New Single Premiere from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

919686_574433805923476_615091088_oWe’ve raved about the work of Alphabetical Order Orchestra, and we’re getting closer to a proper release from the group.  The band has been gracious enough to let us share one of the tracks off their upcoming EP today, but we’d also like to encourage you to donate to the group so you can get your name in the liner notes (plus help with future recordings). You can do that HERE. I love the feeling of this track; it encompasses a little bit of twee, but also has a subtlety that so many people will find endearing.  So many elements illustrate why I’ve adored the work of the band, from the gentle vocal delivery to the careful bits of instrumentation; it all fits so perfectly that I bet can’t but fawn over it.  Enjoy for now, and we’ll keep you posted on the release of the EP.



New Music from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

919686_574433805923476_615091088_oI’m not sure what’s going on with My Latest Novel, but for now, I can live in the world created by several of the members who’ve formed the new act, Alphabetical Order Orchestra.  They’re working on releasing several EPs as the year goes forward, and this is one of the new tracks that will be featured on those releases.  It’s got multiple stages, offering a mix between intimate moments and grandiose Scottish pop.  It wears the mark of MLN, but you can also see them pushing in an entirely different direction that’s immediately more accessible.  You can help them raise money for their EPs HERE.

More New Tunes from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

alphabetical-order-orchestraNot too long ago we brought you a tune from Alphabetical Order Orchestra, the band who has sprung out of the hiatus of My Latest Novel.  That tune offered a glimpse of the band’s blend between folk and pop, but this new tune is much more simple, though equally as beautiful.  There’s light bits of percussion, though the song revolves around the acoustic guitar strumming and the vocal delivery.  But, just as you think the whole tune will remain on one level, the drums begin to bang, backing vocals unite, all before the song settles back down quietly.  No word yet on an official release, but we’ll keep you posted.

Folk from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

alphabetical-order-orchestraMake no mistake about it, we here at ATH are huge fans of My Latest Novel.  But what does that have to do with Alphabetical Order Orchestra you may ask? Well, the band is made up of members of MLN, who are currently on a hiatus, so this new project is pretty exciting.  There’s no word on any upcoming release, as this track was just recorded a few days ago.  It’s a much more straight-forward presentation, but I’ll take what I can kick for the moment, hoping to see what comes next from the group.