our radar until popping up recently with news of an upcoming LP on January 21st.  The album, Cannes, features this new single “” and will be available on European label Chop Records.  Not sure exactly what the timeline is for a US release, but I’m sure you can also purchase online.


Download: Choo Choo – It’s a good Thing [MP3]

New Music from The Middle East

While most of the Australian bands we’ve been following have had a fairly similar sound, that can’t be said for Townsville’s The Middle East.  They’ve been rather quiet since their EP came out in 2009, but there is hope on the horizon for fans.  They’ve got a new single, “Jesus Came to My Birthday Party,” and its absolutely fantastic.  It’s a low-key folk experiment from the start, but the song bursts forth about a minute into it, and from there you’re riding a magic carpet of soloing guitars and fuzz, all the way to the end.  If they can write such warm tracks filled with this kind of spirit, then I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store for us all in 2011.


Download: The Middle East – Jesus Came to My Birthday Party [MP3]

New Music From Black Books

Black Books are a relatively new Austin band that we’ve recently taken a liking too.  Not long ago, the band finished recording their debut EP An Introduction To… which is currently available for free download on the Black Books bandcamp site.  Below you’ll find a nice little MP3 of my personal favorite song “Green Screen”.  The vocals of drummer Ross Gilfillan on this tune remind me a lot of the reverb laden early work of Jim James mixed with a few parts Mark Kozelek.  I’m down with that.


Download: Black Books – Green Screen [MP3]

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