New Music From Ruby Coast

Amidst the craziness that is summer, we somehow missed out some new tunes from our old Canadian friends Ruby Coast.  Apparently the guys have two new songs available for download, one of which “Creep Me Out” can be found for your enjoyment below.  The other song “Whatever It Is” has a sweet video companion that can be streamed/seen on the band’s website.  Both songs will appear on an upcoming LP from Ruby Coast due out next year.


Download: Ruby Coast – Creep Me Out [MP3]

New Music from Motorfik

For several years I’ve been enjoying the last Working for a Nuclear Free City album, and now that they have their new album heading our way, I’ve been devouring everything the group’s been onto.  Luckily, I stumbled across this new track from Motorifik, which is the side-project of WfNFC songwriter Phil Kay and Idrisse Khelifi.  The duo’s new work Secret Things will hit stores on November 9th.  This track shows their dense wash of melodic noise, juxtaposed with deep, cool vocals.  It all has a bit of a shimmer to it, as the melody gradually begins to escape the atmospherics.


Download: Motorifik – Secret Things [MP3]

New Music from Allo Darlin

I’m a sucker for anything with a ukulele, even Iz.  So, I can’t help but to run this sweet new single from Allo Darlin, a band from Australia, via the UK.  They’ve got a new album coming out titled. well, Allo Darlin, and it hits stores on October 5th.  If we’re going to base the record on this track, its going to be nothing short of strong songwriting, light harmonies and bit of a groove.  You’ll never have a bad time listening to ukulele based pop music, promise.


Download: Allo Darlin – My Heart is a Drummer [MP3]

New Music From The Georgian Company

A local band we’ve always been into since their inception The Georgian Company have a new MP3 they are giving out for free to all their loyal fans.  The track “If You Love a Ghost” will appear on the band’s upcoming EP Side B which serves as a follow up to the ironically named Side A from last year.  You can also check out more of the bands music on their bandcamp site, including a full stream of their EP from last year.  Keep it local.


Download: The Georgian Company – If You Love a Ghost [MP3]

New Music from Fresh & Onlys

This band is ridiculously good.  They’ve got something special in the live setting, and now, they’re recorded material is really catching fire too.  Their new record, Play It Strange, has been rocking on my iPod for a few weeks now, and its their best to date.  The new Fresh and Onlys album hits the streets on October 12th via In the Red, and you’ll want to grab hold as soon as you can.  Just take a small sample here, and see what’s in store for you this go round. Sounds good, right?


Download: The Fresh & Onlys – Waterfall [MP3]

New Music from So So Glos

This New York quartet is sure to to blow up your Friday.  So So Glos have slowly been building their notoriety over the last few years, and their prepping the release of their Low Back Chain Shift EP on October 12th on Green Owl.  The first few listens to their single “Lindy Hop” might make you recall some of the other acts coming out of the area, like VW per se, but there’s this grittier edge and true eclecticism that resonates when listening to this track.  This has me really excited for both the EP and future full lengths.  It’s like punk rock, but with a touch of class, you dig?


Download: So So Glos – Lindy Hop [MP3]

Free EP From John Vanderslice

An old ATH favorite John Vanderslice is offering up a free EP today entitled Green Grow the Rush.  The 6 track extended player is currently available in several formats over on the man’s website.  Below we are streaming “Pony Express” from the EP which John tells us is “an apology letter to a long lost unfinished stamp collection, buried deep in my mother’s basement”.  Who knew dorky hobbies could be so sweet sounding.


Download: John Vanderslice – Pony Express [MP3]

New Music from Aberfeldy

What on Earth is Aberfeldy?  Well, one thing is for sure, this Scottish quintet are making waves over seas, kicking out smooth pop gems, just like we expect those Scots to do.  They recently put out their album Somewhere to Jump From overseas, and we’re not sure when we’ll see it over on our side, but I’ve had this track, “Turn the Record Over” stuck in my head all day long.  It’s got a smooth vocal delivery, and a little more groovy soul twist then you usually find with your indie pop.  Want some candy? How about Aberfeldy?


Download: Aberfeldy – Turn the Record Over [MP3]

New Music from Nobunny

Ever seen a man in a bunny mask rock the stage with garage pop so good you’ll immediately go grab yourself a mask just to join the colony?  Well, such is the case with the geniune genius of Nobunny.  He’s got a new record coming out on Goner Records titled First Blood, which hits stores September 21st.  The production on this latest hit is tenfold what it was on the last album, but don’t think that’s going to stop this group from holding back on the catchiest guitar pop around, full of grit and exuberance.  You better give this latsest single, “Blow Dumb,” a good solid listen, that way you’ll be ready to get your hands on this when it hits stores next week!


Download: Nobunny – Blow Dumb [MP3]

New Music From Secret Cities

Secret Cities is a band that quietly released their debut LP Pink Graffiti on Western Vinyl earlier this year.  Receiving a 4 star rating from us means we’ll be paying attention to you when new material comes our way.  New material is just what we’re getting from the band by way of this new song “On Holiday”.  The haze pop filled jam is just a single release that also includes a cover of Ellie Greenwich’s song ” You Don’t Know”. That song is available for purchase and download on iTunes right now!


Download: Secret Cities – On Holiday [MP3]

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