Brand New EP from The Wind-Up Birds

windupbirdsLong ago I wrote about the Wind-Up Birds, and I’ve kept an eye out for new tunes from the group, and that day has finally come…they just released The Right, a new EP featuring 5 new tracks. I love that their sound goes back a few years to some of the heavy-hitting post-punk that was blasting out of Britain in the 00s, like Art Brut. There’s the same sort of spoken-word vocal delivery with distorted energy blasting through the rest of your speakers. It’s filled with energy and just the right amount of noise to keep it cool. Stream it below.

Quick Number from The Wind-Up Birds

wind upLooks like one of my favorite acts will be releasing a new album this May.  The Wind-Up Birds came to my attention a few years back, and I’ve really enjoyed the work they’ve put in so far.  This new tune is the first single off their new record, Poor Music.  I love the way the guitars sound, while the vocal delivery definitely bears some resemblance to Art Brut.  Be it the jagged guitar or the way they quickly burst into a more forceful music foray within the tune, it still catches my ears.   Look for their new record just before the summer hits.

New British Punk from The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind-Up Birds are a UK pop-punk band, but it’s clear that the definition of pop punk varies from continent to continent. Vocal delivery is definitely a touch different, which you’ll easily notice–to me it recalls Art Brut in the way it’s very matter of fact, almost spoken word.  The group’s just released their new album, The Land, and it’s full of sharp and jagged guitar licks just like the one here.  If you’re a fan of bouncing punk rock, then this is going to be right up your alley!


Download:The Wind-Up Birds – Cross Country [MP3]

Angular Jam from The Eversons

Recently I caught on to the Eversons, another great act from New Zealand.  They’ve just released their latest record, Summer Feeling, and it’s exactly the sort of album that gets me excited for warm weather.  It’s got energy, it’s got hooks, and honestly, it’s got a little bit of homage to a lot of other acts.  My first run through, I sort of have the impression that the band’s putting their own sort of spin upon Los Campesinos or even Art Brut.  If you’re like me, just mentioning the name of these two acts in one breath should definitely get you excited!


Download:The Eversons – Marriage [MP3]

New Track from Art Brut

This song first began to hit the web last Friday, but being such a huge fan of Mr. Argos and his group, Art Brut, I decided to toss it up anyways.  This track comes from the group’s newest record, Brilliant! Tragic!, which will be in stores on May 24th via Cooking Vinyl.  It’s not as angular and discordant as past Art Brut albums, and at times, it almost seems like Argos is giving a go at singing.  This is probably one of the catchiest numbers, not that that is necessarily needed, by the band since their Bang Bang Rock & Roll, so I’m pretty excited for everyone to hear just how solid an Brilliant! Tragic! will be.


Download: Art Brut – Lost Weekend [MP3]

FT5: Songs About Heading West

Summertime is vacation time. Roadtrip time. So sweaty you stick to your chair my God why don’t I live in a more temperate climate time. So where do you go at a time like this? “California! Californiaaaaaa! Here we COOOOOOOOMMMMME!” Excuse me. I believe I slipped into the theme song of the O.C. for a moment. I thought about making every track on this list “California” by Phantom Planet, but I’m fairly certain I am the only one who would think that is funny. So instead, here a legit list of songs about heading out west. Enjoy.

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Jonathan Richman in Austin (1/25-1/28)

JonHonLet’s face it, if you don’t know who Jonathan Richman is, odds are you’ve been living under a rock.  His influence is all over the place, from Art Brut to Jeremy Jay.  After breaking up The Modern Lovers, Jonathan went solo, which is how we’ll find him this week as he hits Austin for four nights in a row.  You should catch one of these shows for sure.

1/25 – Cactus Cafe – 8:30 PM

1/26 – Cactus Cafe – 8:30 PM

1/27 – Continental Club – 8 PM – $10

1/28 – Continental Club – 12 AM – $10


Download: Jonathan Richman – Our Dog Is Getting Older Now [MP3]

FT5: Album Covers of 2009 (So Far)

1120top5coverAt a time when we are all witnessing the CD’s imminent demise and the convenience of digital files running rampant, thankfully from an art perspective, a vinyl re-emergence is upon us. While sound quality is obviously seen as the most important reason why we are seeing audiophiles jumping back on the vinyl bandwagon, album artwork is also getting a much deserved close-up. With the vinyl album requiring more elaborate artwork packages, bands are re-thinking the overall aesthetic and producing some great work, which only enhances the overall music experience. 2009 has been a great year not only for the ears, but for the eyes as well and below are my picks for the Top 5 album covers from 2009 (so far). Honorable mentions go to Animal Collective’s cover for making me dizzy from staring at it too long and Neko Case for badass picture of the year. Obviously art is about as subjective as subjectivity can get, so give us some feedback. Who’s your number 1?
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Art Brut @ Mohawk (10/25)


Date 10/25/09
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

If you didn’t have enough fun over the weekend, mosey on down to Mohawk on Sunday night for a set by UK hit makers Art Brut.  Opening support for this one will be provided by Princeton.  Also take some time to check out our review of the band’s most recent effort Art Brut vs. Satan.


Download: Art Brut – Nag Nag Nag Nag [MP3]

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