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Friday Album Streams: Crumbs, Mountain Movers, Lightheaded and More

This is one of those crazy Fridays when its possible there’s just too much music to digest; I think we’ve done a solid job of covering most of the stuff leading up to today, except maybe the brand new Crumbs Video! There’s not a great need to wax poetic, as you can trace these records to our coverage the last few months. All you need to do is dive into the listens and see what you need to buy!


CrumbsYou’re Just Jealous (Skep Wax)

LightheadedCombustible Gems (Slumberland Records)

Mountain MoversWalking After Dark (Trouble in Mind Records)

Zero Point EnergyTitled Planet (Danger Collective)

Matthew J. RolinTwos (Dead Currencies)


Icarus Pheonix Shares Agradecido Single

I’m not one to hide from putting my feelings out there, and I’ve been a pretty solid fan of Icarus Phoenix due to the songwriting of Drew Danburry , thus here I am with another great track to share. Musically, this song feels like Jason Lytle and David Bazaan got together to jam, weaving bits of intimate storytelling into a pop rock jam that goes beyond the mere joyousness of the song. Now, mind you, that joy is there; this is possibly one of the most pop-centric hits Danburry has written, for which I’m grateful, but there’s still this natural “I put it all on the table” sentiment that pervades. Thematically, Drew took from the Persephone myth to deal with his feelings on his own son, knowing that he’d be more than happy to have just a moment’s more time to share…which led him to use the Spanish word for grateful as the track’s title. You’ll love this.

The Sour Notes Return with New Single

Our friends in The Sour Notes are currently working on the finishing touches for their forthcoming Middle Distance LP, and while we wait, they’ve filled in the musical gap with three brand new tunes for your ears. For my two cents, the band definitely feel like they’re perfecting their blend of noisier indie rock that has a tendency to bleed into a dreamier realm; think the folks in Guided by Voices covering Galaxie 500. Texas music fans get an added music treat, as 2 of the 3 tunes here feature additional vocals from Lauren Eddy of ATH faves El Lago. The A side delivers that rocking punch, while the B side delivers that pensive tune you’ve been seeking. Spend some time with our friends today, and if you’re in California, keep an eye out for a few shows at the end of May!

Laughing SHare Will She Ever Be a Friend of Mine Single

If you love good pop rock bands, like Teenage Fanclub or I Was a King, then you really have to listen to Laughing. They’ve just dropped another single, and you can hear how some might classify it as power pop; I see that, but there’s a little bit more reservation in this presentation, letting those chiming guitars really ring out and settle, forcing the hook right up to your ear. It doesn’t hurt that they often employ these stair-stepping riffs that get matched by the vocal delivery, combining quirks and playfulness into a powerhouse sound! Because It’s True is the title of their much anticipated new album, dropping on June 28th via Celluloid Lunch.

Beverly Kills Drop Hymn to You Single

I needed something shiny to start off my day, so felt like this Beverly Kills tune would be the perfect way to slink into Friday, for both myself and for you. When this kicks off, you can hear a nod to a number of dreamy pop bands, but I certainly feel like our audience will recognize some sonic similarities to Alvvays. But, like many a band of this ilk, they’re not content revolving in the dreamy state, pushing forward by jumping on those pedals and ripping right into huge anthemic pop; the chorus here hits perfectly as the tune turns into an ode to a lost love. Every bit of execution is brimming with emotion and overflowing with hooks that I’m sure you’ll love. Happy Friday kids.

Genuine Leather Drop New Single

Over the years Chris Galis has turned out some great tracks from Genuine Leather, but lately, he’s been building more of a woozy pop brand for the project, which is where we find the band’s latest single. There’s something about the pacing and punch of the synth lines in this tune that make it feel like a bit of a slow bump and grind from the R&B heydays. Still, Galis definitely knows his way out in and out of a hook, building the volume up, merely to bring it back and down and slide right into your DMs. This song’s a slow burning late night pop wonder, and one that we can all likely relate to as we try and continue to come out of our shells in this post Covid era.

Parallel Share Blister Video

There’s such an incredibly vibrant scene going on in Oakland these days, and I’d love to add Parallel to that list, especially now that they’ve officially announced Flooded. There’s certainly a familiarity in the sound, with ringing guitars introducing a melodic element; it’s bright and crisp, despite darker intentions hanging about. Soft vocals accompany the sound, like a a voice from the past just whispering through, light and airy; the heavier vocal creeps in during the verse, building in this bit of inner turmoil, taking the song into the shadowy realms. At times, you can hear similarities to shoegaze and the like, but it’s almost as if the band’s not entirely convinced there, choosing instead to make it entirely their own sound, with genre nods merely there as a foundation. The band are slated to release Flooded on July 10th via Play Alone and Cherub Dream.


Premiere: Gus Baldwin and the Sketch Share Relief

I’m not entirely sure there’s a single that can capture the live energy the drips from the stage when Gus Baldwin and the Sketch are up there, but this brand new single is pretty damn close. This new single kicks off with a stuttering guitar lick before zooming off into the ferocious heavy jangles that aim to rip right through your speakers. At times, there’s certainly a West Coast psychedelic tendency that seeps out, like the Growlers or early Fresh & Onlys. But, the band goes beyond being a one trick pony playing into simple tropes, as the leap into a more Goner Records/Jay Reatard guitar explosion when the tune hits the 2 minute mark. Just goes to show you can still be catchy as hell while playing really fucking loud. Gus Baldwin and the Sketch play at Hotel Vegas tonight, then head through various cities across the South/Western US through the rest of May, so keep an eye out for shredders. Out today via GetWithIt Records!

Orcas Announce How To Color a Thousand Mistakes

Honestly, its been a hot minute since Benoit Pioulard has made it onto the ATH pages, but with the return with his collaborative Orcas project (working with Rafael Irisarri) after years away, has me revisiting past tunes. As the duo announce How to Color a Thousand Mistakes, they promise that their ambient work will move in a more pop-centric direction, which you can certainly hear just after the 2 minute mark. Up until that moment, you have the cavernous drift of ambiance and delicate vocals, but hitting upon the bubbling charms begins to flex the song into something that almost resembles a post-punk adjacent exploration (also featuring Simon Scott of Slowdive on drums). Give this one a go, and look for the new LP on July 19th via Morr Music.

Islands Share The End Lyric Video

If you’re looking for a fitting way to end your album, why not go the route of Islands and simply title the last track, “The End?” It’s the perfect summative statement, but one that also thematically ties into the band’s sentiment, especially after years in the indie game for Nick Thorburn. Thematically it reflects on the end of record, but also the end of a journey? Were you happy? Did you want to go back? Where do we step back in time? Musically, the song’s a classic Thorburn gallop, with rolling drums and Nick’s distinctive vocal delivery riding atop as if he’s just won a great war. And as we reflect on Islands, and what came before it, I’m hoping Nick is happy, as he’s continued to leave us with songs that always bring a smile to our faces. Look for What Occurs on June 21st.

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