Deuce Share Language of Love + Video

Having introduced you to Deuce a few weeks back with their debut single “Antipodes” it seems only fitting that we follow up on the band’s second tune…which we’ve got for you below. This tune fascinates in its ability to stun you with both its emotional impact and its simplicity; the tune primarily functions with Curtis’ vocals snaking over a looped beat and throbbing bass lines, with the occasional skittering guitar notes and squawks from the saxophone (courtesy of Snowy!) cascading across the song’s night sky. I love how Wakeling dances his voice around, almost turning it into its own entirely separate instrument; all of this song written and sung as an ode to Curtis and Kayleigh’s relationship. Their debut self-titled LP will be out on June 16th via Dinosaur City Records.

Vern Matz Offer New Single

The New Haven based duo of Daniel Belgrad and Michael Lituchy, musically known as Vern Matz, have been dropping multiple singles this Spring in anticipation of a new album coming out later this year on Nice Guy Records. One of those singles, “Funny Water”, is definitely one a suggest you check out if you’re into a sort of folk inspired, indie rock sound. Think Jackson Browne meets Wilco with a little bit of dream pop thrown in there to create something truly stunning. Stay tuned for more tunes coming our way soon from Vern Matz.

Liz Lawrence Tells Us Where the Bodies are Buried

My infatuation with Liz Lawrence today is all about her willingness to take bits and pieces of various fads and weave them into something new and refreshing, like she’s done with her new tune. Opening with some vocoder vocals here kind of threw me for a loop, as it seemed to offset the power of her voice. But, then the bass enters and that vocoder fades, allowing Lawrence to dominate the track. Suddenly, a huge riff drops in and blows your hair back, then just as quickly a few synth stabs takes the tune and gives it this infectious bounce. While the raucous moments are enthralling, she even teases a touch of dreaminess too in between all her built-in hooks. A powerful tune for people who like to power dance in their bedrooms!

Johnny Mafia Share Trevor Philippe Video

Feel like the best way to keep rocking on a Monday morning is to drop more killer rock n’ roll, of the pop sort, of course. As we near peak running time (I’m a summer time runner) for me, I’m looking for a good hit for the playlist, and I think “Trevor Philippe” might just have what it takes. On the front end, you’ve got a sweet bit of garage style riffs running furiously while drums force you to tap your toes; I love the who gives a fuck approach of the vocals too; they don’t seem to have a care in the world. Plus, when the song decides to get a little heavy, I don’t mind that one bit either; it’s hard to wax philosophical about just good old fashioned pop rock…but find one today that treats you like Johnny Mafia. They drop their new album Sentimental on Howlin Banana Records on May 21st.

Cheekface Share We Need a Bigger Dumpster Video

This brand new Cheekface tune is so much fun; it sounds an awful lot like Jeffrey Lewis, if he had a penchant for good old pop punk. Greg Katz has this matter-of-fact delivery that’s both unsettling and charming, like a conversation performed in song, just using the slightest hint of melody. For the verses, you get the witty lyrical playfulness the band’s known for, but on my end, I’m a sucker for the chorus. They drop in the guitars, build in vocal harmonies and you’re just swooning, sure that no one’s writing music as enjoyable as this…and you might be right! This single’s out via New Professor today, so enjoy and eat more Fritos!


Dag Share Another Single from Pedestrian Life

There have already been a couple records dropping this year that have absolutely charmed me, making them (in my mind) better than anything else. While this is on the second single from Pedestrian Life, I can feel that this forthcoming Dag LP is going to weasel its way into that 2021 pantheon of greats. I was sold at the open, with careful guitar notes staggering in off-kilter, matched by great strings and; they’re soon joined by harmonica and a catchy little rhythmic bounce. You get all that in the first minute, quickly followed up by overlapping vocals, one more of a spoken-sing-song with the other operating in a more melodic registry; this is the little nugget I put in my pocket to carry away. Is it weird that I want this song soundtracking the next year of my life? Pedestrian Life is out June 25th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Sculpture Club Share Twirl for Me Single

Utah’s Sculpture Club have only recently hit my radar, but I’m definitely glad to have hit upon the tunes from their next record, Worth. As this song indicates, they’re heavily versed in the sounds of the Cure; you can hear it in the way the guitars mingle with one another, offering light jangles and that dreamier blend. But, rather than be mere nods to the pass, they’ve got Chaz Costello’s soft delivery, at time coming through your speakers like a melodic little whisper amongst friends. They’ll release the new album via Cercle Social Records on May 14th, so if your interest is piqued, you know where to go.

The Dead Space Share So Wasteful

I was super surprised, yet grateful, that Austin’s The Dead Space had returned after their hiatus a few weeks back, and with another single for you, hopefully you can join in the excitement over at ATH. It instantly opens with this cascading guitar line, immediately raising your anxiety level as Jenny Arthur furious pounds on drums. The rhythm controls the verses, as Quin’s guitar skitters in and out of focus, letting his voice haunt you in this cavernous manner. I love that the band never chooses the obvious release, and in fact, sometimes its the absence of that which keeps drawing me back into their tunes; they’re not here to offer you your formulaic brand of darkened indie rock. Look for their new album Chlorine Sleep to drop on May 7th via 12XU.

Time for Dreams Release Death to All Actors

There’s a slight drizzle outside the window, coating the window in a heavy dew, obscuring the dark skies out the window. It’s the perfect background for listening to the latest track from Time for Dreams new single; you’ll find this tune on the group’s forthcoming Life of the Inhabitant. When it begins, you enter carefully, tip-toeing along the subtle beats, careful to absorb it all. Amanda Roff joins up, draping these soft crystalline vocals across the minimal song structure. It’s a mesmerizing effect, one matched most likely as you watch the visual created by bio-chem art director Lichen Kelp. I will admit, the 3 minute mark was a surprise and a welcome burst, delivering a pop punch to through the track that seemingly came out of nowhere. The full LP will be out later this year via It Records.

We Were Promised Jetpacks Drop New Single

Edinburgh lads We Were Promised Jetpacks have long been a running staple on ATH with multiple song postings, album reviews, live reviews, and even some interviews back in the day. Our connection to Scotland based artists has always been incredibly strong, almost weird if you’re on the outside looking in. WWPJP is by far one of our long time favorites from the country and we are simply elated to share with you this new single from the band called “If It Happens”. It’s been crazy to see this band grow up and flourish over the last 12 or so years since their stunning debut back in 2009. For me, this song shows a band truly learning how to flesh things out and truly build an impeccable indie rock song. Enjoy it.

WWPJP will release this song on a 7″ single via Big Scary Monsters. Pre-orders are up now on the band’s website.

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