New Music From Man Man

Our amigos over at the Gum premiered this awesome new tune “Life Fantastic” from Man Man yesterday and we wanted to share it with you readers today.  The song really has it all: great vocals, haunting beats, and even a crazy guitar solo towards the end.  This number is the title track to the new Man Man LP due out May 10th on Anti-.


Download: Man Man – Life Fantastic [MP3]

New Track from Other Lives

If you haven’t heard of Other Lives by this point in time, I’m thinking you’re kind of left out of the loop.  The Oklahoma based group are set to release their second album Tamer Animals on May 17th via TBD Records, and if this doesn’t establish the band as one of the most creative entities around, then something is amiss.  If you listen carefully to the release single, “For 12,” you can possibly here some of the dark textures that lived inside Kid A hiding behind the harmonies, but lurking behind all that is a creativity influenced by minimalism and a songwriting core focused on making music that empowers the listener.  Odds are you won’t find such an intriguing set of songs on one record for the rest of the year.


Download: Other Lives – For 12 [MP3]

New Music From The Shivers

I just got sent this nice little driving garage-pop song called “Used to Be” from NYC based band The Shivers and wanted to share it with the ATH public.  The song will appear on upcoming LP More due out May 10th on Silence Breaks Records.  It’s truly hard to believe that this band has yet to become a household name with great tunes such as these, in addition to their huge back catalogue.


Download: The Shivers – Used To Be [MP3]

New Song from Xray Eyeballs

A few months back we brought you news of Xray Eyeballs, a project featuring OJ from Golden Triangle, but now there’s a new track out there, thanks to MOKB, just before the band’s release of their record Not Nothing, which will hit stores net week via Kanine Records. Listening to this track, I definitely am digging the way it trudges along, slowly building towards the eventual musical release.  It’s a less immediate track than others we’ve heard, giving us the impression that Not Nothing will definitely have all sorts of things to offer its listeners.  Just you wait and see.


Download: Xray Eyeballs – Egyptian Magician [MP3]

More New Music From Balkans

A couple months ago, we shared info with you about a cool new song and 7″ release from Atlanta based band Balkans.  We’ll we’ve been digging the band ever since and now see it fit to tell you about their upcoming full length self-titled debut LP.  The album, set for release on May 10th via Double Phantom Records, features tons of sick guitar based rock n roll that we ATH kids are all over these days.  Here’s the second single available from the release called “Troubled and Done”.


Download: Balkans – Troubled and Done [MP3]

New Music From Jookabox

It seems like it’s been forever since we got some weirdness on this site, and I see the best way to get that going is with a song from Indianapolis based outfit Jookabox.  This track “Drop” is set to be released on the band’s upcoming LP entitled The Eyes of the Fly due out April 26th on Asthmatic Kitty. As per usual with this band, I’m digging the beats that make me wanna get my feet moving to the sounds.  We also hear that this will be the fourth and final album from Jookabox, so I guess our odd dance/rock fetish will have to be filled elsewhere.


Download: Jookabox – Drops [MP3]

New Music from Handsome Furs

As reported earlier today (via P4K) there is a new record coming out from Handsome Furs, yet another side-project from one of the key members of Wolf Parade.  This one’s definitely one of the finer pieces the duo have put together, with the focusing revolving around electronic beats and Dan’s voice, which sounds really strong and polished, for him at least, on this outing.  You’ll be able to get this electronica-influenced record titled Sound Kapital on June 28th from the good people over at Sub Pop Records.  Listening to this track, sounds like this could be the most focused work the duo has compiled, leaving us as excited as ever for their work.


Download: Handsome Furs – What About Us [MP3]

New Song from Jeff the Brotherhood

If you happened to be at Fun Fun Fun Fest, we hope that you caught Jeff the Brotherhood early on Saturday, as they rocked their set, winning over new fans, including us.  We’ve been waiting for this day, as the band have gotten closer and closer to the release of their second album, We Are the Champions, which will hit record stores on June 21st via Infinity Cat. Once you get a whiff of this first single, you’ll probably be on board with us too.  It’s got hints of metal, yet this far-off pop-punk vocal that sort of hangs in the background.  It’s the kind of track that you use to kick-start your day with a some high-octane energy.  Come on, join us in our love for Jeff the Brotherhood.


Download: Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder [MP3]

New Track from Art Brut

This song first began to hit the web last Friday, but being such a huge fan of Mr. Argos and his group, Art Brut, I decided to toss it up anyways.  This track comes from the group’s newest record, Brilliant! Tragic!, which will be in stores on May 24th via Cooking Vinyl.  It’s not as angular and discordant as past Art Brut albums, and at times, it almost seems like Argos is giving a go at singing.  This is probably one of the catchiest numbers, not that that is necessarily needed, by the band since their Bang Bang Rock & Roll, so I’m pretty excited for everyone to hear just how solid an Brilliant! Tragic! will be.


Download: Art Brut – Lost Weekend [MP3]

More New Music from The Middle East

One of the bands that I heard a lot of people talking about, myself included, but then faded away was The Middle East.  Recently, I brought you news of a newer track, “Jesus Came to My Birthday Party,” and now there is another new one floating around out there that I’ve really been enjoying. This one’s sort of a uber-downtrodden affair, but the vocals really claw at your inner emotions, grabbing every little ounce out of you.  Both of these tracks will be featured on the band’s newest record, I Want That You Are Happy, which should be available via iTunes sometime soon, though it’s already out in Australia.  It’s full up of beautiful stuff, as I’m sure you’ll see.


Download: The Middle East – Black Death 1349 [MP3]

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