The Wesleys Share A Lot to Lose + Drop Debut LP

If you’re looking for the perfect album to walk into Spring, might we suggest you put this debut LP from the Wesley‘s in your listening rotation? As a whole, the record’s pretty diverse; it’s like trying to decide between a path of Elephant 6 to your left or Dirtnap Records to your right, but the Wesleys said fuck it, we’ll play our own road. On the single below, they are definitely playing more towards the pastoral folk pop stylings, maybe even flirting with acts like Woods. The vocal harmonies hang perfectly in the air, and you get hints of groovy Aussie pop too with the way the acoustic guitar gets picked carefully atop that bobbing bass walk. The song’s within The Wesleys are the perfect blend between sharp power and melodic folk tendencies, leaving you with the perfect gateway into the changing of the seasons. Full album releases tomorrow courtesy of Little Village Records.

Wicketkeeper Share Thunderous New Single

Wicketkeeper hadn’t been on my radar until they united with one of my favorite labels, Meritorio Records, for their new Shonk LP. It was a good discovery, as I was able to go back and enjoy the band’s early EPs too…equally as awesome. But this new single my friends, this is what you need in your life. Jumping in immediately with infectious rhythm and swirling noise, I couldn’t pull myself away from the stereo. It’s this huge wall of sound that opens up the door perfectly for the softened melodic vocals, sitting like a boat in the storm as riffs crash and drums pound all around. Shonk will drop on October 16th. Excuse me while I go punch dance around my living room.

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