A Shoreline Dream Announce Melting

Been a few years since we’ve heard from Colorado’s shoegaze outfit A Shoreline Dream, but they return with news of a fresh new album, Melting. Listening through this first single, I’m indulging the heavier tendencies of my listening habits; the band definitely feel like they’re toying with the heavier side of the genre, as opposed to the dreamier bits most recently popularized. I love that they still maintain a cocoon of pop sensibility, almost as if its quietly cowering as the noise swirls around overhead. Those of you looking to gaze at your shoes while noise echoes in the caverns of your ear, go ahead and pre-order Melting; it drops on August 21st.

Lovely New Tune from A Shoreline Dream

You all surely know how I like to dip my toe in the gaze pond from time to time, and here we are with a new track from A Shoreline Dream; they sound an awful lot like our own Blushing, only with male vocals. There’s this dark pop undertone, like a brooding and building, then forced into a crashing wave of organic noise. It’s able to grab your attention from start to finish, never letting go as the song moves in and out of sedative shoegaze moments. This it the title track from their Waitout EP, which is being released on July 6th via Latenight Weeknight Records.