The Golden Dregs Share Sundown Lake

The Golden Dregs have been all over these pages the last few years, and I was super excited to hear that 4AD had picked up on the band for their new album, On Grace & Dignity. This brand new single has that deepened croon from Benjamin Woods, offering up this sort of forlorn enchantment meant to set you up for the chorus. When that chorus hits, the song spins right into exuberance; backing vocals join in, horns blast and the whole world twists and turns joyously, which perhaps what sums ups Woods’ songwriting best…pensive and playful. The new LP drops on February 10th via the aforementioned 4AD.

Aluminum Share Red & Gold Single

In just about a week, Dandy Boy Records will release Aluminum‘s Windowpane EP, but before that hits, there’s another single you definitely want to get running through your mind. Whereas the core of “Windowpane” was a little bit pop oriented, with a heavy rock center, “Red & Gold” holds nothing back, tearing through your speakers as soon as you press play. You’re greeted with a wall of rushing noise, pushing the song’s into your face as riffs rip though. But, while the pace doesn’t slow, Marc and Ryann enter the fray, trading vocal lines to bring in this melodic balance that gives your ears a momentary respite. In between those sweet moments you get huge riffs shattering your ear drums; it’s like a noise rock Oreo cookie, so take a bite and enjoy the sugary melodic center! Windowpane EP is out on 12″ next Friday, October 7th.

Molly Burch Shares Heart of Gold Video

Molly Burch will be dropping Romantic Images at the end of the month, so we’ve got to keep you up to date by sharing her latest single and its accompanying video. As always, Molly’s voice is the star, able to hone in on its natural smokiness, but not afraid to let it broadcast angelic notes as she strikes the chorus. In the rhythm section you get pure steadiness, it actually makes the whole tune kind of dizzying, letting you tap your toes while your head spins with the vocals echoing in the distance. Captured Tracks will be dropping the new LP on July 23rd, and it’s destined to get raves, so don’t miss out!

IIawgne Shares Golden Soul

Swedish musician/producer Mathias Engwall is set to release his Nevereverie LP under the llawgne moniker. For me, the attraction initially was steeped in the deep construction of the tune, building these extravagant layers of bubblegum pop. But, the trick employed here, is that Engwall disguises those layers in this sort of atmospheric wash that sort of reimagines classic 60s era pop through a more modern lens. At times it feels heavy and psychedelic, yet still pulled in by this gravitational pop pull that builds and swells, sort of like the pop version of Papercuts…which is a great compliment. Be on the lookout for this LP later in the year.

Aaron Troyer Announces Trappings of a Golden Myth

After several moves across the country and back, Aaron Troyer has found a new home here in Austin, and he’s already set to release his first bit of music; Trappings of a Golden Myth is set to be released on the first day of the new year, courtesy of No Coast Recordings. It’s interesting that Troyer should now call Texas home, as his voice sounds built for the landscape, carrying this huge heavy-toned troubadour feel. The music is right at home too, feeling a bit of a Western influence while sprawling across the great expanse of the song (or the Lone Star state). If you dig it, be sure to pre-order the cassette before No Coast runs out!

The Golden Dregs Rework Hope is for the Hopeless

I think one of the great records of 2019 that was overlooked by most was Hope is for the Hopeless, the debut LP from the Golden Dregs; I know I wrote about several of the singles on these very pages. Well, a few months on, and Benjamin Woods (the artists behind the project) has decided to rework his title track with the help of London bunch Vogues. You still get Woods hearty baritone, but the guitar has been stripped and reworked with electronic production. Subtle beats and robotic backing vocals take the song into the more uplifting territory Woods hoped we’d all noticed on the original version; I don’t think those sweet jazzy horns were present either. If you haven’t heard the original version, you can do listen to the whole LP HERE, and stream the reworked magic below!

Join Us at Cheer Up Charlies Tonight: Lowin, Yukon Gold and more…

We love to work with our friend John over at SideOneTrackOne, who also handles one of Austin’s local radio shows, 101X Homegrown. We’ve teamed up with him this week to bring you a show of great importance over at Cheer Up Charlies; you get four incredible Austin acts for the price of a Bud Light at any of the bars on 6th Street. Zettajoule kicks things off for the evening, followed by Yukon Gold, Star Parks and Lowin. It’s important to note here, of course, that Yukon Gold is the supergroup formerly known as All Eyes, but with a new singer. Doors are at 9 PM, with more info HERE.

Fresh Tune from Lunar Gold

We first met Jason Morris back in the early days of The Clouds are Ghosts, but over the past few years he’s really been focused on his Lunar Gold project…today we’ve got a new one from said project. Of late, the project has focused on crafting these thoughtful pop numbers, and this one is much the same. Morris’ voice has this angelic tone, accented by layered vocal accompaniment as it hangs gently in the air. Musically, there’s this understated elegance; it reminds me of the orchestral moves that Other Lives made…like a dreamscape that transports you to some celestial world. The band celebrate the release of their new single on June 21st over at Stay Gold!

Infectious Pop Tune from The Golden Age of TV

We’re midway through our week here, and why not enjoy the spirited pop of The Golden Age of TV. The music’s vibe works in contrast to the song’s message of holding on to what’s passed, but even the happiest songs sometimes have a message we all need to hear. I think Bea Fletcher’s vocal performance is spot-on, especially as she stretches her voice to reach those higher notes. It seems like this Leeds-based project is just getting started, so expect to hear more from them in the near future…I promise I’ll help you out.

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ATX Spotlight: Golden Dawn Arkestra

music_play-2 You should probably already know about Golden Dawn Arkestra in some capacity, as they’re one of Austin’s own, but have you heard this new single, “Stargazer,” yet? No? Well, press play below and get ready to take a journey with this group into past, present and future, or perhaps another dimension. This song starts slowly and mysteriously, the female vocals entering the mix like heavy fog, as subtle guitar winds its way through the song, and the elements begin to join in. Then, the band launches in full force into the 70s swirling disco that simultaneously makes you want to dance and watch a crime-fighting action show. They’ve got a new LP coming out next February, and if it’s anything like this first single, we’re in for a real treat. Take a listen.

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