Fantastic Purple Spots Share Vibrations Now Video

It’s been just over a month since we helped Fantastic Purple Spots get their Vibrations Now EP out into the world, and today we’re here to encourage you to revisit those jams by checking out the band’s self-created video. The video takes the same visual art that the band used for their EP cover art, only this time, there’s movement, with the psychedelic notes signaling movement within the visual journey. It’s almost as if you’re witnessing the ebb and flow of the vibrations alluded to in the title track. Have a nice little trip below! And be sure to stream the whole EP over HERE.

Stream Fantastic Purple Spots New Vibrations Now EP

It’s Friday, and on Friday, we want to leave you with a great present! That present you ask? Well, it’s the Vibrations Now EP from Austin’s Fantastic Purple Spots! I was introduced to the band a few years ago, and reveled in their blend of lo-fi bedroom recordings and psychedelia. So, when they reached out wondering if they could call ATH Records home for their new EP, I jumped at the chance to work with them. There’s no need to wax poetic, as I feel like this EP speaks for itself. Press play and find out for yourself!

Fantastic Purple Spots Announce Vibrations Now EP

Due to unforeseen circumstances, namely having another kid and moving homes, I kind of pulled back on the ATH Records label after the Love Burns cassette. But, new year, and I’ve got things running again, today announcing a new digital EP from Fantastic Purple Spots. The Austin act has been on my mind for a bit, having discovered them after their eponymous LP from the Winter of 2022. We’ve been in touch since those early days, and the band are allowing me to work with them on their excellent new Vibrations Now EP. Their sound is somewhere between pastoral pop and psychedelia, allowing you to let your mind swirl with the mixture of sounds you’ll hear in each track. Their Vibrations Now EP will be officially out on January 26th, but you can stream the title track below!

Space Tan Drop Prison Planet

If you go way back to the year 2021, our little label of love, ATH Records released a vastly underrated album by Austin’s Space Tan titled Inti Raymi. But, just this last Friday, the quintet released the brand new Prison Planet EP, continuing to drop these huge pop rock numbers centered around the songwriting of Gianni Sarmiento. There’s a few tunes on this release that feel like an amped up version of Grandaddy or the Rentals, spinning these futuristic tunes rooted in classic alternative sounds. Five quick pop nuggets that will brighten your day, so do yourself that favor right now!

ATH DJ Set & Holiday Movie Night @ Oddwood Brewing (12.14)

Hola friends and family of ATH fandom. We are closing down our events for 2022 with a DJ set at Oddwood Brewing on Wednesday evening and we’d love to see you there for one last jam session before we close out the year. We’ll be spinning our usual brand of randomness on the tables from 5 till around 8, or maybe 8:30ish, followed by a Holiday film screening of the classic flick Black Christmas at 9:30. I’ll also have a few boxes of records for sale and Nate will have some choice ATH Records LPs, 45s and tapes available at markdown Holiday prices. See ya there!

Here’s my most recent vinyl mix up over on Mixcloud if you need more motivation. Preview?

Vinyl Market @ Central Machine Works (7.10)

Date Sunday, July 10th
Location Central Machine Works
Doors 11:00 AM
Tickets Free!

Before you head out for the weekend, I’m hoping you will save the date for an absolutely insane vinyl market going down at Central Machine Works on Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Why so insane you ask? This event will feature ALL the heavy hitters slinging vinyl in this town, plus music from DJ Dead Flowers and cheap beer/food prices all day. Shop from our local homies Waterloo Records, Breakaway Records, BLK Vinyl, Love Wheel Records, Whetstone Audio, Spaceflight Records, Keeled Scales, The Next Waltz, and 9Mile Records. Yeah, it’s going to be a thing. Oh yeah and I’ll be there as well selling ATH Records releases along with a ton of used LPs, 45s, hats, shirts, memorabilia and posters.

Stop by the booth, say hey, and we’ll make you a deal on something so you go home happy with new music, new digs, and new art for the wall. We promise to be way more chill with a hell of a lot more pricing flexibility than anything featured at Palmer. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

The Vinyl Market takes place inside!

Another Love, Burns Tune — Album’s Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the big day my friends; we’ve got It Should Have Been Tomorrow dropping this Friday, and Phil from Love, Burns has been sharing his thoughts all week long; don’t forget to buy the album in your preferred format from ATH/KUS/Jigsaw. Here we have some thoughts on “A Gate and the Ghost:”

“Franoise Hardys recording of La maison o j’ai grandi is all over this song. The tune and lyrics are my own, of course, but I wanted the song to have a gradual build up, something Hardy does on her recording. Its one of the few songs where I was quite specific with Hampus and, especially Kyle, as to what I wanted in the arrangement. Start off with the acoustic, drums, bass, then the keys come, and then electric rhythm, guitar solo, harmonies all going off. Gary Olson does all of the harmonies on the LP, btw. Im a big Franoise Hardy fan, like a lot of indie pop types. Charles Blackwell did the arrangement for La maison Mat Patalano did a lovely promo to go with Gate and the Ghost that features two years old me, filmed by my Grandad. The LP sleeve pictures were taken around the same time, by my Dad. Thats me and my Mum on the sleeve. We’re somewhere near Ballykinler, in Northern Ireland. Gate and the Ghost is about returning home (as is the Hardy song). And theres a building in it. Its no Cattle and Cain, but I think its the best song Ive written. I know for a fact that Lloyd Cole and Tracyanne Campbell like it. They said so on Twitter! I use my 1965 Burns Nu-Sonic this song, because that guitar has a fantastic tremolo. Its my Pale Lights guitar, and this is its guest appearance for Love, Burns.”

Swansea Sound Share Pooh Sticks Video

In case you weren’t in the know, we helped get a cassette copy of the debut from Swansea Sound out into the world last week, but since album’s and videos never die, we wanted to encourage you to watch the band’s video for “The Pooh Sticks.” I’m not sure what’s the star here though…is it the incredible song? I mean, they tease you in with Hue’s casual spoken delivery, then ramp it up with classic jangling pop sounds. But, could it also be the great video designed by Rob and Amelia themselves? Using the record’s collage work style and some live cuts, though I’m pretty sure Rob flies off atop a cymbal. Just another reminder that you might be missing out on one of the sneaky good LPs to drop this year. Grab the tape from us HERE, or maybe an LP from our friends at HHBTM.

Happy Release Day to Swansea Sound – Live at the Rum Puncheon Is Out

The perks of running your own site, and your own label, is you can write about what you want and celebrate when you want. So, here we are at ATH, home of ATH Records, celebrating a release we’re super happy to be part of, Swansea Sound and their debut LP, Live at the Rum Puncheon. In case you needed a reminder, you’ve got some heavy-hitters in this band from acts such as Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Pooh Sticks and more. And what better way to celebrate than by letting you stream the whole thing in its fresh entirety below. It’s best listened to at high volumes with open hearts. Grab a tape HERE, or check out the band’s BANDCAMP as there are several other great folks like HHBTM handling various media.

Tonight’s Show Preview: Letting Up Despite Great Faults + Pelvis Wrestley

As the music world seemingly gets back to normal (don’t forget your masks kids!), I’m starting, myself, to scope out what’s going on in the world. Tonight, there’s a perfect “dad show” at Cheer Up Charlies featuring my favorites Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Pelvis Wrestley. Why is it a perfect “dad” or “mom” show? Well, it starts after bedtime, with Pelvis taking the stage at 9, and Letting Up hitting the stage at 10; I should be home by 11:15, perfectly sleeping until my little ones wake me up at 5:30! And, there’s an added bonus as we get to see Pelvis Wrestley, whose tape we were fortunate to help get out into the world, plus I know Letting Up Despite Great Faults has a batch of new songs they’re ready to unleash on you and me. Join me tonight, $5 cover!

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