Last Week’s Jams (1.15 – 1.19)

Last week was a strange one, particularly with the seeming loss of Pitchfork. But, here at ATH, we’re like the tortoise, just going slow and steady, doing our thing til we get to the proverbial finish line. There was tons of music to cover, and I mean tons, so we got to as much as we could, trying to highlight the stuff that wasn’t getting much love. Brand new music from Bolis Pupul came our way, plus Colin Newman reissue news. RayRay loved the new ripper from Gulfer. Personally, I loved the new Friko and Boy with Apple, and got to introduce you to new Fantastic Purple Spots from their EP next week! Sit back and enjoy some tunes.

Aisha Burns Covers Gillian Welch + Tours with Torres

Following her exceptional cover of Chris Isaak late last year, Aisha Burns announces some tour dates with Torres by sharing a new cover of Gillian Welch‘s “Look at Miss Ohio.” Impressively, Aisha’s voice doesn’t stray too far off from Welch’s original, which is a great reminder of just how much she’s come into her own through the years. For me, I love Burn’s honesty in her words about the song and its continued importance, expressing admiration for the protagonist “declaration of doing things in her own time, despite expectations.” It’s an admission that we can still expect growth and change from Burn’s work, and our job is to support and uplift where we can. Speaking of…look for Aisha on the road with Torres through the end of this month! Tune courtesy of Western Vinyl!

Aisha Burns Covers Chris Isaak

I shit you not; I received four different emails from four different projects, all of which were covering Chris Isaak, and all of them covering “Wicked Game.” But, I’m only running this Aisha Burns cover because a) she’s always been kind to us at ATH b) it’s being released by Western Vinyl, who have also shared a lot of kindnesses over the years c) Aisha’s voice almost betters Isaak’s (yeah, I said it). Burns, in the press release, looks at the spell of unrequited love in terms of what its like to be both an artist and an African-American woman living in the United States, drawn to art and humanity despite those things not being reciprocated. Well, played Aisha!

Balmorhea Film the Wind Live in Marfa

Over the last few decades, instrumental music, be it ambient or post-rock or what-have-you, has really made its moment known on the independent music scene. And, Austin’s been home to some of the best, like Explosions in the Sky and Balmorhea. But, what I’ve always loved about Balmorhea is their attention to performance spaces as part of their craft, which the world will get to see tomorrow when their new film, The Wind – Live in Marfa is released unto the world, courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon. RG Lowe and Michael Muller brought along some old friends like Aisha Burns to record the entirety of the record at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, and the cavernous feel of the space playing into the sound reminds me of the time I caught the group on a quiet night at the Austin Ballet. If, like me, you marvel at the intersection between music and performance, then be sure you get a chance to watch this film. DG will be streaming the incredible performance for free for 72 hours starting tomorrow, with a digital soundtrack following Friday!

New Aisha Burns Album On Its Way

Aisha Burns is a long-time friend of the site, and we’re really glad she’s got a new LP on its way. This track hits you emotionally right from the start, pulled deep within by the sheer magnificence of her voice. Strong and powerful, it soars, but the depth of this song is truly reached when the strings are woven into the song’s tapestry. The power of the music alone should connect you to the thematic elements in Aisha’s new record; it’s an album where she works through the struggles of losing her mother and coping with such a loss. It’s a powerful piece, and we can fully expect that Argonauta will be just as strong; it’s released on May 25th via Western Vinyl.

ATX Spotlight: More New Adam Torres

I don’t want Adam Torres to stop writing, or singing for that matter. The opening moments of this track display how powerful his instrument is; there’s this blissful fragility, almost like the pained tones of Jeff Buckley. Of course, he wouldn’t be quite as successful without the accompanying bits behind him, especially the violin work of our favorite, Aisha Burns. If you thought Pearls to Swine was an artist at the pinnacle of his powers, it looks like Torres has no intention of slowing down. Look for his new EP, I Came to Sing the Songs, via Fat Possum on February 24th.

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A Tour Diary: Aisha Burns Reports from Europe

Upload Aisha Tour 2014_11_09_14_03_36I’m a huge fan of Aisha Burns, from her careful instrumentation with Balmorhea to her excellent solo career.  She’s journeyed off to Europe with her friend Jake Woodruff (the Dreamtigers); he’s playing with her, as well as a solo set of songs by his own band. They’re hitting up Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and more; you can find her dates in Europe HERE.  But, more importantly, I called in a favor and asked her to check in with us if she had time, and she’s graciously agreed to offer a glimpse into her European travels.  Read on to hear for details, and go pick up her album, Life in the Midwater, courtesy of Western VinylRead more

Stay Tuned for Project #ATX6 — Coming to ATH Next Week (8.12)

ProjectATX6ImgI love interesting film endeavors, especially when they relate to music.  So, when we were offered the chance to help roll out the first Episode of Project #ATX6, we jumped at the chance.  The documentary series follows 6 Austin musicians as they travel from Austin to various International festivals, exporting their music beyond the confines of our fair city.  Plus, the series is going to be organically grown, premiering on various Internet outlets to spread the word on the project.  The six featured artists are Dana Falconberry, Aisha Burns, Carson Mchone, Mrs. Glass, Leo Rondeau and Jesse Moore.  You can read more about the project HERE.  And!!! Next week we’ll premiere the first episode on August 12th, 8 AM CST…so stay tuned.  

Check out the trailer below.

ATH Interview: Aisha Burns

Aisha Burns AMBA InterviewJust a few days away from the Austin Music Blogger Awards, and we wanted to make sure that you got a chance to meet some of the great talent that’s part of the event.  Today we’ve got a short interview with Aisha Burns, who many of you may recognize as one the members of Balmorhea.  But, her album, Life in the Midwater, left a lasting impression on many, including us.  Here’s what she had to say. Read more

Aisha Burns Video Premiere!

It’s interesting when you stumble across an artist who you think you know, such as Aisha Burns of Balmorhea.  As the multi-instrumentalist for the band, I fully expected the music on her album, Life in the Midwater, to be incredible, but it was her voice on the album that won us over, earning her one of the coveted spots on our Top 15 of Austin list.  Today we bring you the premiere of her new video for the single, courtesy of her label, Western Vinyl.

If you like what you hear, and we know you will, you need to hurry out to Holy Mountain this evening to catch Aisha playing a set that will surely remind you of why she’s got one of the great voices in Austin at the moment.  The doors are at 9 PM, and you’ll be able to catch other acts like Easy Tiger and Hikes, so be sure to get there early and support all the great music.


Download: Aisha Burns – Sold [MP3]

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