ATX Spotlight: More From Sharks in the Deep End

unnamed-2I am really beginning to find a whole lot to like about Austin band Sharks in the Deep End. The songs are essentially simple pop songs with catchy hooks and distinctive vocals to create something of their own. “Crash Test Doll” is the latest offering from the group and yet again I dig the pop sound with a bit of an edge to it. I suggest we all start paying attention to this band now as a local sure to blow up before we know it.

Killin’ Machine is out on April 16th.

ATX Spotlight: Square Paradise

0006747488_10Austinites who pay attention to the local music scene will definitely recognize the name John Hetherington and his work with Austin band Knifight. Well maybe you don’t all know his name, but you’ve certainly heard of the band right? Right!? #supportlocalbands

Brand new act, Square Paradise, is John’s new project completely solo and away from his previously mentioned group. John tells me that he plans on releasing at least one new song a month “for the foreseeable future” as he records more and more music by himself in his home studio. Today you can find what is sure to be the first of many new singles below called “Ten Numbers”. This is pop music at its finest folks. I’m really looking forward to what else John has in store.

ATX Single: Sharks in the Deep End

unnamed (2)We have somehow failed in the past by not mentioning Austin band Sharks in the Deep End and their infectious pop tunes. Today I remedy this error by posting their new wave sounding tune called “Shadows in the Sunset”. I’m loving the heavy, driving bass line and the overall catchy feel to the song. Seriously, how could one not love this?

Sharks in the Deep End will release Killin’ Machine on April 16th

ATX Premiere: Reddening West

rw-crop2-smallAs I’ve stated many times in the past, it always amazes me to try and comprehend how many talented artists and musicians we have in this town. Seriously, we are spoiled. Today I have yet another new band I’ve just been alerted to called Reddening West. The group is fronted by Matt Evans, formerly of Sleepy Holler, and also features drums from Kevin Butler of Black Books fame. When describing the sounds you’ll discover, Black Books would be a good starting comparison with some elements of singer/songwriters like JBM or even Bon Iver. Below you can find brand new single “All You Need” for your enjoyment and own comparison making. It’s a hushed tune full of beauty fit for a rainy afternoon.

A pre-order for the groups new EP,Where We Started, is currently up on bandcamp.


ATX Spotlight: New Indoor Creature Video

1454832_1437394216488421_1779311965_nThough I currently know very little about Austin based band Indoor Creature, I’m looking to remedy that as much as I can starting now.  Caleb, ring leader of the group, just sent me an email with some information about a new video and single the band has been working on for awhile.  The track & video found below, called “Present Thinking”, is a beauty of a pop number filled with all kinds of fun jangly vibes and good times.  I’d say you check it out below and start paying attention to locals Indoor Creature.

You can also purchase and download the new LP from Indoor Creature entitled Present Thinking over on bandcamp.

ATX Spotlight: Grivo

11000827_1662911327269974_5012879236338174425_nHave we mentioned before that Austin is chock full of incredibly promising bands on the rise?  No?  Well it is.  Yet again here is a band from the ATX called Grivo who I’ve seen on some bills around town, but never actually taken the time to listen to.  I’m pleased with myself for giving the band a few spins today as I’m rather enjoying what I’ve discovered.  The band is describes their sound as primarily shoe gaze, though to me it’s as if they are in a genre all their own.  Think shoe gaze blended with dark and melodic pop sounds.  You’ll just have to hit play to see what I mean.

Check out more tunes from Grivo on their bandcamp page.

ATX Spotlight: New Single From The Villas

3f6e6135-d24f-4d63-b579-c334ace310f2I’ve been talking about Austin based The Villas since what seems like our very beginnings oh so long ago.  With that said, you should definitely expect me to share new tunes from the band immediately after I receive them.  Such is the case today with this brand new single “Julie”.  It seems like a more grown up sounds from the band as they’ve gone a little bit more subdued and progressive with their take on the pop genre.  Yet another great song from one of our most promising local bands.

Stay tuned as we get more information about the band’s upcoming release.

Show Preview: Other Lives @ The Mohawk (6.11)


Date 6.11.15
Location The Mohawk
Doors 7:00 pm
Tickets 15$ Here

Thursday night at the Mohawk is looking like it’s shaping up to be the place to be as far as shows go around Austin. Headliners and Oklahomans Other Lives are touring in support of their latest effort, Rituals, which showed the band going in an sultry electronic direction and featured a ton of tracks I’m excited to see fleshed out in a live setting. Not to mention the chance to hear the rest of the bands’ stunning catalogue of dark orchestral rock music. Opening up for them are Dark Rooms (Dallas) and Riothorse Royal (L.A), the likes of which should bring a variety of sounds to the night. I’ve included tracks by both of them below to entice you to show up early to the Mohawk tomorrow night.

Show Preview: Abram Shook Album Release (TONIGHT)


Date 05/14 (TONIGHT)
Location The Mohawk
Doors 9:00pm
Tickets Tickets @ the door: 6$ (8$ Minors)

Earlier this week, Abram Shook released his second record, Landscape Dream, on Western Vinyl, and he’s bringing these delightful new tunes to The Mohawk tonight to grace you with their blend of different kind of eclectic folk rock. Not only do you get to hear some of those wonderful tracks from the new record, but Abram Shook will be joined by locals Cross Record and The Deer to make for a night of music that you really can’t afford to miss out on. Trust me, this will be one of those nights that make you proud to live in the company of such talent…if that’s not most nights.


Weekend Show Preview: 5.1/2

Hotel VegasI don’t know about you, but the weekend really started for the ATH crew sometime around Wednesday, as this week has already graced us with some rad shows. If you were too lame to make it out the past two nights, never fear, our city never fails to give us some music to see. Find your weekend show preview and some hype-up tunes to get you ready after the jump.

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