Kicking New Jam from Birdskulls

Seems like its been awhile since we checked in on Art Is Hard‘s Biweekly Pizza Club, but I’m glad I stopped by today to see what they’ve been up to.  While there’s only a few more releases coming from their Pizza Club, the latest from Birdskulls is quite a gem.  It’s got an angst-y guitar sound a la Dinosaur Jr, but I think the vocal delivery has a softer edge to it, reminding me of The Wedding Present.  I’m not going to lie to you; I could listen to tracks like this all day long.  High energy, good lyrics, strong vibes. Love it.


Download:Birdskulls – Ghost World [MP3]

New Girly Pop from Big Wave

Recently I tossed out a track from Ali K. off the Bi-Weekly Pizza Club from Art Is Hard Records, and the label is back at it again with another short single from UK’s Big Wave.  Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on the limited edition single as it’s currently sold out, but you can definitely jam out to the track right here. I love the little break down in the middle of the song where they pull back in a sort of stutter to reveal just a the vocals (and a hint of percussion). It’s upbeat and fun, and I figure that never hurts.


Download:Big Wave – Dying on the Vine [MP2]

Girl Pop from Ali Koehler (Vivian Girls/Best Coast)

It seems like every woman ever connected with Vivian Girls likes to keep herself busy, and Ali Koehler isn’t any different from the rest.  She’s recently recorded this nice little gem for Art Is Hard’s Pizza Club, and it’s quite a nice bit of pop.  It’s not a long track by any means, and it doesn’t really need to be, as the hooks come as soon as Ali opens her mouth.  Sure, you’ll find similarities with the other acts she’s been associated with, but this sounds so much sweeter, in an innocent pop songstress sort of way.  Hope you dig it.


Download:Ali Koehler – Not Like Me [MP3]

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