New Stuff from Austin w/ Brother Sports + Sailor Poon

Just because its quarantine, it doesn’t mean folks aren’t working on great music all over the world, but let’s focus on what’s here at home on our end. First up is the newest tune from Brother Sports; we’ve been covering a bunch of their singles in 2020, and they do it again, with sort of slow burning pop tune, coated lyrics and nice backing melodies. I don’t think this track would be out of place on that new Strokes record at all.

After that, we’ve got the debut album from Sailor Poon. They’ve been regarded, deservingly so, as one of Austin’s can’t miss acts for the last several years, putting on phenomenal live shows and carrying an aura of indifference and brashness that puts many punk peers to shame. Finally we get Sailor Poon’s First Album, and its 13 can’t miss hits by one of the baddest bands in town.

New Big Bill Jam

ATH Records alumi and favorite Austin rockers Big Bill dropped a new jam in your face on Friday, so in case you missed it…here we are. Those familiar with the band will no doubt notice that the song’s stripped of the band’s usual energetic pulse; this song feels more like the group’s narrating their lives as they mosey through the line at their “Company Picnic.” You even get little soundbites of water-cooler chatter, with the band making sure that every second of the song matters. So go ahead and indulge in a different side of the Bill, then go through their catalog and fall for the rest in all its absurdist glory.

Have Another New Holy Wave Tune

Looks like Nathan has you all set up for some nice streams over the weekend, but I’d also encourage you to check out this new tune from our Austin friends in Holy Wave. “Interloper” is the title track of the bands brand new album and features a lot of the dreamy and psych oriented sounds we’ve grown to love about the band over the years. This one certainly has a Pink Floyd influence behind it, but a more pop orientation. Chalk it up as another hit for the Austin legends.

Holy Wave will release new album Interloped on July 3rd via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Most Likely Drop Surprise Album

Sam Houdek is one of our favorite Austin musicians; he plays in all the bands you love and have loved (including ATH Records alum Growl)…most recently as a member of Why Bonnie. But, he’s also quietly been working on his own solo stuff as Most Likely, spending the last few years finishing up the various tunes that make up his debut self-titled LP. Some of the song’s we’ve been privy to previously, like standout jam “Steve,” but I definitely have found that “Corner” is one of the special tunes in this collection. It’s always great seeing someone you believe in drop something so wonderful, so spend a few minutes with Most Likely today.

One More From Brother Sports

Nathan and I have become big fans of local boys Brother Sports as they’ve released quite a bit of new music over the last couple of months. As we continue to hype up our new found band, here is yet another single from the group called “Mala”. For me, this is what I was hoping the new Strokes record might sound like (but didn’t). They take that guitar driven sound and throw in just a bit of grit and raw energy to create a truly special offering from a local act. Word on the street is Brother Sports will be dropping a new EP sometime next month.

Christelle Bofale Drops Brand New Single

A few years ago, Christelle Bofale seeming came out of nowhere and dropped this brilliant Swim Team EP in the middle of Austin that had me floored. She released her single “Miles” a bit ago, and we were more than happy to cover it then, but why not encourage you to enjoy the visual representation of the song. I love the solemnity of the solo scenes in the clip versus the joyousness of the group shots, perhaps a nod to the thematic element that our friends/communities give us life. Just felt like you should listen to this song as many times as possible, so here we are. And, if you haven’t heard Swim Team, now is as good a time as any to enjoy it…available from Father Daughter Records.


Stream Thousands of Thorns by Gabe Hascall

The perks of running a web site and a record label? You get to toss up the stuff you release just because you love it. For me, when Gabe Hascall asked about releasing his debut solo LP, it was a no brainer. I spent many a night as a teenager watching him on stage in Austin’s beloved The Impossibles; I had to buy multiple copies when he and Rory went solo as Slowreader. So last Friday we put out Thousands of Thorns on our ATH Records imprint, and if you’re into stuff along the lines of Stephen Steinbrink or Angelo de Augustine, you’re going to love this LP! You can grab it HERE, or enjoy the stream below!

Blood Release WWT55WMNEBA EP

Austin’s a fairly insulated city when it comes to the music scene. Sure, you’ve got your Spoon and The Black Pumas…and they deserve their due, but there are acts that might not ever make it out of the city, at least as far as the “media” is concerned. One act that we’ve all had our eyes on, hoping for larger exposure, is Blood, who just released their Why Wait Till ’55 We Might Not Even Be Alive EP; it’s a four song collection of undefinable shapeshifting rock n’ roll that sprawls over 20 minutes. In the confines of these four tunes you’ll find little droplets of hardcore and post rock, from Shellac to Cursive, yet done with enough pop panache that it’ll draw in fans of Shame, Black Midi and Fontaines DC. What a way to introduce yourselves to the world.

Pure X Returns with Album Announcement

Heralded Austin outfit Pure X have been away for awhile now…but no more! Six years on from Angel, the band announce today that they’ll be releasing their self-titled LP. These 12 songs operate much along the lines of where the band left off, somewhere between the dreamy slowcore of the late 90s/early 00s and the ghost of Galaxie 500. You thought the band had reached acclaim before…wait until everyone hear’s these new tunes! Pure X will be out on May 1st via Fire Talk Records.

Zachman Share Outsiders Video

Earlier on in the year, Zachman released their latest EP, Patterns; it was a collection of four songs that showed the band pushing themselves to expand into their various musical tastes. For me, I love Johnny Zachman’s voice; it has this faint Ben Gibbard vibe that makes it constantly feel like home when you’re listening…as is the case in this tune “Outsiders.” Still, their music isn’t exactly an homage, there’s a harshness and exploration within the confines of the tune, like what occurs at the 50 (and 1:56) second mark. They’ve also outdone themselves with the video treatment here, building a storyline to match the music made entirely of ads from drive-in movies. Be sure to check out the whole EP HERE.

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