ATH Free Week Guide

So it’s that time of year again in Austin when all us music nerds get our geek on with a slew of free shows going on.  Thats right folks, it’s free week in Austin!  Now we know that the free shows really began this past weekend, but ATH was nursing a minor hangover from New Years so we missed out on those shows.  We would however like to share our picks for the best show each night of the week going through the upcoming weekend.  Obviously options abound for shows and choosing just ONE show for each night was a tough chore for us.  We just figured that you could see ALL your options on most other sites in town.  We’d recommend Show List Austin or Do512 for all expansive show lists.  Follow the jump for our nightly recommendations.

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Fun Fest Preview: Appleseed Cast

It’s no big secret on this here website that I’m a big fan of Lawrence, KS rock n roll band The Appleseed Cast.  They’re just one of those bands that I feel a close personal tie to as I’ve followed them closely from their earliest days in the post-emo era up until now.  Everybody has a few bands like that right?  I’d say I have maybe 5-10 that I feel like I’ve “been with” throughout their career from start to present.  Appleseed Cast is definitely one of those few bands.  So I’m sure you can all imagine my excitement when I saw the band’s name pop up on the sweet Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup.  I still remember the first tune I heard by the band ,”Marigold & Patchwork” off The End of the Ring Wars and immediately fell in love with the unique and progressive sound they created.  I continued following the band onto Mare Vitalis and Low Level Owl 1 & 2 continuing to eat up their tunes.  Afterward, the guys lost me a bit with Two Conversations, also lost one of the greatest drummers ever in Josh “Cobra” Baruth, but then got right back on track with Peregrine of 2006.  Now the guys have re-entered the music world and released the ambitious Sagarmatha while somehow still flying slightly under the radar.  This set is hands down my #1 can’t miss set at Fun Fest.  Yeah I said it.  All fans of atmospheric/badass rock n roll should head over to the orange stage at 2pm on Saturday for a set by the awesome Appleseed Cast.  Newer tune “As the Little Things Go” from Sagarmatha below.


Download: Appleseed Cast – As the Little Things Go [MP3]

ACL Wrap-Up: The Top Ten Acts

Well, we’ve finally recovered, and we hope your sunburn is peeling and your liver is resting quietly in a tub of water.  After a long weekend, filled with good memories, tunes and pretty much anything else we needed, we got down to the nitty-gritty. That’s right folks, after careful collaboration, and tireless hours of discussion, we bring you our Top Ten Acts of Austin City Limits 2010.

ATH Interviews: Henry Clay People

As we lead up to our little ACL Festival in October, we here at ATH want to start focusing in on some of the lesser known acts coming into town.  Our first look brings us Glendale, CA based indie group The Henry Clay People.  Lucky for you and the ATH crew, this band will be making a stop in town next week with Against Me! before their ACL Festival slotted date.  To preview that show and their ACL appearance, we spoke with band member Joey about their current tour and their brand new LP Somewhere on the Golden Coast.  Follow the jump to read full interview.

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ATH Interviews: MIniature Tigers

In anticipation of their new album coming out in a couple weeks, we thought we’d check in with recent New York transplanters Miniature Tigers.  We talk with the band about what it’s like to live in the big city, what we can expect from new LP Fortress, as well as a few other goodies we thought you might be curious about.  So follow the jump for full interview with frontman Charlie Brand.

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FT5: Songs About Heading West

Summertime is vacation time. Roadtrip time. So sweaty you stick to your chair my God why don’t I live in a more temperate climate time. So where do you go at a time like this? “California! Californiaaaaaa! Here we COOOOOOOOMMMMME!” Excuse me. I believe I slipped into the theme song of the O.C. for a moment. I thought about making every track on this list “California” by Phantom Planet, but I’m fairly certain I am the only one who would think that is funny. So instead, here a legit list of songs about heading out west. Enjoy.

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FT5: Beatles Songs with Subversive Lyrics

The Vatican recently saw fit to forgive The Beatles for wrongs committed against the Catholic Church. The Beatles were guilty of such crimes as: claiming they were bigger than Jesus, having kooky haircuts, and of course, making the the best pop music the world has ever known. In their musical pursuits, the controversy The Beatles fostered was often was linked to the lyrics of their songs. Maybe Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is a reference to LSD. The fire referred to at the end of Norwegian Wood could be an act of arson. And every school boy knows that Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey is really about one man’s unsavory love affair with a primate. For decades people have been decoding Beatles lyrics looking for any minor detail that might be inflammatory, but the fact of the matter is, many Beatles lyrics are more blatantly strange. Follow the jump for the Top 5 Beatles Songs with Subversive Lyrics

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She Sir @ Mohawk (3/25)

Date 3/25/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 or less @ door

By now you should have recovered from your SXSW week and should be feeling up for more live music!  Starting the weekend off right with live music, is a Thursday show at Mohawk featuring a 7″ release party by locals She Sir.  The guys will be joined on the stage by Motel Aviv and former A2W band Frantic Clam.  Should be a solid lil night of local music.


Download: She Sir – Golden Ways [MP3]

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