Friday Album Streams: Neutrals, Oh Boland, and More

This week wasn’t as dominating in terms of brand new singles and what not hitting the site; I’m not sure why there was a lull in single releases. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of great LPs you can enjoy today too. Some even come with brand new videos like THIS ONE from the new Plus/Minus LP. We’ve gathered up our favorites of this week, all of which have featured heavily throughout the last few months, so find a record to enjoy below!

NeutralsNew Town Dream (Slumberland Records)

Oh, BolandWestern Leisure – (Meritorio Records)

Plus/Minus (+/-)Further Afield (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

Julian LahdemaskiYoung Jupiter EP (Soliti Records)

Winston HightowerWinston Hytwr (Perennial Death)


Friday Album Streams: Motorists, Aluminum and More

This week doesn’t seem as nearly as crazy with releases as last week, and perhaps that’s a good thing, as you’ll get a moment to really dive into some great records that we’d like to turn your attention towards. Several Oakland area bands decided today was a good day to drop tracks (so good thing that Neutrals LP is out next week!), plus I threw in a new ambient collection from our friend Buildings and Food! Click on some stuff, see what you love. Couldn’t hurt!

MotoristsTouched by the Stuff (Bobo Integral)

AluminumFully Beat (Felte Records)

Yea-Ming and the RumoursI Can’t Have It All (Dandy Boy Records)

Buildings and FoodEcho the Field (Self-Released)

Friday Album Streams: Outer World, Rosie Tucker and More

It’s Friday, and while we’ve got several brand new tracks we want you to peep, it’s also the release day of several great records we’ve been looking at and listening to on repeat. You can go back through the site and find the singles, or you can just click on each stream below and enjoy yourself. Remember…please buy the music; that’s why I’ve got the BC links so you can at least donate to the bands/labels that keep rock n’ roll alive.

Outer WorldWho Does the Music Love (HHBTM Records)

Rosie TuckerUtopia Now! (Sentimental Records)

Klaus Johann Grobelo tu il loro (Trouble In Mind Records)

R.E. SeraphinFool’s Mate (Safe Suburban Home)

Friday Album Streams: The BVs, The Infinites + More

It’s Friday, and the release schedule has picked up around these parts, and a couple of my favorite artists are dropping new LPs today. It’s definitely not an end-all-be-all list, but just wanted to give you something worth jamming to all day long. No need to get long-winded here, just offering advice for Friday.

The BVsTaking Pictures of Taking Pictures(Shelflife/KUS)

The InfinitesArchetypes(Meritorio Records)

Laura Jane GraceHole In My Head (Big Scary Monsters)

Idles TANGK (Partisan Records)


Friday Album Streams: Dead Bandit, David Nance and more…

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Damn straight, we’re going to have some recommended albums for you! Personally, I was looking for something that would let me roll down the windows and get in the car for a long drive…and, well, depending upon where you’re driving, these tunes might do the trick. Whether you’re embarking on a late night drive across the country, stuck in traffic or just riding off into the sunset, pressing play below will have you covered!



Dead BanditMemory Thirteen (Quindi)

David NanceDavid Nance & Mowed Sound (Third Man Records)

Pylon Reenactment SocietyMagnet Factory (Strolling Bones Records)

ItascaImitation of War (Paradise of Bachelors)

Friday Album Streams: Flight Mode, True Green + More

There’s no reason for me to dive right into a bunch self-indulgent poetics about today. You all know that it’s Bandcamp Friday, and you know your job as a music fan is to support the cause. You can certainly support our label, who just released a new EP from Fantastic Purple Spots; we’ve got tons of discounted releases HERE. But, we also want to rep some other great hits, so look below to find what you need.

Flight ModeThe Three Times (Tine Engines)

TV Star & Spiral XPTVXP

True GreenMy Lost Decade (Spacecase Records)

FuvkSay What You Like


Two Great Aussie LPs to Stream: The Brights + Pop Filter

Two great Australian acts release brand new records today, and oddly, both are being released by great Spanish record labels; but, they both come from different parts of the country, so there’s that?

Sydney’s The Brights have released Oyster Rock! today via Meritorio Records. It’s a collection of pop songs with little bits of Western twang lingering in the songwriting. You’ll find a few upbeat numbers, with most tracks working on a pensive point that allows the melodies to sit quietly with you for hours afterwards.

Pop Filter, up in Melbourne, are like the indie rock hydra; you cut off the head of one songwriter, and there’s another equally gifted craftsman’s head popping up. With so many songwriters, Cono feels refreshing at every turner, tossing out subdued little pop nuggets and bouncy bops of badassery. LP courtesy of Bobo Integral.

Friday Album Streams: Red Pants, Spllit and The Serfs

It’s Friday, and while I’m here trying to wake up for a late night of Levitation, I know there are three pretty near perfect records for you to soak up today, all with different sonic appeals, meaning you get a little bit of everything if you wanna win!

Red PantsNot Quite There Yet (Meritorio Records)

This is a record that lands somewhere in the land between Sonic Youth and Low, but if you had recorded that record in hopes of offering a solitary listening experience. The more time you give this LP, the more its secrets are revealed.

SpllitInfinite Hatch (Feel It Records)

The Louisiana band is crafting post-punk like no other; they fill their songs with quick turns and sonic changes, each song refreshing in its ability to shift gears in an instant. Oh, and with all the weirdness, it still comes off catchy in the right spots.

The SerfsHalf Eaten by Dogs (Trouble in Mind)

Honestly, its been a minute since I’ve had this much fun listening to a record. It pulls in psychedelic nods with this punk ethos that gets mixed up in electronic textures that continue to push the envelope of what is and isn’t “indie rock.”

Friday Album Streams: Lower Plenty, Class, Open Hands + More

It’s Friday, and while Austin is focused on ACL Weekend One, I’m here to turn your ears towards some great albums that you’ll benefit from if you’re into the whole streaming process. Several of these we’ve talked about quite a bit, so it’s good that now you can get your hands on them in their entirety. Going to start with what’s quickly becoming one of my favorite LPs of the year, then let you pick and choose what’s your flavor.

Lower PlentyNo Poets (Bedroom Suck Records)

ClassIf You’ve Got Nothing (Feel It Records)

Open CityHands in the Honey Jar (Get Better Records)

The SuncharmsThings Lost (Sunday Records)

Half StackSitting Pretty (Forged Artifacts)

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