Font Share Brand New Single

I was asleep when this new Font track dropped yesterday, otherwise I would have been on top of it…but we’ve got to rep the ATX scene…particularly as the group are one of the most revered artists currently. While some singles have brought out their more jittery electronic bits, I love the reservation on this latest single. Sure, the electronic elements seep in through the cracks in the tune, but somehow they manage to kind of take some of the energy and hold onto it whilst still building that musical tension. For me, this just hints at what’s made the band so exciting, as you can hear their rock influences being warped by their incorporation of various electronic pieces; this song evolves patiently, never staying complacent, then erupts with these thundering beats. You’re in for a treat when the group drop Strange Burden on July 12th.

Show Review: Adrianne Lenker @ Paramount Theatre (6.9)

This past Sunday at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Adrianne Lenker showcased not only the immense depth in her discography by bringing out a multitude of songs from over ten years ago, but she also showcased her ability to seamlessly span across her musical universes and their differing fanbases. The evening opened with Texas folk legend Steve Fisher, rumored to be a huge influence on Lenker.

A mere one-third of the songs Adrianne played were from her most recent album Bright Future, allowing the vastness of her thoughts and creative picking patterns to materialize. From the song “Steamboat,” the beloved solo from Adrianne’s first album Hours Were The Birds, produced at the ripe age of twenty one, to “Vampire Empire,” one of Adrianne’s more recent hits that was first released as a Big Thief solo. With just a guitar, microphone, and the unwavering attention of the crowd, Adrianne created an intimate atmosphere within the Paramount that was unmatched in its authenticity, ultimately displaying how art and writing has been used to heal Adrianne throughout the years, and inversely, how Adrianne’s art has been used to heal her devoted fans. There were grown men clapping during the most niche of songs, fans crying, and an obvious sense that each attendee had their own individual and meaningful experience accompanied by Adrianne’s voice and the downtown Austin Paramount interiors.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Embroidered

We know there’s a brand new Letting Up Despite Great Faults record coming on the way, though details are fairly vague (thanks Mike!). That said, there’s a pumping new single you’ve got to hear if you’re a fan of the band’s indiepop style. If this new single is a glimmer of what’s in store, I’m totally ready, as this seems to have taken their polite bedroom pop sound and fused it into something bolder and bumping. This new track has these huge hooks in it, driven by the pumping synth lines and guitar riffs jangling behind. Dual vocals are still deep in the mix, which is always one of their charms, so you can still pick up on the breadcrumbs of the band’s earliest days while they forge ahead with a more potent brand. We’ll keep you posted if we here more on the new LP!

Show Preview: Adrianne Lenker @ Paramount Theatre (6.9/6.10)

Adrianne Lenker, lead vocalist, guitarist, and predominant songwriter for the indie folk band Big Thief, diverges her own mysterious, eccentric path once again for her fifth solo studio album Bright Future. Lenker builds seemingly esoteric messages and vocals and their consequent heart-wrenching melodies into an eminently listenable story that seems applicable to all who have experienced love and loss. Lenkers intimate narratives, namely conveyed through lyrics such as You show me/Understanding, patience and pleasure/Time and attention, love without measureThe eleventh dimension, free treasure create a vulnerable environment not dissimilar to the more tangible one you can experience live at the Paramount Theatre on June 9th and 10th, 2024. The opening event will be one of Lenkers inspirations, Steve Fisher.

You can purchase tickets to both nights HERE.

Holy Wire Share The Ending of An Age Video

Those of you that like to indulge in deep club bangers will certainly want to turn your ears towards this new tune from Austin’s Holy Wire. It sets up with this budding bass line, then it just drops right into this club-friendly groove that allows Alain to croon atop, offering up lyrics that capture a sense of looking back. This fits perfectly with the theme of the video, with the band telling us they “wanted a sense of voyeurism, like you’re watching the world from inside, and a sense of disconnect. Its sort of a culmination of the themes of retrospection and being removed from things across the whole album.” I love the way it feels as if you’re the voyeur, watching the performance from the side yourself; don’t forget the band’s new album, The Ending of An Age pops up today!

Show Preview: The Umbrellas @ Mohawk (6.6)

Before it gets too hot, there are a handful of really great shows about town, like this one featuring San Fransisco’s The Umbrellas. For starters, local band Touch Girl Apple Blossom kick the night off, having just announced a set in Cali with our friends in Heavenly/Swansea Sound; they also dropped this great tune last week: HERE. They’ll be followed by On Being an Angel, who always put on a nice set. Then, come the Umbrellas; they blow into town on the back of their most excellent Fairweather Friend LP (Slumberland Records). Operating with various vocalists, they can charm with the best of the jangle poppers or turn it on a knife’s edge and deliver something more dangerous, while still offering just a hint of sweetness. If you want tickets, grab ’em HERE.


Urban Heat Announce The Tower

We should have known this was around the corner, with Austin’s Urban Heat having released a slew of singles…including a new one today with the announcement of their album, The Tower. They clearly are flirting with brand of new wave they aim to make all their own, employing heavier beats that set a backdrop for more dramatic vocal performances. This new single does just that, pumping in a huge rolling synth line that seems destined for the dance floor. But, where Urban Heat make it their own, Jonathan Horstmann offers up a more dramatic and pensive vocal, letting the track waft through your speakers; you get to sit back and revel in the way the band toy with drama, perhaps nodding to an affection for acts like Depeche Mode. They release the Tower via Artoffact Records on August 16th.

IDLES Divide, Conquer and LOVE Austin’s Moody Ampitheater

We’re anti-Fascist, we’re anti-violence, we’re anti-racist and we’re pro-creative. -Joe Strummer (The Clash)

We all listen to music for a myriad of reasons but, for many of us, it is our source of connection to humanity. A connection that informs us that we are not alone in this world with our own experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Over 7 years and 5 studio albums, Bristols IDLES have found that connection with an audience that spans generations, race, creed, and sexual identity.Their sound explores the typical musical landscape of punk/post-punk/hardcore, brash, aggressive, and thunderous while delivering poignant, timeless messaging, political and personal, softening the edges with tongue-in-cheek humor and pushing the musical confines of a genre sometimes limiting in sound.

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Genuine Leather Drop New Single

Over the years Chris Galis has turned out some great tracks from Genuine Leather, but lately, he’s been building more of a woozy pop brand for the project, which is where we find the band’s latest single. There’s something about the pacing and punch of the synth lines in this tune that make it feel like a bit of a slow bump and grind from the R&B heydays. Still, Galis definitely knows his way out in and out of a hook, building the volume up, merely to bring it back and down and slide right into your DMs. This song’s a slow burning late night pop wonder, and one that we can all likely relate to as we try and continue to come out of our shells in this post Covid era.

Premiere: Gus Baldwin and the Sketch Share Relief

I’m not entirely sure there’s a single that can capture the live energy the drips from the stage when Gus Baldwin and the Sketch are up there, but this brand new single is pretty damn close. This new single kicks off with a stuttering guitar lick before zooming off into the ferocious heavy jangles that aim to rip right through your speakers. At times, there’s certainly a West Coast psychedelic tendency that seeps out, like the Growlers or early Fresh & Onlys. But, the band goes beyond being a one trick pony playing into simple tropes, as the leap into a more Goner Records/Jay Reatard guitar explosion when the tune hits the 2 minute mark. Just goes to show you can still be catchy as hell while playing really fucking loud. Gus Baldwin and the Sketch play at Hotel Vegas tonight, then head through various cities across the South/Western US through the rest of May, so keep an eye out for shredders. Out today via GetWithIt Records!

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