Warbling Folk Pop from Lisa Mitchell

lisa-mitchellThere’s been a lot of buzz overseas about Lisa Mitchell, but I hadn’t really given her work too much attention until I came across this playful bit of pop songwriting.  The opening moments of the track recall the early days of Kings of Convenience, with a slight hint of buzz coming from the recorded guitar before Mitchell’s marvelous voice makes its entrance. There’s a quality to her voice that would put her on par with many American contemporaries, though her straight-forward approach makes for music that’s far more enchanting.  Give the young lady a listen.


Download: Lisa Mitchell – Wah Ha [MP3]

A Little Dream with Methyl Ethel

740088_718075458235398_671062281685800029_oAs I’m finally getting back on top of life, I’ve come across this gem from Methyl Ethel that I seem to have glanced over mistakenly, as there’s no other reason for that exclusion on our site.  Recently they gave this tune a live spin via THIS VIDEO, but I’m stuck on the swirling guitar work that casually glides like only the dreamiest pop songs can.  A nice little echo on the vocals smooths things out just a bit, completing my love of the tune. They’re wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut album, so I’ll keep you posted on the Aussie outfit.

Who On Earth Is Chris Smith?!?!?

chrisUnless you live in Australia, the odds are you probably haven’t heard of Chris Smith up until now.  Don’t feel alone, I was in exactly the same boat until 24 hours ago, when I found this tune, and now I’m absolutely hooked.  The music ambled along from the moment I pressed play, and I was drawn into the tune; I love the sound of the guitar work throughout the entirety of the track.  But, Smith’s vocals, straining from the background further pulled me under, convincing me this was something I couldn’t ignore…and now neither can you. This tune will be featured on his LP, Bad Orchestra, which has a slated release date of October 14th via Hermit Hut.

New Offering from Pond

pondageThis song from Australia’s Pond opened up really slowly, and I was worried I wouldn’t sink my teeth into it, having been a fan of the group’s early work.  But, just after the 1 minute mark they turn up the guitars and get into a real swing, steering more in the direction of what I see as an ode to Brit pop, though the psychedelic elements are still faintly present in the song.  It’s one of those tracks that you can wrap your head around once you spend some time with it.  You’ll have plenty of time when they unleash Man It Feels Like Space Again, which is on its way soon.

Brand New Tune from The Stevens

steveIn case you were one of those unfortunate souls who missed out on the glory that was The History of Hygiene, then first listen to this delightful new song from The Stevens.  We got glimpses of this sort of pop on their debut, but this track shows such growth and perfection that it’s hard to even really see them as the same group. When the world looks back in 20 years on the history of Australian pop music, they’ll start to look at Chapter Music as the purveyors of all great things; they’re the label releasing this delectable single. Perfect way to wrap up your Friday afternoon.  Then you can also go pick up their LP; you deserve it.

Great New Pop Tune From Wilding

Iavatars-000097044320-1mo9j2-t500x500t’s been quite some time since we heard from Australian based Wilding and I’m pumped to have some new music coming your way today.  This one is called “Missing Her” and is a catchy as all hell pop number that’s sure to brighten even the biggest bummer of a day.  Press play and enjoy the fun.

Stay tuned for more info on a new album said to be out early next year.

New EP From Twerps

Upload_SxSW2ndSt_2012_03_16-15_09_55It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from our Australian friends in Twerps and I’m excited today to share reports of some new music from the band.  Apparently Merge has swooped in and signed the band and are releasing a brand new EP of material entitled Underlay.  Lucky for you and I, the label is offering up the EP in its entirety for the next week via soundcloud.  Naturally we will embed the entire thing here for your listening pleasure.  I haven’t made it through the whole thing just yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be incredible.

Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming full length release in 2015.

Ausmuteants Ready New Album

ausI’ve talked about my appreciation for Australia’s Ausmuteants on these pages before, and they’re back again with a new single, readying a new album.  I love the spastic delivery on the vocals here; it works in and out of step of the guitar chords that ring out, while a nice darkened synth line pushes the moody attitude up a notch.  Personally, I love how the band often feel out of control, yet it all is perfectly fitting and actually a rather tight ship.  Goner Records will be releasing Order of Operation on September 30th, and the band will tour the States through September, including a show at Beerland on the 23rd.

Another Great Track from Laura Jean

laurajeanI’ve written about the work of songwriter Laura Jean on several occasions, and she’s back with a real winner today.  This is her second single from her upcoming self-titled album; it’s also the best track I’ve heard from her (not that I don’t adore the others).  There’s a gentle touch to her playing on this tune, almost playful, which suits the vocal tones extremely well.  You think Jenny Lewis can write songs like this? I’m thinking no, which is a strong step forward for LJ.  Look for her album on August 22nd from the reliable Chapter Music.

Rock Out with Dribble

dribbleChecking in on my favorite country of Australia, I stumbled upon this excellent new tune from Dribble.  It starts out innocently enough before blasting forth with a discordant bounce and riotous vocals.  There’s a spirit within the song that can only be fully realized when surrounded by a bunch of friends in a tiny little club.  Still, the track packs a huge punch, which is perhaps owed to Mikey Young of Total Control/Eddy Current, who recorded the band’s new 7″.  It’ll be out shortly via Cool Death Records.


Download: Dribble – High St Girl [MP3]


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