Best of Indiepop 2018

Everyone has their own definition of indiepop; but I tend to ascribe to the original craft where DIY aesthetics and a softer response to punk were all the rage. But, to each their own. So I went through last year to compile what I think is a pretty all encompassing Best of Indiepop 2018; there’s no order, just a collection of really great indiepop. Some of the below are songs, some are albums, some are just bands or labels that were important. Click on for my picks and a playful playlist. Read more

Another Wonderful Indiepop Tune from A Certain Smile

Not too long ago we shared “Mexican Coke,” which was a nod to everything we love about the greater genre of indiepop. A Certain Smile are back again with this bouncing number that faintly resembles our local favorites and friends, Tres Oui, though this tune has just a hint more dreaminess. That comes across in the way the vocals are delivered, wispy and light, just hanging out there in the air. The band is just around the corner from releasing their new LP Fits and Starts, which is shaping up to be filled with catchy ditty after ditty; it drops on March 9th.

Blistering Indiepop from A Certain Smile

Just as I was lamenting a shortage of great indiepop vibes in the 2018, it looks like the world was destined to prove me wrong. Today A Certain Smile announce the release of their debut album, bringing the sound of Portland’s indiepop to our ears. The track rushes forward from the get-go, employing little touches of shoegaze in the guitar to go along with more traditional jagged lines stabbing through the mix. Vocals from Thomas Andrew provide that fireside warmth that pop fans crave, sending out wave after wave of melodious lines through your speakers. The debut album Fits and Starts will be released by the band on March 9th, and it’s sure to be a gem.