New Music from Delsbo Beach Club

Still playing a little catch up after being out and about all last week, and of course I’m going to slide right back into the world of Delsbo Beach Club. They seem to have crafted the perfect vibe for the rest of this Monday, giving us a pop song with just enough fuzzy edges to make us swoon. The song carries through with this natural bounce that’s gives seems to match the way the vocals come out, hopping along through the verses with melody hitting at the chorus, swelling as it crests through your speakers. They’ve got the new A Burger in Akersberga EP coming on April 26th via Rama Lama, so slide into these Monday vibes.

Fresh Tunes from Rat Columns

ratcolumnsI haven’t written about Rat Columns in quite some time, but stalking the great Sydney label RIP Society proved fruitful last week when I found that they are soon to release the next record from the RC, Leaf.  This is the first single, and while the wash of keyboards might heavily influence your decision to love or hate this track, I suggest you digest the great guitar work going on within the tune.  There’s an urgency in the playing that’s really hard to ignore, and while it holds a certain sense of edginess, it’s wrapped in this sensible pop overcoat.  You can find a video for the track HERE.

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Show Preview: Young Girls

younggirlsI know a lot of you think that heading to My Bloody Valentine is the smart choice Friday night, but we’ve got something better for you…at least as far as your wallet is concerned. There are some great local acts playing over at Parish, including up-and-comers, Empire Machines, as well as 3D Friends and El Paso’s Mattox  But, my money is on our friends from Young Girls stealing the show.  They’re in the process of recording new tracks, and they’ve already been playing some of those new hits for us all–guaranteed fun! Not only should our recommendation set things going, but it’s only $5! Super cheap, super fun. We’ll be there.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day [MP3]

Texas Spotlight: New Tune from Young Girls

youngWe’ll stand by this band forever and ever, amen. The dudes in Young Girls are a blast to hang with, and they write exceptionally great tunes to go with their personality.  I don’t know why, but I always think about a weird combination of Richie Valens and the Smiths, but it might be Charlie’s hair that does that. Regardless, the group just recorded a short live set at Austin’s KVRX, and it’s got all new hits for you to taste.  You can pick up all four songs and donate to the group’s valiant cause HERE.  This is my personal favorite, though they’re all hits in my mind.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day