Show Pics: A Lull @ The Mohawk (1/30)

Yeah, I went out in crap weather on a Monday night to see some bands. Fine, I feel you judging me.

It was an inside show at Mohawk that featured A Lull. They had Deleted Scenes and Tape Deck Mountain opening. It was fun to open up the big 50 and catch slices of the show.

The night had building complexity, building layers. The bands broadcast intelligent, well-crafted music. Click that read more link over there for some show notes and plenty of pics…
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Show Preview: A Lull @ Mohawk (1/30)

Date Monday, January 30th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $10 from the Door

As the music season starts to head into full-steam here at the end of January, the Mohawk has a nice little show to offer you this Monday evening: A Lull.  The constructionist pop outfit is bring their excellent effort, Confetti, to the live setting for all of you to enjoy, and I promise you that the band’s got a great deal to give in the live setting.  It’s similar to the work Animal Collective has done, just a lot less spastic, and a touch more sentimental. Opening the show will be Deleted Scenes and Tape Deck Mountain, so get there early to enjoy all the musical tastiness.


Download:A Lull – Pot Luck [MP3]


More New Music from A Lull

We brought you news of up-and-comers A Lull last summer, and as the year has gone on, they’ve slowly gotten more deserved press with their debut, Confetti. But, they’re not here to rest on their laurels, already prepping a new EP, the Confetti Reprise EP, which will be released on August 16th. You’ll definitely get the pop-constructionist experimentalism here, with tribal beats (including rim shots), swells of noise coming in and out, and vocals atop it all–then it trickles in an entirely different manner towards the end of the track.  It’s just another sign that A Lull are on their way to making a solid name for themselves.


Download: A Lull – Pot Luck [MP3]

A Lull

A Lull is a relatively new band from Chicago that have been getting some spins around the ATH offices as of late.  They take the few parts of Animal Collective that I can actually stand (zing!) and mix it in with some parts Yeasayer/The XX.  The band is currently promoting their new 7″ single “Weapons for War/Spread it All Around” which can be downloaded for free or ordered in physical form on their website.  Have a listen to their latest single below and lemme know what you think.  When that beat comes in, you gotta bob yo head.


Download: A Lull – Weapons For War [MP3]

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