Nathan’s Favorite Albums of 2020

It’s been a crazy year, and a depressing year, so perhaps we all retreated more into our record collections to seek out that fleeting joy. On my end, I spent a lot of time running/walking in the ‘burbs, so these are the records that played the most in my life…thus they are my Favorite Albums of 2020. The validity means little to anyone other than myself, but since you stop by, perhaps come by and check out my list!

And, just an FYI…there are 30 bands, and I linked back to Bandcamp pages so you can buy directly from the artists…except that one band because apparently they’re too cool…even though that album rips.

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Anjimile Drops Baby No More

When I first heard “Maker,” I was super intrigued by this powerful new voice, which more or less sold me on Anjimile‘s music. Here he returns with a brand new track, drawing you in with these little nuanced changes you’ll need a careful ear to detect. For instance, we begin relaxed, mostly vocals over this nice little guitar line and the faintest beat; the full beat drops into play at 34 seconds, immediately encouraging your toes to tap and your head to bob in unison. That alone would have been enough to have me backing the latest single, but he’s not done; there’s an uplift in the tempo at 1:08, then this buzzing stab and sparkle that comes around the 1:32 mark…these little touches elevate the track beyond your average fare…all I ask is for just the faintest hint of creativity! Giver Taker will be out September 18th via Father Daughter Records.

Anjimile Releases Maker

Prepare yourself for a special single here, with the latest from Boston’s Anjimile coming along with the announcement of Giver Taker for Father/Daughter Records. At first, they reel you in with the powerful vocal performance, mostly working operatic notes over a quieted picking of guitar notes. My fascination grew, like a traditional linear plot. The song begins to build in light rhythm/percussion; you get some small layered conflicts via little flourishes in the distance, then the song begins to roll forward, still propelled by voice. The 2.5 minute mark reaches the song’s climaxes before it all begins to subside, ending abruptly and fading out. Giver Taker will be out on September 18th.