Army Navy Bring More Great Indiepop

armySome people want their music to have an edge of danger or attitude, but me, I like tracks that sound, well, pretty.  Army Navy are one of those acts who’ve been tossing out these sort of gems since their inception, and their latest single is right up my alley. The California act is set to release their third LP in just a few weeks, and if this doesn’t get you indiepop fans excited, then I’m not quite sure what’s going to do the trick.  There’s crisp guitars, great melodies and overall emotional appeal that generally just makes you feel good about yourself.  Get the feels.

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Bright Pop from Army Navy

armynavyIt’s raining a ton here in Austin, well, it was, so I need something to lighten up everyone’s spirits as we call it a day over here at our office.  I figured the latest track from one of our favorites, Army Navy, would do just the trick. This time, there’s a bit more energy in the songwriting, though the band still maintains that gentle side that made them so endearing in the first place (see 1.07). If the band can keep writing tracks like this one, we’ll all see their popularity continue to grow and grow…that’s a good thing! You can find this track on their Crushed EP, which comes out on August 20th.

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New Indie Pop from Army Navy

tumblr_mkpt6vyrGa1qdmr6mo1_500It’s hard to be angry at the world when there’s such positive, emotionally speaking, music out there to encourage us to all take life in, happily. Army Navy specialize in crafting catchy indie pop with calming vocals that allow for maximum enjoyment play after play.  On this tune, there’s a jangling swing that goes down just at the chorus, and it makes my indie heart swoon just listening to it.  The band have been courteous to offer up the tune to their fans, so we’re sharing it with you today.  However, this is just a glimpse of what’s to come from the group on their forthcoming album, which will come your way shortly.


Download: Army Navy – Pickle [MP3]