Austin Spotlight: Christopher Norman

christophernormanA smoky and smooth, crooner-like vocal tone graces this track from Austin’s Christoher Norman.

Previously just turning the knobs, Mr. Norman built this warm electronically backboned gem to introduce himself to our radar. If you think want to bail in the first few seconds, don’t. The song builds in warmth and weight graced by the vocals to the break with a wonderful instrumental out. The second listen is even better.

The album PROCESS is due at the end of the month. Interested.

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Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Get Playful

AlexNapping_VineetGordhandas-1This is the version of Austin’s Alex Napping that I like the most.  There’s still depth to the craftsmanship of the track, and the vocals are, as always, performed well.  But, my love for this number comes from the guitar tones; they’re light-hearted in their angular movement.  The rolling drums that fade out with the vocal after the 3 minute mark are also a nice touch…it’s definitely a strong way to finish off the tune.  You can grab their record This Is Not a Bedroom from our friends over at Punctum Records on September 23rd.

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Austin Spotlight: Check Out Some Coeds

artworks-000066541982-o0foez-t500x500 There is only so much light and airy electro chillwave I can take before I snap and crave some Nitzer Ebb or Split Second, so TRUST is my go to synth-jams nowadays. But what if you could blend? How about a lovely yet strong female voice and big buckets worth of varying waveforms? While the cool lofty and airy stuff can cause additional coffee consumption, Coeds gets you a big sound that has just enough aggression without being angry. I get hints of Glass Candy, with less disco.

The band is Meredith Muñoz and Ryan Kailath. Meredith has been in a few bands you may have liked. She is good people. Check it.

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Show Preview: Red Bull Sound Select (1/15)

Red Bull Sound Select

Date 1/15/14
Location Spider House Ballroom
Doors 9pm
Tickets RSVP $3/$10 @ door

Our friends at Red Bull are presenting a nice little locals action to show off the talent brewing around here; this is a dance party version.

You get The Octopus Project, Night Drive and The Black & White Years. You can RSVP here. Why RSVP, you ask? Because with RSVP, you get in for $3 instead of $10 and you get to download a song from each of the artists. I mean, that is like actually buying three songs and getting to go to a show for free.

I have a feeling things will get crowded quick so be early and be cool. The Octupus Project doesn’t have any more shows listed after this, Night Drive sounded great at Red7 the other night and The Black & White Years have new hits. In fact, here is a track you should hear from B&WY…


Austin Spotlight: Orthy Releases Video for E.M.I.L.Y.

OrthyWe’ve run this jam before, but seeing as we love Orthy, it only serves you that we post it again, now that the track has been mastered and given the video treatment it deserves.  It’s especially important as our local favorite has plans to release the E.M.I.L.Y. EP on January 21st via Dither Down Records; we havent’ even heard the whole thing yet, and already it’s sneaking into our lists for next year.  The songs on this EP represent Ian’s love for his wife, which is a sentiment I hope many of you can understand, allowing you relate not only to the great music, but the subject matter as well.  You can stream the new video HERE or click post the break for embedded goodness, and if you’re free this weekend, the band will be playing at Mohawk with Auto Body Saturday night.


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Austin Spotlight: Genuine Leather

Gen_Leath_Band_2I sort of feel like there’s not been a lot of music coming out from Austin, so I was more than excited when I got this brand new tune from Genuine Leather.  The new single has this calming pop attitude, but there’s clearly more going on in the track than one would first hear.  It took me a couple of times to really take to heart the rolling drum beat and the incredible harmonies, though I was hooked on the song from the get-go. They’re finishing up their final touches on a forthcoming LP, but if you’re digging what you hear, they’ll be playing at the Mohawk this evening after the Unknown Mortal Orchestra show.  I’m so impressed with this tune, that I encourage you to all get on board as we support another great local act.

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