New Tunes from The Jameses

While we wait for a debut full-length from the group, Captured Tracks is doing a great job keeping our interest piqued in The Jameses.  Today they’re releasing the group’s new Caribou/Fifth Dimension 7″.  If you recall, we were all about their track “The Haunted Rider”, and right now, it looks like we’ll be all about Caribou too!  You’ll still find a little bit of that echo-y effect running through the vocals of this track, but the vocals seem to have a different approach, almost as if they’re doing their own version of a post-rock jangle. Regardless, this should continue to keep you looking forward to the upcoming debut from this band, as this is just another little gem from The Jameses.


Download: The Jameses – Caribou [MP3]

New Music From East River Pipe

The eccentric songwriter FM Cornog is ready to release another album under his East River Pipe moniker on February 15th via Merge Records.  The album, We Live In Rented Rooms, features more of Cornog’s songs about his bleak outlook on the American way of life.  A preview of the new album can be heard below in the form of new tune “Cold Ground”.  The subject matter may be sad, but it’s kinda catchy.


Download: East River Pipe – Cold Ground [MP3]

New Tunes from Pujol

We’ve all been running a little lethargically with the holiday season upon us, so I thought I would kick start Monday with a bit of amplified heat. We’re bringing you a new single from Pujol, and this one’s got the backing of Jack White, seeing as he’s the man who produced it, not to mention the man putting it out on Third Man Records.  You’ll find furiously pounding drums in the forefront, with some really clever guitar work going on throughout, all bringing some powerfully energetic rock n’ roll.  This kid can play, which is no surprise, as you wouldn’t expect Jack to back someone who can’t play their instrument. If you dig it, get your hands on the Black Rabbit 7″.


Download: Pujol – Too Safe [MP3]

New Music from The Dears

It seems like the Dears are one of the most under appreciated bands in Canada, and we’re always hoping that they’ll make a huge breakthrough Stateside. Their latest effort, Degeneration Street will be hitting the streets on February 15th via Dangerbird Records, and everything we’ve heard so far has us once again delighted about the possibilities from their forthcoming album.  It’s not even fair to compare these guys to anyone, as they never cease to reinvent themselves, for better, time and time again.  Definitely going to be loving this track for months to come.


Download: The Dears – Omega Dog [MP3]

New Music From The Get Up Kids

Welp, the wait is almost over, you crazy Get Up Kids fans will finally be getting a new album from the band in early 2011.  New Joint, There Are Rules, will hit the streets on January 25th and is of course the first new album from the group in 7 years.  A new MP3 of song “Regent’s Court” from the LP can be found below for streaming or downloading.  Judging from their new song and the recent EP, this should be a return to old form for The Kids, or at least better than Guilt Show


Download: The Get Up Kids – Regents Court [MP3]

New(ish) Music From Everyone Everywhere

To say we get a lot of CDs in the mail would be a major understatement and sometimes the stack gets so big that we miss out on some solid bands.  Such is the case with Philly band Everyone Everywhere.  These guys released their debut self-titled LP over the summer and have been working hard ever since to make a name for themselves.  Below you can also find a sample of the band’s music with rockin’ track “Tiny Town”.  I find myself thinking of some old school Mineral or maybe early Braid material when listening to the boy’s new LP.  Their tunes remind me of a simpler time when bands had street teams, knew how to play their instruments, and could rock some faces.  Don’t we all miss those times?  If this appeals to you, as it should, why not purchase the new Everyone Everywhere album on vinyl or get yourself a digital copy on itunes.  You’ll thank me later.


Download: Everyone Everywhere – Tiny Town [MP3]

New Tunes from Chikita Violenta

Typically we think of Arts & Crafts as the label of Canada, but it seems that they’re really into NAFTA, as they’ve just picked up Mexican band Chikita Violenta.  In preparation for a crazy January, A&C has added Chikita’s release of TRE3S to the slot for January 25th.  Listening to this first single, it definitely has the feel of early Broken Social Scene, with spastic vocal bursts working diligently over spliced guitar lines and crazy hooks.  We’re super excited about this release, and we hope that once you hear them, you’ll follow our lead with the band.  You can check the band’s SITE for a 2 song mini-single, one which is kicking off the jams below.


Download: Chikita Violenta – Tired [MP3]

New Music From Destroyer

News is spreading on the interwebs today of a new LP from Dan Bejar and his band known as Destroyer.  The new album, Kaputt, is set to be released on January 25th via Merge records.  Until that date, we’ve got new track “Chinatown” below to tide you over.  If this song is any indication to the new album’s sound, I think we’ll all be jamming this one long into 2011.


Download: Destroyer – Chinatown [MP3]

More New Tunes from Bubblegum Lemonade

Man, we really thought that we had our end of year list set, but then our favorite label, Matinee, jumps up to remind us about this amazing gem. Scottish band Bubblegum Lemonade are releasing their newest next week, titled Sophomore Release.  The latest single isn’t straight power-pop, but harkens back to a more innocent folk-influenced sound, kind of like a more kick ass version of Sonny and the Sunsets.  Seriously, if you’re looking for one last record to complete your collection for the year 2010, this better be on it, or else you’re in trouble.  You can pre-order this release HERE.


Download: Bubblegum Lemonade – You Only Leave Twice

New Tunes from Eulogies

It’s been a bit of time since we’ve heard from Eulogies, but worry no more folks, as the band are gearing up for a new release.  After a bit of time, they’ll return January 18th with Tear the Fences Down on Dangerbird Records.  This first single layers vocal melodies atop vocal melodies, while sharp drumming fuels the rest of the band along.  One thing I do like immediately is that the song doesn’t seem stuck in the mindset of the last album, which I liked, but progression never hurts a soul.  This is definitely something you’re going to want to keep your eye on as we break into 2011; January already looks ridiculous!


Download: Eulogies – You Hide [MP3]

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