Terrible Truths Finally Prep Debut

Terrible Truths 2015 LP cover PRINT READYI feel like it’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the debut from Australia’s Terrible Truths is finally on its way. Several singles have floated about for years, and this is the second official single from the band.  It’s got an angular punch to it, tied in with a playful bounce to keep the groove running. There’s a whole lot to love from the vocal delivery; it’s almost bratty, but in an indifferent sort of way rather than just an angst-ridden tirade. Honestly, it’s all really refreshing, and it feels like the band is doing so much right with this tune. Their self-titled debut is out this week courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records.

Tourist Dollars is my Tuesday Jam

touristdollarsWhen this track first played upon my speakers, I thought that the vocals resembled the longing in the voice of Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys/Magic Trick). And, that’s all well and good, as Tim’s one of my favorites, but the music of Tourist Dollars is far different, playing upon the cleaner realm of shoegaze and shimmering indiepop. There’s that circular progression in the guitars, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to soar brightly in the front of the track. For now, this is just a one off single the band have released while they work on their forthcoming debut, slated for a 2016 release.

Brand New ATH Records Single: The Ocean Party

11856249_10153084418697263_15473172251284196_oI’ve stayed relatively close to home with our ATH Records label, but as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m rather ecstatic to be releasing the newest album from Australia’s the Ocean Party, along with Spunk Records. Their latest single is precisely the reason I agreed to get involved with the act; it has this bubbling post-punk bass line, then swings into this luscious bit of angular guitar pop. It’s short, sweet and finds its way straight to your soul.  They’ve titled the new record, Light Weight, and it’s US release date is currently being pushed to January.

Hey New Woollen Kits Jam

988431_10152386592409874_1545930897_nI had no idea the Woollen Kits were even working on new music; they’ve been relatively quiet since their last album, Four Girls. That being said, there’s never a bad time for these guys to put out new tracks, as their relaxed pop fits right into the modern indie rocker playlist. There’s some deeper vocal tones on their songs, which always makes me feel like your favorite Aussie jangle pop band is covering Beat Happening…and that’s a compliment of the highest form. You can grab the below tune on a brand new 7″ from RIP Society, but hurry, good stuff never lasts.

Did You Listen to The Goon Sax Yet

CH132 Sometimes AccidentallyI love Aussie label Chapter Music, but it looks like they’re about to really knock it out of the park with their new signing The Goon Sax. They just signed the teenage band, and it sounds remarkably like a wonderful blend of Violent Femmes and Go-Betweens…ultimately making for the best music combination ever.  It’s filled with an infectious bounce and a remarkably unique, yet familiar, vocal delivery.  They’ll be releasing Up to Anything early next year via the label, so stay tuned for another incredible single soon!

Throwback Rocker From Gold Class

1436552349AxS1_cjzsZi0FSmGzHo7_wrMG_4PBJezllKZdzMc_zpsbcyznyihMelbourne based Gold Class has been picking up lots of positive praise recently online and I figured we should be talking about this promising band as well.  Below you can find the groups latest single entitled “Furlong”.  Expect some throwback style, sluggish and heavy styles here for fans of all things old school.  Call me a fan.

You can pick up It’s You on September 4th via Felte.

Nice To Meet You: Arbes

11182190_857958794284353_6505984048708003117_nArbes is a trio of youngsters making some interesting pop music out of Australia.  I know very little about the band at this point since they are so fresh on the scene, but I do know the music is speaking to me today.  Many will hear the enchanting female vocals on a song like “Beach Side” and immediately compare the band to the likes of Beach House.  Though it’s fair, the band also add in these tricky little guitar parts to give everything a more upbeat and groovy vibe.  Stay tuned for more from this young trio as they plan to release their debut EP on cassette this Friday via London’s Sports Day Records.

Raving About Royal Headache Again

Royal HeadacheIn case you haven’t caught wind, there’s a new Royal Headache album coming out. I’ve been listening to their new album High pretty non-stop the last few weeks, and I’ll tell you, despite what you’ve heard, this is the best record to come out of Australia this year (sorry Tame Impala).  There’s just some remarkable in the way they fuse their gritty rock tones with the soulful voice of Shogun; it’s not like anything you’ve heard, yet it’s everything you ever wanted. The album is released on August 21st via Whats Your Rupture, which will be followed by a US tour, including an Austin date at Red 7…so you’ve been warned.

Fresh Work from The Ocean Party

11018724_10153007025987263_1810945132717656803_oWhat a week! Two of my favorite Australian acts have released new music, meaning new records are on the way! First, there was last week’s hit from The Crayon Fields, and now we’ve got the steady guitar pop of The Ocean Party.  I always appreciated the band’s approach to songwriting; it always seemed so  relaxed and effortless. But, this latest single shows some growth, especially during the chorus where the piano explodes and the vocals take on a loftier note.  There’s no word exactly on a release date, but it looks as if the group will have more enjoyable tunes underway that we’ll all soon enjoy.

Spastic Rock from Hierophants

11406892_873158592739142_6444236918764143221_nI don’t really no too much about Hierophants, other than they’re based in Australia and on Goner Records.  Both things are pretty much a guarantee of my own personal enjoyment but I want you to be the judge on your own.  The song opens up in a stutter of garage rock, but it doesn’t stay there for too long, instead blasting off into a spastic land where few bands dare to go.  The end of the track is something all together different from the opening moments, closing in this oddball bounce then moving to a crunchy outro; it all makes for a listen that you don’t get every day, which is well enough in my book. Parallax Error, the album, will be out in September.

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