Brand New Jam from Literature!

If you’ve been following this year, you’ve probably heard me hype up local Austin band, Literature.  Well, prepare yourself for a whole lot more, as the band’s about to release a phenomenal record for you all to enjoy.  The record is titled Arab Spring, and pretty much every song is an absolute gem.  The band’s been kind enough to let us pick our favorite jam, which, believe you me, has been a difficult task this weekend.  I chose, “Grifted,” as there’s a bit of elegant charm, and immeasurable catchiness to go along.  This song should definitely demonstrate why I’m so excited about this band! The record’s so solid that I’m sure someone will pick it up once the band self-releases the album here in the next few weeks, and if they don’t, fuck it, I’ll do it.


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

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