New Music From Roadside Graves

I’m sure some of you have already heard and enjoyed this new song from Roadside Graves “Love Me More”, but I wanted to share for those who had yet to hear it’s sweetness.  The song is a beautifully simple folk-rock style number that’s sure to get a couple tears from you softies.  Sometimes you people think we ATH staffers have no feelings so this song should show you that we do indeed have souls.  This new song will appear on the band’s upcoming LP We Can Take Care of Ourselves due out July 19th on Autumn Tone.


Download: Roadside Graves – Love Me More [MP3]

New Music from Chelsea Wolfe

You’re not likely to find a female musician who comes across as beautifully haunting as Ms. Chelsea Wolfe.  It’s not just her look, but the way her songs capture this dark density, then softly wrap that around the gentle cool in her voice.  Even short tracks, such as the one below, will reach into you, grabbing hold of you inner dark side, hoping to pull out every hidden secret in hopes of freeing your soul.  Ms. Wolfe will be releasing her new record Apokalypsis on July 21st via Pendu Sound Recordings, and surely this effort will mark her as one to be watched from here on out. I dare you not to let yourself get lost in this mesmerizing track.


Download: Chelsea Wolfe – Advice and Vices [MP3]

New Single from Brilliant Colors

As summertime grows closer, and the weather warms up, you’re probably looking for a new girl-group to give you some breezy minimalist pop music a la Best Coast.  Well, the welcome return of Brilliant Colors and their new single definitely looks to fulfill those desires.  With a tendency to give you a delicate bouncing rhythm next to jangling guitars, infectious hooks will surely invade your mind.  Luckily for us, the band will be releasing their new record, Again and Again, on Slumberland Records on July 19th, so we’ll be getting more of these hazy summertime ditties to fill up our hard drives pretty soon.


Download: Brilliant Colors – How Much Younger [MP3]

New Track from Gold Leaves

Grant Olsen looks like he’s going to be making a name for himself this year.  He’s just signed on with our dear friends over at Hardly Art, and completed the recording of his album The Ornament with one of my favorites, Jason Q of the Papercuts.  The label plans to release the record under the name Gold Leaves on August 11th, and you’re going to love it.  There’s this warm melodic quality to it, sprawling out with a bit of melancholy and vocal that will remind you of a lot of great voices, namely that of Robin Pecknold, just more subdued.  This truly is a magnificent song, and it’s going to be a fantastic record.


Download: Gold Leaves – The Ornament [MP3]

New Jam from Wax Museums

It’s been a long week, and I really something that would kick me in the teeth, no apologies.  I got exactly that today when I got the new song from Wax Museums in my inbox today.  This Texas punk group are going to be releasing their new LP, Eye Times, on Trouble in Mind Records on June 28th, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  Their brash and noisy, yet totally controlled, giving you an adventure that will allow you to bounce around the living room with your pals.  Sometimes high-octane punk rock can cure all your ills, and that’s precisely what this tune does.  Need a fix? Here you go.


Download: Wax Museums – Tunguska [MP3]

More New Tunes from Idiot Glee

Awhile back I talked about Idiot Glee and singer James Friley, claiming him as one of the artists you needed to check out for SXSW.  His popularity continues to grow with his careful bedroom craftsmanship.  His voice has a distant feel, yet the music is completely relatable.  He’ll be releasing his latest record Paddywhack on Moshi Moshi on June 7th, and the song below is just another slow-burning gem that will carry you away quietly.  This is the kind of weekend we all need when times require a little bit of rest and relaxation.


Download: Idiot Glee – Trouble At The Dacehall [MP3]

New Music From Fair Ohs

Here’s a jangly little tune that’s sure to get you pumped for summer from London based pop outfit Fair Ohs.  This jam and 9 others will appear on the debut LP from the band Everything Is Dancing which will be available on July 26th via Lefse Records.  I’m going to continue to be on the lookout for songs like this while I get prepped for a long summer in the sun.  Enjoy.


Download: Fair Ohs – Summer Lake [MP3]

New Track from Not in the Face

It’s weird, Austin’s not really known for having a lot of duos.  But, one duo that has recently come to our attention has been Not in the Face.  This Austin act is scheduled to release their album, Bikini, on June 7th via Electric Factory Records.  This first single does have a little bit of a Bruce hint to it, but Jonathan Terrell’s vocals seem to have the feeling of a more hardened Pete Yorn.  Yea, it’s just good old fashioned rock n’ roll with chugging guitars, banging drums and some solid hooks. You can catch the band on June 10th in Austin at 501 Studios (formerly the ND) for their CD release.


Download: Not in the Face – Downtown Girl [MP3]

Beach Jam from Art Imperial

I think we avoided the heat here in Austin for long enough, but it’s about time we succumb to the truth; summertime is here, temperature wise at least.  So, with that in mind, I’ve gotta get my poolside set list together, and I’m definitely including this jam from Toronto group, Art Imperial.  The new EP from these guys, Suburban Surf  is chock full of hazy little summer jams with a bit of sway to them.  It’s almost like bedroom pop, if your bedroom just happened to be a little hut in some remote beach area.  Get ready for the heat, and get ready for Art Imperial.  And, if you like it enough, the band is offering their EP for a name your own price fee HERE.


Download: Art Imperial – The Inbetweener [MP3]

New Music From Ki: Theory

So if Nathan’s gonna post electronic dance tunes, I’m also taking this chance to post my very own pop jams.  This song “Holiday Heart”, coming from producer man Ki: Theory, features a sweet dance beat that’s sure to get your feet moving.  Apparently the jam is just meant as a one off single with a B side also involved featuring a remix collaboration with Holy Fuck.  Well done sir.


Download: Ki: Theory – Holiday Heart [MP3]

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