Bops of the Week for July 12- 16

Here we go again my friends, starting off another week, and what better way than to have a nicely curated collection of great tunes from last week for your ears. A few strong singles with album announcements like Hovvdy‘s new tune, as well as a few jams from some of our favorite records that came out last week, like Wojtek the Bear and Always You. Plus, as always, we’re all over the map taste-wise, so you get a little of everything, but starting off with that ridiculously glorious Cindy tune from their forthcoming 1:2 LP. Happy Monday folks!

Introducing The Birthdays

Towards the end of last week, an announcement came out sharing news of a new musical project called The Birthdays featuring indie greats Jackson Phillips from Day Wave and Ben Grey from Dear Boy. As they are both ever growing stars in the indie scene, one would expect a collaboration to produce some interesting material, and their first single together, “Bunny”, does not disappoint. It has a very washed out, guitar pop vibe to it with a super slick bass line and tonally engaging guitars. Hopefully this is not the last we hear from this new project.

Driving New Single From Tennis System

As you are checking out those sweet albums posted by Lankford this weekend, might I suggest you also add this new Tennis System tune to your playlists? The song, “Dizzy”, features this incredibly catchy mix of driving, washed out rock music with the piercing vocals of Matt Taylor. Having been a fan for many years, I can honestly say that this may be some of the best material we have heard from Taylor and his band. Check out now.

Tennis System is also releasing a new album this fall called Autophobia. Pre-orders with tons of other cool merch are live now.

Suggested Album Streams: Always You + Wojtek the Bear

It’s new release Friday, and I know some of you just want to know what you should be listening to, right? Well, luckily, I’ve got a few suggestions before I head into the oral surgeon in about 30 minutes so he can remove teeth.

Always YouBloom Off the Rose – I’ve covered most of the singles form this release, and been a fan of the Hochheim brothers when they were Ablebody, so obviously this gets my backing here. It’s a pleasant brand of dream pop meets indie pop, taking light jangles, warping them into these little seductive ear worms that wash over you. Out today via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

Wojtek the BearHeaven by the Back Door – This is the latest release from Last Night from Glasgow, and once you immerse yourself in this record, you’ll clearly hear why. There are moments when this record sounds like a more orchestral Arab Strap, and other times when it very much feels like Belle and Sebastian, and as far as I’m concerned, those are great footsteps to be following along. Spend some time here and you’ll be rewarded.

John MayerSob Rock – Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this record, but felt like you needed a curveball, something to be like WTF, why is this here. Well, everyone loves John Mayer; he can play a mean guitar. I haven’t even listened, but I know it rips.


Waves of Dread Share Day I Did Nothing

Feel like we should open up Friday’s listening with the most aptly titled Friday tune, “Day I Did Nothing.” I know you’re sitting there staring out the window, dreaming up weekend plans and what not, so why not let Waves of Dread carry you that way. Up until now, the Newcastle outfit have been purveyors of heavy shoegaze, offering up walls of guitars, but this go round they turn to some slightly different territory. This has a bit more of an organic pulse to it, something that would seemingly fit right into any Radio Dept. record; there’s still the dark brooding atmosphere, but it’s definitely been smeared by the band’s approach this go round. Enjoy the listen, as the band are going into the studio to record their debut, so might be a minute before we get to hear from them again!

Snowy Band Share Whatever You Want

As mentioned earlier, we’re hanging in Melbourne today, musically speaking, so it only makes sense that I toss out this new single from Snowy Band. For me, when listening to Liam sing so softly, it actually begs your attention; you have to pull yourself closer to the song, effectively making you an active part of the craft. This tune gets a nice lift after the 2 minute mark, as backing vocals create this melody-filled helium balloon, rising to the top of the mix, all before the song sort of meanders into the creative guitar interlude. This track appears on Alternate Endings, which will be released on August 27th via Spunk.


Pleased to Meet You: The Belair Lip Bombs

Figured we’d spend a little time hanging out in Melbourne on the site today, so we’ll begin with a little love for The Belair Lip Bombs. At the moment, this single’s just a one off, and it’s self-released, though singer Maisie is currently on Chapter Music‘s roster with her other band CLAMM. So, this track we’ve got is sort of a classic college rock bop; it’s all begun by a muted little riff and vocals running over a stomping beat that keeps the song in place. But, quickly the track erupts, detailing Maisie’s thoughts on the “confusion of relationships in your early twenties;” it bounces back and forth between forceful bursts of pop and steadied melodic charms. Honestly, despite the band’s Aussie locale, this feels very much in the vein of what you’d come to expect from a slew of pop rock acts in the States, so it should be universally loved. Play it a few times and tell me I’m wrong.

Always You Share Have It Your Way

This Friday we’ll finally get to hear the whole of the new LP from Always You, the band led by the Hochheim brothers, and formerly known as Ablebody. Before we get there, we’ve got one last listen to tease our tastebuds; this one’s sort of a lounge dream pop tune. Guitars and atmospherics create this green screen backdrop of smooth listening, allowing for the sedate nature of the vocals to billow through your speakers, washing over you like a warm rain. You even get a nice little sax solo to sort of up the smooth pop approach of this number. Bloom Off the Rose is out this Friday course of Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian. Also. This song is in no way affiliated with Burger King. So I’ve been told.

Bnny Share Sure Video

Seems like my listening approach today is the dizzying spell of slow-core pop, and I don’t mind that one bit. After that great Cindy tune this morning, we’ve now got this striking new tune form Bnny. Jess Viscius dominates the tune, wielding her voice like a steady stream of fog creeping into your listening room. Everything behind her voice sounds so forlorn and lonesome, like we’re lost out on the road, driving to nowhere. But, the video seems to illustrate some themes of finding companionship, so through the fog and wandering, there’s promise here, or at least the possibility of it. Another chance to immerse yourself in Bnny before Everything drops via Fire Talk on August 20th.

Treeboy & Arc Announce New EP

If anything good came out of Covid lockdowns, it has to be the slew of new music artists created during their long time stuck at home. Leeds based Treeboy & Arc were one of those busy groups during quarantine, having managed to record an entire EP of new material. The new extended player, Life Preserver, includes four new tracks of material with this lead single, “Role Models”, streaming prior to the full August 6th EP release date. I love how the track pushes what we might consider post-punk tendencies but with a more restrained approach to give it a very Devo meets Idles feel. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Life Preserver will be available on cassette and for digital download on August 6th. Pre-orders are live now.

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