Stream New Album From Gold Star

If you’re looking for even more album streams for the weekend, might I suggest you check out Headlights U.S.A. (Pts. I & II) from Los Angeles based artist Gold Star. The man behind the name, Marlon Rabenreither, truly creates a cohesive and engaging albums worth of Americana inspired, driving indie rock tunes. One might pick up hints of War on Drugs at times mixed with something a bit more playful or twangy like Fruit Bats or Night Moves. It should be a great soundtrack to cooler temps and long road trips.

If you like what you hear, pick up an LP over on the Gold Star bandcamp page.

Grooving New Tune From Gold Star

Marlon Rabenreither is a Los Angeles based songwriter who has spent the last decade creating music under the moniker Gold Star. Though it’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Rabenreighter or posted about him on our site, his new single “Cherry Red” is a nice way to welcome him back to the ATH pages. The song is perfect for his California home as one can almost envision oneself driving down a coastal highway with the driving nature of “Gold Star” on the radio. It’s atmospheric and hazy, yet also bright and full of Americana inspiration.

This track will appear on new album Headlights U.S.A. Parts I & II due out on September 30th. Pre-orders are live now.

Latest Single from Gold Star Gold Star

There’s something so perfect about the approach Gold Star Gold Star are taking with their songwriting; they’re offering their own spin on radio pop from the classic era, though doing it with a little updated flare. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of a lot of the late 90s/early 00s college rock. I can hear little bits of things like Grandaddy or Elf Power kind of lurking in the shadows, whether intentional or not. But, the opening vocal entry was enough to grab me and encourage you to give it all a listen today…I’m a man of simple 10 second musical pleasures. Their debut album, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, drops on August 7th via Earth Libraries.

Gold Star Gold Star Share If You Only Knew

Gold Star Gold Star is made up of two Adams, perhaps each carrying their own Gold Star. They began their musical friendship over a Beatles bond, carrying on from there to from Jungle Green…and now this current project. While at a certain point, any band can name drop the Beatles, it’s fair to say their current songwriting definitely harkens to that era of pop songwriting. That said, I do also hear a bit more of a doo-wop/crooner influence on this single, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. They manage to sort of switch gears casually and coyly in this song, which makes is supremely refreshing, especially for those of us with a nostalgic bent. Their debut, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, will be out later this year!

More New Music from Gold Star

I can’t help but fall for the cinematic appeal of Gold Star, especially once you hear this brand new single from Marlon Rabenreither’s project. Honestly, I could see this being the centerpiece of some great Cameron Crowe movie; it pulls at every heartstring from the moment Marlon’s voice comes through the speakers. The simplistic approach of great chords and mild percussion really allows each note to stretch out across the track; and, while it may be simplistic, I don’t feel like there’s too much out there that pulls this sound off. Gold Star will release Big Blue on March 24th via Autumn Tone.

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Solemn Ballad from Gold Star

This new track from Gold Star is a stunner, and I haven’t been able to turn it off since I first pushed play. There’s a sense of longing and dreaming in the way the guitar chords bend and fade away into the mix, and the voice of singer Marlon Rabenreither makes it hard to pull yourself away. Being captured by a track is one of the best things that can happen, and there’s a huge relief washing over me as I play this number. His new album, Big Blue, will be released on March 24th via Autumn Tone Records.

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Jam The Starfish Song from The Garment District

Of all the songs on the Garment District‘s newest LP, this is the one that’s really been hitting me hard; I just love the vocal performance as it sounds absolutely huge here. The track itself has this sort of all-mod swagger to it, somewhere between the hooks of pre-punk and Nick Lowe. Production value here works wonders, with those backing vocals hitting in the exact right spot, with the musical elements filling in the negative space perfectly, allowing the natural hook to really soar in your ears. But, then they slow it all down to flex the psychedelic jam sesh in the middle; it gives you a moment to breathe before the group rush you back into the grand swinging golden age of pop. You’ll find this track on Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World, dropping on September 22nd via HHBTM.

Conflict at Serenity Pools Shares Golden View

If you missed last year’s Type A/Type B album, might I suggest you go back there to introduce yourself to Conflict at Serenity Pools. Today we’ve got a fresh single from the LA artist, which maybe hints at a new release later this year. There’s something in the construction that reminds me of a mixture Radio Dept, albeit spun through a sort of heavier guitar sound; the construction and textural layering is really similar, but you’ll love how the guitars get ramped up here and drive right through your speakers with a solid punch. Give it a listen, and thank us later!

Show Review: Golden Dawn Arkestra @ The Paramount Theatre (12.10.22)


Saturday night in Austin welcomed the arrival of Saturnus the Great in collaboration with the reemergence on Earth of the interstellar musical collective, the Golden Dawn Arkestra, into the City of the Violet Crown. Hailing from the planet Cygnus, many light years from our home galaxy, the band fronted by leader Zapot Mgwai (Topaz McGarrigle) and backed by a 14-piece band and dance troupe, delivered a glorious performance that inspired the audience to love and dance freely. Anytime we humans are lucky enough to witness the glory and abundance of the Arkestra in motion it is certain to be a celebration of the human spirit and transportation and transformation through music. Last nights show was truly no exception. Read more

The Golden Dregs Share Sundown Lake

The Golden Dregs have been all over these pages the last few years, and I was super excited to hear that 4AD had picked up on the band for their new album, On Grace & Dignity. This brand new single has that deepened croon from Benjamin Woods, offering up this sort of forlorn enchantment meant to set you up for the chorus. When that chorus hits, the song spins right into exuberance; backing vocals join in, horns blast and the whole world twists and turns joyously, which perhaps what sums ups Woods’ songwriting best…pensive and playful. The new LP drops on February 10th via the aforementioned 4AD.

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