Did You Hear This Jonathan Bree Tune?

breeI’ve been looking all day for something totally weird and out there, and of course, it’s easy to settle with the likes of Jonathan Bree. He’s got this incredibly operatic voice, living in the world somewhere between Majical Cloudz and Magnetic Fields. The musical accompaniment is fairly simple, just carefully playing on some of Bree’s classical influences such as Tchaikovsky. If you ask me, the entirety of his new record, A Little Night Music, is pretty genius stuff, so you’ll want to catch onto it before he’s a household name for everyone. Enjoy the track below. 

New Old Jonathan Bree Tune

jonathanI feel like I’ve given a lot of coverage to the jangling guitar types in the Oceanic area, so why not turn our attention to this beautiful piece of pop music from Auckland’s Jonathan Bree. Jonathan’s been working on this album for a bit, and it’s said to have a lot of classical influences from the likes of Tchaikovsky. Still, the construction and Bree’s vocal tones make him sound a little bit more like Jarvis Cocker, in my mind at least. He’ll be releasing A Little Night Music on October 23rd via Lil Chief Records. You can also view a great video for the song HERE.