More from the New Air Waves LP

Warrior, the new album from Nicole Schneit’s Air Waves project comes at you next Friday, but before we get there, let’s have one final single, shall we? The album’s title track is not only a powerful step in the thematic elements of the record, but it’s also a testament to the driving infectiousness that pervades the LP. A propulsive guitar line pushes you through the entirety of the tune, vocals delivered in an almost chant/protest fashion. It will also carry a bit of weight that her friend Kevin Morby joins her for some backing vocals on this number; look for the LP April 6th via Western Vinyl.

Brand New Music from Air Waves

I’ve been a huge supporter of Air Waves, and was really excited when Nicole Schneit returned to the work with Parting Glances (2015). Today she’s announced her brand new effort, Warrior, which will be released April 6th via Western Vinyl. The record is said to employ the concept “warrior” in various fashions, whether that be her mother fighting cancer or a queer person struggling in the present political climate. Musically, it’s a pretty stripped down song, at least on the surface; has some quieted percussion and backing vocals supporting Nicole’s remarkable voice in the front. Honestly, it has a bit of Beach House to it, only with a little more clarity coming through. Another welcome tune to her catalog…be sure to grab the LP come April.


Air Waves Release New Single and Album Today

Air WavesFriday’s got some good releases coming out, but I think one of my favorites this week has to be the new effort from Air Waves. I really enjoyed their debut, and have had Parting Glances on a steady rotation for the last few weeks. Today you can grab that record from Western Vinyl, but it comes with a new single to share as well…another that features Jana Hunter of Lower Dens fame. I like the darker undertones of this record, and song, especially when the track takes a pulsing turn on the latter half, anxiously pushing you towards the ending. Buy this album…you’ll be happy you did.

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Laid Back Rock From Air Waves

1609885_10152207578788798_394182001_nAir Waves, aka Nicole Schneit, has been making indie rock tunes of varying styles over the years, and she’s got a killer new single to share with you in the form of “Horse Race.” What I’m really digging on this track is the way that the subtle and mild vocals juxtapose so nicely with the harder elements of the song, like the steady electric guitar and the ubiquitous piano. One moment the vocals combine with the other musical elements for a laid back feel, and the next the guitars and piano and percussion seem to amp up a bit, while those vocals stay cool and calm thanks to a bit of help from Jana Hunter. Really, it’s a great indie rock song, and it’s got me excited for the release of Parting Glanceswhich is due out September 18th via Western Vinyl.  

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The Return of Air Waves

airyRecently, I caught up with the owner of Western Vinyl at our Austin Record Flea, and he pretty much made my day; he told me he’d be putting out the new Air Waves LP.  What? New Air Waves? I pretty much burned through at least one copy of Dungeon Dots, and I fawned over the band when they played last year at Red 7.  The group, which is the vision of Nicole Schneit, crafts such effortless pop, filled with these airy harmonies that float off into world, connecting with every listener.  Their new album, Parting Glances, will be released on September 18th via WV. Just listen for the beautiful drop into the chorus on the track below.

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Show Review: Hospitality @ Red 7 (2.17)

MerchIt’s surprising that I hadn’t seen Hospitality before last night, as we first posted (and adored) about the band back in 2011.  But, that being said, I was rather stoked to see the band as they blew into Austin this past Monday night instead of Milking Neutral Hotels, whatever that means.  Little did I know that it would be one of the openers that stole the show. 

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Show Preview: Hospitality @ Red 7 (2.17)


Date Monday, Februrary 17th
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $14 at the Door

So you’re bummed that you didn’t get tickets to the Neutral Milk Hotel show? Well, you can do the next best thing by joining us to catch their label mates, Hospitality.  They’re new album, Trouble, got a lot of love from our girl Nicole, and while it takes on a darker tone, it still has the same infectious sensibility as their first effort.  My personal highlight though is catch Air Waves, open, who we haven’t heard from in some time, but I’m sure that their tour indicates things are about to change.  Austin’s own Modrag will begin the night, so raise your spirits by catching the “other” best show in town.


Download: Hospitality – Rockets and Jets [MP3]

Show Preview: Yellow Fever @ Emos (1/20)

Date Thursday, Feb. 20th
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $9 @ The Door

Here lives one of those shows that hasn’t gotten much discussion, yet it’s probably one of the best shows you’ll get a chance to see this week.  Yellow Fever puts on a quiet little show, but the intricacy of their songs, as well as the duo’s interplay never ceases to provide enjoyment.  Then you’ve got Air Waves bringing up the rear, and they’ve been one of the more popular bands on the Net in recent months, so you definitely owe it to yourself to at least check them out, right?  And you can kick start the evening with Hidden Ritual right around 10 PM.  Gives you time to get your nap on, grab a few early beers, then rejoice in the fact that you only have to pay $8! It’s going to be a good night folks.


Download: Airwaves – Knock Out [MP3]

New Music From Air Waves

This Air Waves tune is probably not new to many of you as it has been floating around the internet for quite some time now.  We thought we’d share the track anyway since it rules and the new debut album Dungeon Dots hits stores tomorrow.  We know the blogging world is excited about that release so maybe you should check it out too.


Download: Air Waves – Knock Out [MP3]

New Tunes from Air Waves

Air Waves is the project of Nicole Schneit, and she’s gotten a lot of attention since Dan Deacon dropped her name.  But, don’t let that guide your interest, as Air Waves sounds nothing like Dan Deacon; Nicole has more of a punk-folk troubadour aspect to her. This tune definitely gives you the feeling that Schneit is not one to sit idly by why the boys do their thing.  You can check out the rest of her music by picking up the Air Waves EP, which is in stores right about now.


Download: Air Waves -Sweetness [MP3]