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Sasha Bolof Shares Tabitha Singles

Do you ever find yourself completely sucked into a song by the opening tones alone? This is precisely what I expect when you press play on the latest single from Sasha Bolof; the LA songwriter formerly working as Stres has just announced her new album, Tabitha, but working with her own name this go round. There are some interesting bits working throughout this song that will continue to keep your focus, such as the way the forceful guitar walls erupt from beneath the light-natured strum that meets you in the opening. At times, the vocals feel like multiple layers, which can be disorienting, if they didn’t fit so well within the confines of the track itself. Little bit of noise, whole lot of melody, and all of it hits on August 9th via Crusin Records.

Melenas Announce Ahora Remixes EP

I was a huge fan of the latest LP from Melenas, Ahora, so I was as equally as excited to hear what other artists would do to their work when they announced the Ahora Remixes EP. While the folks like Tim from Stereolab and Peanut Butter Wolf, our first listen has Spanish outfit Hidrogenesse working with “K2.” Instead of the rolling pulse that worked through the original track, this remix version takes the vocal work and layers it atop what’s a more spirited bit of electronics; the beats have more of a thump, with the tiniest percussive glitches springing the tune into life at the get-go. Different way to run with the group’s sound; look for the EP via Trouble in Mind Records on July 5th.

Immersion Share I’m Barely Here Video

Colin Newman and Malka Spigel need little introduction, but there Immersion project has enlisted Penelope Isles’ Jack Wolter (aka Cubzoa) for their latest single here. It begins simply, using this mystical cymbal work to establish some atmosphere, then begins to build. Casually, there’s a propulsive groove that slides into the frame, setting the mood for the vocals. Those vocal notes are almost like ghostly whispers, hanging in the balance between the constant tapping of cymbals and all the other nuanced notes that fill the space in your room. It’s a striking exercise in patience, letting the movement seep through your speakers, drawing you towards whatever noise your ears hear first. This is the final single before their new album, Nanocluster: Vol 2 drops this Friday.

WUT Announce Mingling with Thorns

When your band’s resume features members of Knife Pleats and Tough Age (plus an appearance from Christina of Artsick), you already come to our ATH table with built in clout. WUT is the band, and they’re not messing around as they announce their new record, Mingling with Thorns for the masses; it’ll be out later Summer via HHBTM Records. Today, we offer up this rolling bit of jangling pop, and almost from the first falling vocal I was floored; the line “sea of green/empty screen/I’m waiting/Now I know has this beautiful voice that just drops the tone, sucker-punching you with charm…a feat they continue to utilize throughout. But, this track’s not about a singular moment or mere vocal treats; take a listen to the buoyant bop right at the 33 second mark, twisting the song with just the slightest wrinkle. Within the lyrical confines, you’ll find the band questioning the patriarchy and capitalism, reflecting and wondering where one finds their way in such antiquated systems. For now, the only way you need to go is towards the band’s site and pre-order a copy of Mingling with Thorns; it drops August 28th via HHBTM.

Alluvial Nuggets Release Hot Knives

This new single from Alluvial Nuggets immediately resonated here with the guitar tones; there was something about the bobbing notes working in unison with the gentle strum, setting the scene for this wistful nature to sweep across the song. When James Dutton comes in with his voice, he’s offering up his delivery with a little bit in reserve, as if he is still unsure of how much of himself he’d like to pass onto the listener. You’ll get a beautiful sweeping movement when the drums elevate the track with just a hint more speed just after the 1 minute marker. Look for the new self-titled record to hit on June 28th via Lost and Lonesome.

Club 8 Share Closer to You

It sounds like everyone in Sweden is intent upon landing on these ATH pages by offering up a single every few weeks; there was Red Sleeping Beauty…and today its Club 8. While some of their earlier tracks this year have had a springing nature, this one feels more spiritual in a sense. The guitar dangles in the distance, just sort of hanging itself out there, careful not to overreach, which ends up creating this sort of cavernous vibe. That’s the perfect setting for the vocals, coolly just resting in the mix, locked into the groove so as to offer up the perfect little melodic taste to listeners. I expect to be back soon with another Club 8 hit!

Last Week’s Jams (6.3 – 6.7)

Pretty heavy week we had over on the ATH here. The Bay Area and Austin area had some great tunes to offer us, such as new stuff from Sad Eyed Beatniks and Holy Wire, or perhaps Swiftumz and Letting Up Despite Great Faults. We also got to preview some great shows like Adrianne Lenker and The Umbrellas (that was a blast btw!). Plus, Cursive return after a few years off, so of course the site’s emo contingent was keeping you up to date there. Then there were Nathan faves like Icarus Phoenix, Quivers and Azure Blue, all of whom offered us up new tunes. Tons to enjoy below.

Friday Album Streams: Perennial, Kelley Stoltz, The Black Watch and More

It’s Bandcamp Friday, so you should ideally put your money where your mouth is, or where your support is…like going over to ATH Records and clearing out some of this stock for super cheap! Or, you can check out the records below that we’ve been enjoying and now encourage you to pick up. Despite all the issues with the current industry, even with what was once the home for independent artists, you can’t go wrong listening to the tunes below and grabbing a copy. There’s rock, pop and even bands from Lockhart!


PerennialArt History (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

The Black WatchWeird Rooms (Atom Records)

June JonesProximity EP (Chapter Music)

Kelley StoltzLa Fleur (Dandy Boy Records)

Good LooksLived Here for a While (Keeled Scales)

Heaven For Real Prep Mini Album

As you can tell buy today’s jams, there’s been a lot of lo-fi guitar pop playing at my house, and I feel like this new mini album from Heaven for Real is just the added trick to finish off my recommendations for the week. The Grundy brothers open this tune with a nice stomp and twisting guitar lines that establish a nice little ditty-esque foundation. When they start to work their vocals into the song, trading and backing one another, it creates this dizzying spell of melody that is likely to get stuck in your head. But, they break it down in the song’s last minute, so as not to inundate you with a singular style, furthering your ability to digest and enjoy. Hell’s Logo’s Pink will be out on June 18th via Mint Records.

Sad Eyed Beatniks Share Monumental Ensemble

There’s definitely some great tunes coming out today, monumentally so, such as the new single from Sad Eyed Beatniks. This single pulls on you immediately; the lonesome guitar and pacing feel like a leaf casually taking a ride down a slow-moving stream. Kevin Linn’s voice has this brightness that carries through the wistful bend of the notes, though it also gravitates towards a whispering effect, faintly tickling your ears as it billows right by you. If you find yourself in the market for sleepy pop tunes that help you escape the mundane trials of the world, then be sure to pick up Ten Brocades before its July 12th release date via Meritorio Records.

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