New Music From Air Waves

This Air Waves tune is probably not new to many of you as it has been floating around the internet for quite some time now.  We thought we’d share the track anyway since it rules and the new debut album Dungeon Dots hits stores tomorrow.  We know the blogging world is excited about that release so maybe you should check it out too.


Download: Air Waves – Knock Out [MP3]

The Black Angels On HearYa

One of Austin’s best bands The Black Angels recently appeared on the HearYa sessions website.  The band plays four songs in studio, all of which are available for free download along with video of two songs.  They of course play one of the best songs of the year “Telephone” which can be found in live form below.


Download: The Black Angels – Telephone(live) [MP3]

New Tunes from Electric Owls

Andy Herod was always one of my favorites, especially when he fronted the Comas.  Now, he’s still working on his latest project, Electric Owls.  They combine a lot of his rootsy folk elements with flourishes of electronics.  The band has just released the new Cullowhee Songs EP on Vagrant, which features members of Band of Horses and other Comas remnants.  Herod always had this way of connecting with me as a listener, and based on this track, it seems like he still has that special touch.  Give this track a spin, and if you likes, then go back and check out all the old Comas stuff, as well as the last Electric Owls record.  I bet you’ll be pleased.


Download: Electric Owls – When I Was a Flood [MP3]


Our recent love for the music of New Zealand has been quite apparent recently to anyone who checks out this site often (seriously search “New Zealand” and see all those posts in November).  Continuing on with more great music from the area, we bring you the tunes of Auckland band Debutantes.  The 4 piece group have been around since 2005 and currently only have a 3 song self-titled EP and this other single below “It’s Not Too Late”.  They’ve been reminding me of a raw, and more reverb laden version of Los Campesinos! without the ladies and British accents of course.  Debutantes have yet to make it out of New Zealand but promise to get to the States when the money is there, so help them out kids!  You can also hear 3 more of their tunes over on bandcamp.


Download: Debutantes – It’s Not Too Late [MP3]

New Music From Mason Jennings

It seems that we missed this new Mason Jennings song when it first came out so we thought it was a good time to go on and share it with you kids.  The track “Dakota” appears on new album The Flood which hit stores recently and can be purchased online.  You can of course expect a proper review of the new album coming soon.


Download: Mason Jennings – Dakota [MP3]

New Tunes from Young Man

When we brought you news of Young Man and his Boy EP, we had no idea that some of the songs from that session lay in wait for a later date in time.  We were happy today to find that My Old Kentucky Blog was releasing a new track from Colin Caulfield, as preparation for a new single to be released next Tuesday, December 7th.  This song stranger shows Caulfield going in a similar direction, but with more room for meandering in his own mind, which will definitely benefit the inner workings of our own musical ears.  Yet another reason we should all continue to look forward to Young Man‘s work in the future.


Download: Young Man – Strangers [MP3]

More New Music From The Dears

So we literally just posted a new song from The Dears last week and now yet another new one has popped up on the internets.  This new tune is called “Blood” and will also appear on the band’s upcoming Degeneration Street due out February 15th on Dangerbird Records.  I can’t say I’m feeling this one as much as the other new jam “Omega Dog”.  Anyone care to disagree?


Download: The Dears – Blood [MP3]

New Tunes from The Cave Singers

We absolutely loved Welcome Joy, the last album by The Cave Singers, so you know we’re going to be really excited by their new record, No Witch.  Of course, you’ll notice a label change, as they’ve ended up on JagJaguwar instead of Matador.  It’s got that same whispering folk feel we’ve come to love from the band, all made every bit more gentle by Quirk’s throaty vocal approach.  You can expect to see No Witch on February 22nd of next year, so get ready for another incredibly brilliant piece of work from the group.


Downlaod: The Cave Singers – Swim Club [MP3]

Birds & Batteries @ Mohawk (12/1)

Date 12/1/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

California indie rock band Birds & Batteries are making a stop on the inside stage at Mohawk this Wednesday evening.  Now the Mohawk website says locals Sleep Good are your middle band while several sites claim locals Sunset will be on hand?  Who knows!  We love em both really.  ATH favorites the Authors will also be on hand providing your opening support.  Our amigos over at Sonic Itch also have a tasty little contest going for passes and Birds & Batteries merch.


Download: Birds & Batteries – The Villain [MP3]

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