Austin Psych Fest 2014 In Pictures

Psych 14 BannerAPF7 has come and gone. Charlie Megira is my new favorite thing. Temples surprised me (ignore their flowery songs and cut to the big stuff). Think No Think were my favorite locals. The Horrors were dark, but sounded great even from the photo pit. The Fresh & Onlys are our new favorite people in rock and/or roll.

I thought I would try something new as we work out the rest of the bugs in the site after an unplanned server move (that sucked) by embedding a slideshow of the giant gallery from my photo site. Feedback welcome.

Hundreds more at the photo site

ATH Interview: The Fresh & Onlys @ Psych Fest 7

Fresh Onlys APF7 BannerTheir scene, their city, discovery, being a band, labels, projects, Spotify, sports – We had the opportunity to sit down with The Fresh & Onlys and talk music and people, and eventually a lot of sports. The interview went long and we love it. I thought about cutting it down, but these guys put it out there and to cut it would be a shame.

Big ups to the gentlemen for taking the time, being conversational and quite candid. It could have been even longer had my camera not over-heated, yeah, it over-heated.

Austin Psych Fest 2014 Interview: Secret Colours

secretAustin Psych Fest is just a few short days away, so I reckoned we oughta ramp up our coverage.  Today we caught up with Secret Colours for a quick pre-fest interview.  I really love the Chicago band’s responses, and I appreciate greatly the thought drummer Justin Frederick put into his answers.  The band will be playing at 5:45 on Sunday at the Reverberation Stage.  Let’s get ready to enjoy ourselves at one of Austin’s best festivals.

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