Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.1 – 11.5)

Last week had some jams, I tell ya! I’m looking at our playlist and seeing only a bit more than a dozen tunes, but I’m also seeing a few that might squeak into my year end list. I mean, I can’t stop playing “Bunny Man” for fuck’s sake! Plus, hits from new acts to get turned onto, like Cola and Whoop. Plus, that one band The Red Pinks and Purples has another release coming! Thanks to friends for also turning me onto stuff like Courtesy and the Antelopes! Sit back and enjoy!

New Stuff from Solidarity Club Records: 2 Am Wake Up Call + Rat Fancy

Bandcamp Friday should be about supporting your friends and making sure they get some ample love; we’ve all got bills to pay, right? Well, our friends over at Solidarity Club (also delicious coffee roasters!) have just signed on to work with 2 Am Wake Up Call, so they’re sharing a brand new video from the act. It’s a rambunctious little rocker, and for someone who grew up in the Y2K hysteria, somewhat nostalgic too, particularly when it comes to the video. But, along with the new signing, the label is also putting out a Deluxe Edition of Rat Fancy‘s Stay Cool album, which features label-owner Gregory. All the proceeds from that release will go to legal funds associated with the singer’s official name change to Shawn Barraza; they’re great humans, so we’re here to lift that up! Check the video, and stream Stay Cool, and help where you can!