Max Blansjaar Shares Like a Bad Dream + Drops False Comforts

Today, Max Blansjaar celebrates the release of his brand new record, False Comforts, which we’ve covered pretty extensively on this site. But, before you go jump off and listen, Max wanted to offer one more tease, enticing you to get the full listen on today. There’s something about Blansjaar that exudes confidence; he’s able to coolly deliver each line with stated indifference, just letting the track’s natural charm draw you into the fray. In a way, there’s a lot on this song, and the whole record that remind me of Jeffrey Lewis, offering up classic pop styles that just feel slightly left of center, just enough to make it feel like you’re rooting for the outsider. False Comforts can be streamed HERE.

My Best Unbeaten Brother Share Extraordinary Times

When My Best Unbeaten Brother popped onto my radar back in February, I knew I liked it, but was certainly interested to see where the band would go as they moved forward. Well, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite new acts, on the backs of another rad single playing below. It opens in what I kind of consider a come-hither finger wag; the softly spoken lyrical style with a bending guitar line beckons you into the track. Then backing vocals build texture just as the drums snap into their role. Suddenly, the guitars take on a different, distorted tone, almost swinging from side to side. And as if you were getting used that, one of the Ben’s ramps up his vocal delivery, frantically delivering line after line as it was the last thing he might ever say. Everything is catchy and crunchy, and there’s even a bit of Morrissey slander. Earnest pop rock of the best should have everyone in love with this lot. Pessimistic Pizza will be out on June 28th via Audio Antihero.

Magana Releases Teeth LP

Spending the last few years on the road with Mitski and Lady Lamb has clearly helped Jeni Magana find her footing as a songwriter, as Teeth, sounds like a statement of an artist stepping into their own light. The album single, “Break Free,” premiered here on ATH, and I found it an intoxicating number filled with synths that match of with Magana‘s powerful vocals. While that was clearly an upbeat number, there’s such diversity on the whole of Teeth that it feels like Jeni can do no wrong. Take the opening track “Garden,” which feels folk influenced then it pushes right into the bold bravado of “Beside You” in the following tune. “Girl in Chains” definitely has this aura of reclaiming power, perhaps alluding to the theme of Teeth and Jeni Magana claiming this musical space as her own. Stream the entirety of the LP below, courtesy of Audio Antihero.

New Tune from My Best Unbeaten Brother

I’m pretty picky when it comes to long musical intros on rock songs; I’m teacher of 13 year olds, so a majority of my time is a rush. But, when I pressed play on the newest single from UK outfit My Best Unbeaten Brother I just felt like this was the track for me today. Something in the song is growling at you instantly; the guitar lines have this edge to them that immediately has you on edge…the anticipation builds for that whole first minute. Then you’ve the seemingly spoken vocal delivery that works through the track as the guitars stab and poke through your speakers; it’s this riotous bit of ramshackle rock n’ roll that’s perfectly balanced to rip through your speakers. We expect a debut LP from the band later this year via Audio Antihero.

Friday Album Streams: Wurld Series, Frog, Deary

It’s that weird time of the year when everyone pretends that they stop writing music for a few months so we can browse the list of Best New Artists, or whatever. We do it too, though I’ll probably keep writing about songs if folks keep sending them to me. But, before the year “wraps up” and stuff, here’s a few more new records to listen to today that you’ll hopefully enjoy! Note: I included a few from last week, because last week I ran an Austin-centric streams post, so booyah!

Wurld SeriesThe Giant’s Lawn (Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream)

DearyDeary EP (Sonic Cathederal)

FrogGrog (Audio Antihero)

Steven AdamsDrops (Fika Recordings)

The Native CatsThe Way On is the Way Off (Chapter Music)

Frog Share Maybelline, Prep Grog

For the last several years, Frog have been quiet, but it looks like the band have been toiling away working up some great new material, like “Maybelline.” To me, the band has this (probably unintentional) connection to the Glands. Both bands had this Southern gothic Americana bleeding through, both in sound and spirit, but they also have a penchant for flipping that over and making it come across with exuberance, just as it does here. The chorus is snappy and sharp, difficult to keep from crawling under your skin. I love the way the piano toils away underneath the song throughout; this song’s really something, so grab Grog before it drops via Audio Antihero on November 17th.

Track Premiere: New Single from Frog

froggyHave you spent any of your time listening to Frog? No? Then prepare yourself for something quite special, something you’ll rush to share with your friends, hoping to be the coolest kid on the block.  This new single from their upcoming album, Kind of Blah, is a number that builds layer upon layer, working first with vocals, then adding and adding until listeners are carried away by the power of song.  This is one of those tunes that erases the world around you, leaving you to find yourself at one with the song before you.  Look for the band’s album to hit on May 25th via Audio Antihero.

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