The Shivers Offer New Album For Free

The new album More from NYC based band The Shivers has been one of my hidden gems of the year that seems to be getting more and more plays this summer.  For those that are still on the fence about the band, they have just put up their new album as a free download via The Awl.  If you remember our original post on gritty pop song “Used to Be”, you should appreciate the group’s versatility with this song “Love is in the Air”.  Its Motown baby making style mixes in nicely with the incredible new pop record from The Shivers.


Download: The Shivers – Love Is In The Air [MP3]

New Summer Jam from Hoop Dreams

That’s it. I’m going to throw my hands up as my new obsession definitely has to be Hoop Dreams.  They’ve just released a superb 7″ track on Captured Tracks, and I can’t help but just press repeat over and over again.  There’s this weird hint of Orange Juice, but with a more modern feel that will definitely appeal to any current listener in the indie music spectrum.  Perhaps it’s too short, but that makes it all the more powerful, as you can’t help but get this song stuck in your head the minute it comes on; it’s likely to remain in your head for some time to come, making the band your new obsession as well.


Download: Hoop Dreams – XCPR [MP3]

New Music from Luke Temple

By now, it would seem that Luke Temple is a household name, or at least with the recent success of his main role in Here We Go Magic.  But, unlike the offering with his group, Luke Temple’s new solo record, Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care, has a bit of a vibe that’s all over the map.  While it’s not as focused as his other works, it clearly demonstrates the incredible range Temple maintains as a songwriter.  This opening track will definitely venture down a bit of a country path, but that’s not the feel of the entire ride you’ll be getting when Western Vinyl releases the album  on August 30th.  Trust me, there are some spectacular gems on here, so you’ll want to get familiar with the man now.


Download: Luke Temple – Ophelia [MP3]

New Music From Gem Club

Here’s a new slow burning jam entitled “Breakers” from recent Hardly Art record label signee Gem Club.  Honestly the song might have been better as a winter or fall release, but I’m still digging the simplistic take on the lo-fi genre.  Debut LP Breakers will be available on September 17th via the aforementioned Hardly Art label.


Download: Gem Club – Breakers [MP3]

Free EP From Dolfish

Ohio based musician Max Sollisch, recording under the name Dolfish, has just made his new EP Your Love is Bumming Me Out available for free download on the Afternoon Records website.  Below you can find a taste of Mr. Sollisch’s music with the lead track from the new EP.  The guy has a great way of recording heartfelt singer/songwriter tunes that cut through the bullshit and get right to the point.


Download: Dolfish – Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out [MP3]

New (ish) Track from Sundelles

One of my surprises for the summer has been this excellent debut record from Brooklyn’s Sundelles. Initially, they caught my ear with a 7″, which sounded sort of like a bratty Cali-pop beach jam, but this new release is nothing short of warm and brilliant.  Part of me feels like the melodies on Georgia Swan belong in the Oceanic regions of the world, with hints of haziness and just a slight bit of jangle, but perhaps that’s just one man’s idea.  You, however, will vastly benefit from going on to iTunes, and grabbing this, or ordering it directly from the band. I’m a few weeks late on the heads up, but I absolutely promise that you will not be let down here.


Download: The Sundelles – Kiss The Coast [MP3]

New Country Jam from Tom Russell

It seems like Tom Russell has been around forever, usually rocking his country-folk approach, with hints of Americana fueled by Mexicana.  He’s got a new record coming out on Shout Factory in September titled Mesabi, and I’ve really been channeling the music of my father today, so this track definitely hits home.  But, for those of you unfamiliar with the veteran, you’ll find vocal reminiscent of Roky E, which is no surprise since both men have been rocking the Texas scene for some time.  But, the use of trumpets, gives this more of a straight-up country-rocker, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Oh, and if you need some indie cred to add to your listening pleasure (you know, to make it cool), then note that Van Dyke Parks and Calexico help all over the new work.


Download: Tom Russell – Mesabi [MP3]

New Track from Burning Hearts

Are you looking for that perfect pop track with a nice little hook and some female vocals? Well, you need look no more, as we’ve got this great track from Finnish group Burning Hearts, who just released their Into the Wilderness EP on Shelflife Records.  There’s something nostalgic in the craft of this song, yet it definitely still maintains every bit of modernity, coating the sound with bits of keyboards and a lightly strummed guitar in the background.  Be sure to give credit to Jessika, as it’s her vocals that make every bit of this track (and EP) worthwhile! Hope you enjoy a nice little dose of swooning pop today.


Download: Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness [MP3]

New Music From Nurses

Portland’s Nurses is a band we told you about awhile back that we really didn’t know much about at the time.  What we know now, is that the band recently wrapped recording for the follow up to their 2009 album Apple’s Arc, and we continue to dig their quirky pop tunes.  This new single from the band “Fever Dreams” appears on the band’s upcoming album Dracula due our September 20th on the Dead Oceans label.


Download: Nurses – Fever dreams [MP3]

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