• Top Songs of 2019

    Phew, the end of the year really snuck up on me this time and it’s crazy to think we are moving on from the 2010s. Before we do so, Nathan

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  • Top 25 Albums of 2019

    This is the list you’ve all been waiting for, well, sort of. This is my Top 20 LPs of the year. Admittedly, there’s none of the high profile hitmakers on

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  • Levitation 2019: A Reflection

    Team ATH has been covering Austin Psych Fest/Levitation since its early inception, probably in the second year at Radio Room (sorry we missed the first year!), so we’ve seen the

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  • ACL WE2 in a Nutshell

    Another Austin City Limits is behind us boys and girls and it’s always a good time to reflect on the music and experiences from the weekend. I considered myself very

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Pleased to Meet You: Nicky William

We’ve all been enjoying the singles from the forthcoming Bill Callahan, and in searching that sound, I came onto Sweden’s Nicky William. Why the Callahan reference? Well, mostly it has to do with the vocal tones emanating from your speakers at the moment. Lyrically, I think he actually plays upon the Berman side of the genre, offering up these subtly humorous lines that most listeners would find endearing. It’s a mellow jam for you to start out Tuesday, with the promise that Nicky will be delivering more music later this year via Stockholm collective Icons Creating Evil Art.

One More From Suburban Living

Look, Nathan and I have really been looking forward to this new Suburban Living album coming out next month, so much so, that it seems appropriate to share yet another new tune from the LP. This one, called “Dirt”, is a bit of a slow brooding, more synth heavy number when compared to some of the brighter, guitar driven sounds we’ve grown to love from the band. The brightness is still there, but maybe just a bit more subtle and further back in the mix. Needless to say, we think you should be picking up How to Be Human when it drops on August 28th via Egghunt Records.

Body Double Announce Milk Fed LP

As I listen to the debut single from Oakland’s Body Double I can’t help but feel this sense of anxiety; there’s something about Candace Lazarou’s steady vocal delivery that just makes me feel tense. It’s like there’s this power being harnessed, unsure if its meant to be released and shared by the whole world, but trust me, it is. Once you push through that tension, there’s this animalistic pulse pushing the song, almost hurriedly, accented by sharp guitar shuffling. There’s a little angelic tease too, hanging in around the 1 minute marl, luring you with pop sensibility. That furious guitar riffage around the 1:50 mark is what I live for, might even remind make a nostalgic nod, but you be the judge. The band will release Milk Fed via Zum Records on September 18th.

Tough Age Share Penny Current Suppression Ring

The new LP from Tough Age is going to be one hell of a ride, as cliche as that might sound. Sonically, it kind of bounces around all my favorite areas of post-punk, art rock, pigeonhole-core, what-have-you…but we’re all the better for it. On their latest single Penny once again takes the vocal lead, and her lyrics detail how important it would be to “get signed to Flying Nun,” though that might just be a metaphor for any band’s dreams to make it onto their favorite label and the trials and tribulations you must face to make it there…if you ever really do. The more I’m dissecting this song, does it not have like a mid-period Sonic Youth vibe going on in the guitar work? I mean, not that I mind that sound by any means…just a thought. Anyways, Which Way Am I? drops on August 7th via Mint Records.

Cibeles Shares New Single, Ave de Corral

Y’all know that in separate periods, both RayRay and I have lived in Costa Rica, right? And you know I love a good pop song with Spanish lyrics, and today, I give you both with this new tune from Cibeles. It’s one of those unassuming songs that kind of creeps under your skin, seeming to have this wayward meandering about it; if I were crafting the video I’d likely focus on one protagonist wandering about on solitude. The vocals wash against your soul, like waves tickling your feet near the ocean, toying with your soul; I love the backing notes that add texture after the two minute park too. Just a nice way to let your mind float off into Monday.

Say Hello To Sammm.

As we cruise into Friday evening, why not take some time to familiarize yourself with a new artists I think you’ll find interesting. Samuel Geddes is an up and coming young Australian musician who makes interesting bedroom pop music under the moniker Sammm. Over the last year or so he’s released a few bold singles which have garnered some critical acclaim, but were largely missed by us. Well miss out no longer, I am all aboard the hype train on this one and am pleased to share Sammm.’s latest single called “Four Eyes”. I’m struck by the brightness of the guitar, the simple pop beat, and the raw energy behind Geddes’ vocals. Also stick around for the ending as this thing builds and builds into quite the intense crescendo. Enjoy the weekend.

Buildings and Food Share FM am

A month or so ago, I encouraged you to check in on Buildings and Food, as Jen Wilson had just announced that there would be another album, Up Down Strange Charm. With a new single below, you can now dip your toes deeper into the proverbial waters. While “Streetlights” had Wilson employing softened vocals, “FM a.m.” is a full dive into Jen’s instrumental IDM work, which is what makes up a great deal of the new LP. On my end, I always get attached to minute details, like the very subtle little change in direction around 1:18 with a different keyboard line coming through. It’s these effortless little direction changes that illustrate the artistry throughout the Buildings and Food catalogue, drawing me in every single time. If you’re so inclined, Up Down Strange Charm is out September 25th!

Fort Not Drop Another Charmer

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear the whole of the new Fort Not LP; we’ve already been teased with two delectables, and now we’ve got another. I love how there’s an implied nod to indiepop in the band’s sound, though here, they kind of pull back just a little bit to craft this timelessness you only get in the purest of pop purveyors. For me, it’s the vocals pulling that off; they have this sort of breezy warmth, like basking on the beach as they crash into your face. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that its coming out on one of my favorite labels of the moment, Meritorio Records; they’ll release The Club is Open on September 18th.

Logan Farmer Shares Sorrowbirds

Up until now, I felt like I’ve been holding it together; I’ve mostly retreated to good reliable pop tunes to keep my spirits up the last few months. But, this week the damn seems to have broken, and this Logan Farmer track seems to be part of that. The darkness of the cinematography in the video accompanied by the solemn tones of the piano/guitar that opens the track kind of pull you beneath the murky water of your own mind. There’s hints of promise on the horizon in Farmer’s voice, however, dangling little syllables out into the night sky, letting them drift into the ether. Just sit back and absorb this one. This tune appears on Still No Mother, out on August 21st via Western Vinyl.

Shy Boys Share Trash

Not sure if it needs to be said, but the ATH crew became huge fans of the Kansas City outfit Shy Boys since they first burst on the scene back in 2014 with the release of their self-titled debut. With numerous singles and the sophomore album Bell House from 2018, the band has been posted about, discussed, and seen live on numerous occasions over the years. We dig Shy Boys. All that said, we of course suggest you check out this new single called “Trash” which was shared earlier today. One can always love those quiet vocal harmonies, paired with some poppier guitar sounds we’ve grown to love from the band.

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