ATH Vinyl Mix – November 22

A few weeks ago, I dropped a new idea we’ve been playing around with where we create a mix, or playlist if you will, of tunes sourced directly from our very own vinyl record collection. Since the year is winding down and the new tunes are starting to slow down a bit, this seemed like the right time to go ahead and drop the mix for November. Stream it below and don’t forget we have a couple more mixes on our new ATH Vinyl Mixes page. Though it’s called “Friday Night Move Makers,” you can surely take this with you anytime you need a fresh mix at work, at home, or at the bar. Ya dig.

All songs come from our personal record collection. Direct all issues to our friends at Mixcloud.

Sorry I Missed This: Sourmilk

Though very little is known about Indonesian band Sourmilk, their new song called “Sick Girl” has seen some moderate coverage and plays since its release back in September. As can often happen, I missed the track during the initial release but found myself entranced when the band’s song came up under the “new & notable” section on bandcamp. So yeah I’m a bit tardy on sharing, nevertheless I’m sure you can see why I simply had to share this gem of a track. It’s full of brightness, with slight hints of guitar edge during the bridge and just an overall warm and inviting sound. Lovely song.

Once we hear more from the band, we’ll try to be the first to share next time… ;).

Silver Liz Share High at the Gym

This week we finally get to hear the entirety of Silver Liz‘s new LP, It Is Lighter Than You Think, but before you dive into the whole thing, let’s have one more single to tease you. For me, this song’s dripping with 90s nostalgic alternative rock, somewhere in that middle ground between Weezer and Teenage Fanclub; they’re bringing in those heavily fuzzed riffs, though careful not to stray to far from the hook-laden center at the core of their songs. It’s a quick little blissed out rocker, built to let you shake those heavy locks atop your head as you band your head! If you’re digging, go stream the whole album!

Elison Share Fruit Flies Single

I love the way the music Elison creates feels like its stuck between two worlds, which is often where I find myself as a listener. Their latest single toys with the more ethereal edges of dream pop, though only in the chorus, allowing the song’s clarity and pop affection to shine in the bubbly verses. You can’t stop tapping your feet, letting your toes dance inside your shoes, lost in the swirling hooks of the melodies here. Still, walking that fine line is where the band seem able to perfect their sound, flirting with listeners who love the dark corners just as much as we love an anthemic hook.

Soft on Crime Prep New Suite LP, Share Telex Eyes

You can already find a slew of great LPs you’ll want to fawn over in 2023 on the slates, but might I suggest you add Dublin’s Soft on Crime to that mix? Today we get to share the group’s new single, along with the announcement of their debut, New Suite. For some reason, this track takes the modern power-pop vibes, though it feels like its being spun through the story of Elvis Costello. It’s got this sort of jittering hipness to it, frantic in all the right spots, then bursting with the hooks when you hit the chorus. It’s a reminder that rock n’ roll can still be a hell of a lot of fun. Look for New Suite to drop in February of next year!

Shaki Tavi Share Crime Video

A few weeks back, LA’s Shaki Tavi dropped their Shaki Tavi EP, a collection of 8 scalding rock tunes that were likely to burst a speaker cone or two, should you turn it up too loud. But, lurking deep in the heart of the EP was this striking bit of solace, a melodious piece of pop that sort of crafted a moment of balance if you were listening from start to finish. It clung to the darker edges of the group’s sound, yet it never went beyond the jangling notes that hung in the air. Today, we’re really stoked to be able to offer you a visual glimpse of the tune, as the group have just released this new video. The video hits on this solitude that I think comes through in the meandering notes that drift in and out of the tune. You’ll find this track inside the Shaki Tavi EP, now available through Mutation Records.

Hadda Be Share Mercurial Single

Last year, Hadda Be released their excellent Another Life LP, a record that was filled equally with pop and rock hooks. But, having roots in the post-punk arena, the band seem ready to flex that muscle again with their latest single. There’s certainly an angular notion that comes from the guitar, stabbing at the speakers, setting up the song for this openness that allows for the vocals to sweep into the picture. What I love here is the band tight-roping that walk between various genres, sharp in some spots, dreamy in others, ultimately leading you to a chorus that serves as your reward. Once it hits, you can feel the bravado in the voice, operating with this sense of cool that’s coated in melody. Enjoy a new ditty here!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.7 – 11.11)

Looks like folks are finally waking up to the fact that the year doesn’t have to end just because people toss up some arbitrary judgment list; there were so many rad tunes dropping last week that we didn’t even have time to get them all up. RayRay ran some premieres for Tearing Up and Sunfruits, while I was super ecstatic to get a new Roller Derby tune. We also got to run a really great Rock n’ Recipes with Heather Trost just before her album dropped. Plus, Austin was repping, with a brilliant new tune from Half Dream, and Zero Percent APR dropping their new LP. Give it all a listen and let us know which is your fave!

Rock N’ Recipes: Heather Trost

Heather Trost is perhaps best known as one half of Hawk and a Hacksaw, but as we’ve tried to show on this site recently, their new album Desert Flowers has us excited for her solo work. We were fortunate to catch up with Heather, talk about the record, influences and her favorite food memories. Plus, she leaves us with a wonderful recipe for corba, which is a great red lentil soup with Turkish origins. Check out the interview and recipe after the jump!

Buy Desert Flowers HERE via Ba Da Bing.

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Field Guides Drop Latest Single Esopus

In trying to cram your Friday with as much new tunes as I’ve got under my belt, this delightful new Field Guides tune seems like its got to be included here. Sharp angular riffs do a little jig around this pulsing beat and 80s synth lines, so you just dive into the inner joy right away. Vocals have a feathery touch to them, giving off this sort of darkened croon that’s perfectly contrasted by the shimmering musical underbelly. All of it comes together perfectly, picking up where the band left off with their recent LP, Ginkgo. Definitely a Friday bright spot for you!

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