Fun Fest Preview: Appleseed Cast

It’s no big secret on this here website that I’m a big fan of Lawrence, KS rock n roll band The Appleseed Cast.  They’re just one of those bands that I feel a close personal tie to as I’ve followed them closely from their earliest days in the post-emo era up until now.  Everybody has a few bands like that right?  I’d say I have maybe 5-10 that I feel like I’ve “been with” throughout their career from start to present.  Appleseed Cast is definitely one of those few bands.  So I’m sure you can all imagine my excitement when I saw the band’s name pop up on the sweet Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup.  I still remember the first tune I heard by the band ,”Marigold & Patchwork” off The End of the Ring Wars and immediately fell in love with the unique and progressive sound they created.  I continued following the band onto Mare Vitalis and Low Level Owl 1 & 2 continuing to eat up their tunes.  Afterward, the guys lost me a bit with Two Conversations, also lost one of the greatest drummers ever in Josh “Cobra” Baruth, but then got right back on track with Peregrine of 2006.  Now the guys have re-entered the music world and released the ambitious Sagarmatha while somehow still flying slightly under the radar.  This set is hands down my #1 can’t miss set at Fun Fest.  Yeah I said it.  All fans of atmospheric/badass rock n roll should head over to the orange stage at 2pm on Saturday for a set by the awesome Appleseed Cast.  Newer tune “As the Little Things Go” from Sagarmatha below.


Download: Appleseed Cast – As the Little Things Go [MP3]

Appleseed Cast @ Mohawk (2/27)

Date 2/27/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

Saturday night at Mohawk is the place to be with a very special set by post-emo Lawrence, KA band Appleseed Cast.  The show is a unique one because the guys will be performing their 2001 masterpiece of a double album Low Level Owl Volume 1 & 2.  Opening support for this one is provided by Dremend.  Also stick around after things wrap up inside for sets by buzzing locals The Clouds Are Ghosts and This Old House.


Download: Appleseed Cast – Steps And Numbers [MP3]

Deep Elm Emo Sampler

deepelmIf you thought emo was dead, think again peoples!  The now legendary label Deep Elm is offering up a 15 song sampler of emo tracks from all of their artists new and old.  ATH favorites like Appleseed Cast, Slowride, Sounds Like Violence, and a slew of others appear on the free compilation.  Here’s one of our favorite old school emo tunes featured on the sampler by Appleseed Cast.


Download: Appleseed Cast – Marigold & Patchwork [MP3]

2/7 Appleseed Cast @ Mohawk

ac_coverWe’ve been following Appleseed Cast since the days of End of the Ring Wars way back in 1998. It would be easy to think that maybe the guys have lost a step or two having been away from touring for so long, but that wasn’t the case at Mohawk. Some of the older tunes like “Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets” & “Steps and Numbers” were not quite as tight as they used to be, but encore songs “Fight Song” and “Fishing the Sky” sounded like the old days. New tunes from Sagarmatha also quieted the crowd in their low points and blew you away in those typical AC rising actions. Let’s just saw we got exactly what we came for. Before the show, we had the chance to speak with singer, guitar player and founding member Chris Crisci about the state of his band. Follow the jump to read the full interview and check out some pictures from the show.

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Appleseed Cast @ Mohawk (2/7)

acastNow that we have sufficiently hyped up The Appleseed Cast’s latest release Sagarmatha, it’s time for the boys to play a show in our little town.  You can catch the band at Mohawk this Saturday evening along with True Widow and Austin locals The Calm Blue SeaTickets are running at $10 with doors set to open at 8pm.  Don’t miss your chance to see this incredibly underrated band in the live setting.


Download: Appleseed Cast – Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets [MP3]

More New Appleseed Cast

Several months ago word got around that Appleseed Cast were finally planning to release a follow up to Peregrine of 2006.  These rumors were confirmed when we found a little demo of a new song called “Road West” way back in September.  A few months later, the band offered up finished track “Raise the Sails” which got even more positive buzz going around the music world.  Today we offer another sneak peek of the new album with a track entitled “As the Little Things Go”.  The new song is another instrumental oriented tune that seems to hark back to the days of Low Level Owl 1 & 2.  You’ll be able to pick up Appleseed Cast’s new album Sagarmatha on February 17th and catch one of their stellar live shows at the Mohawk on the 7th.


Download: Appleseed Cast – As the Little Things Go [MP3]

New Applessed Cast

Not too long ago, we gave you a new demo by The Applessed Cast entitled “Road West”.  Today we found another new song by the band over on Stereogum going by the name of “Raise the Sails”.  Both of these songs are set to appear on the band’s latest album Sagarmatha which is due out on 2/17 via The Militia Group.  The Lawrence boys are also embarking on their first tour in quite some time with a planned stop at Austin’s own Mohawk.  Check the dates on their myspace page.  ATH couldn’t be happier that you guys didn’t call it quits.


Download: The Appleseed Cast – Raise the Sails [MP3]

New Appleseed Cast

We may be a tad late on this, but I couldn’t resist when I found this little gem from The Appleseed Cast.  Below is a demo version of “Road West” which is said to appear on the band’s recently completed album Sagarmatha. Members of AC have also said that a pre-ep will be out in November with a full length due sometime in January.  The new track clocks in at over 8 minutes with no vocals in sight.  A new direction for the Lawrence boys?


Download: The Appleseed Cast – Road West(demo) [MP3]

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