Recent Rocker from Food Court

smileFood Court first came to my attention via the RSTB blog, and I’ve been jamming their latest EP ever since that day…earlier this week. As I browsed for something cool to post for you on this Friday, I figured you’d appreciate an energetic close to your afternoon.  This track has everything you need, from a bouncing bass line to hook filled choruses that will have you tapping your toes and aching to sing-a-long at the top of your longs.  It’s the title track from the band’s Smile at Your Shoes EP, so pick it up if you need a pick me up.  Enjoy your weekend folks.


Download: Food Court – Smile At Your Shoes [MP3]

New Track from DZ Deathrays

dzAustralia’s DZ Deathrays are hard at work trying to wrap up the recording of their next full-lenght, but in the mean time, they’ve provided us all with a nice little peak at what we’re likely to hear.  Ringing guitar works really well here, with layered vocals doing a perfect job providing a fairly blissful touch to the song itself.  Bloodstreams, their last album, made huge waves, so we can expect them to gain more steam as their sound crosses the great pond, landing them in our speakers.  We’ll keep you posted on the release date, but experts are looking at a February release.

New Single from The Ocean Party

oceanpartyI’ve definitely been on an Australian bent lately, and I want to continue that with our friends in The Ocean Party.  They’ve just released their new record, Split, and I’m pretty sure that anyone that listens to the single below will find as much reason to love them as we do.  There’s a relaxed vibe to the vocal, which is often the case with the group, but the guitar sound should sound familiar to all, as it’s got a bright angular sound that’s being utilized around the globe.  If you’re with me, then you’ll be all about this beautiful song and the rest that are on the album.


Download: The Ocean Party – Quarter Life Crisis [MP3]

New (ish) Boomgates Tune

boomI feel like I should name this post “Keeping it Australia.”  I just posted about one Bedroom Sucks act yesterday, but I really want to continue my praise for the label by encouraging you to listen to the latest tune from Boomgates.  The group released Double Natural and really caught my attention, but now that they’re going to have a split 7″ with The Bats, I’m pretty sure the group’s on the top of their game.  I love how the female and male voices work together on this tune, while the guitar takes its own fuzzy meander through the track.  Definitely keeping you on the Australian tip this week.

Old Jam from Rat Columns

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}It’s been really slow around the email world lately, and nothing was really pushing my hair back, so I just opted to spend my entire weekend cruising the back catalogues of the Internet.  One of the jams that I really love is this tune below from Australia’s Rat Columns.  Personally, I love the sound of the guitar alone, but combined with the natural energy of the group, it’s just a rad song all around.  Kind of makes me wonder where the great American guitar pop bands have gone.  Anyways, you can grab some copies of their Sceptre Hole LP from Smart Guy Records.

New Music from Day Ravies

dayI wrote about Day Ravies a while ago in support of their first single from their new release, and I’ve been keeping an eye on them, considering them to be one of my two favorite up-and-coming Australian acts (the other being the Stevens).  The band will be releasing a new LP, Tussle, on November 10th, and you can listen to their entire album over on their Bandcamp page.  The tune below is one of my favorite of the 12, featuring this beautiful guitar sound and a soft vocal, which gets some backing assistance from the female voices in the band.  It’s a really special listen, and one you should take a gander at if you have some time this Friday.

New Single from The Ancients

LLB_8171MID.2If you want to vote for International Label of the Year, on the small scale, then you’ll probably be looking right at Chapter Music; the Australian folks have pumped out great band after great band in 2013, and they don’t aim to stop with the release of the next LP from The Ancients.  Their third album, Night Bus, will be released by the label on October 18th. If you need something that holds the warmth of creativity, yet still appeals to your search for catchy hooks, then you needn’t go any further than this single. Personally, I’m feeling drawn to the fuzzy sound of the guitars throughout, though the vocals are quite pleasant too.  Give it a whirl.

Sprawling Rocker from Violent Soho

violentsohoI figured since we’re nearing the weekend, we could all probably use a little extra pep to carry us to the end of the week.  At first listen, this new single from Violent Soho might not seem like it fits, but be sure to hold on tightly.  The song does pen up rather carefully, slowing moving with a drawling vocal, yet moments later the guitars are amped up, blasting into your ears.  Vocals no longer seem calming, rather they’re ridden with angst.  It’s really something I think would have fit perfectly into mid-90s radio airplay, and I’m not going to lie, there’s a soft spot for that in my heart. Their new LP, Hungry Ghost was just released, so check it if you enjoy.

Dark Synth Pop from Nerves

nerves_mailchimpLet’s all enjoy a little bit of throbbing synth pop today, courtesy of Australia’s Nerves.  From the start, the song pulses energetically, with Cat Hughes haunting voice, reminiscent of the Knife, smoothly operating atop the beats.  It’s a tune that allows you to stomp your feet frivolously, yet at the same time still revolves around the sound of the vocals.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are really going to gravitate towards this track, and you can find more such tunes on the group’s new Crooked Bones EP.  Tasty.


Download: Nerves – Counting [MP3]

Fresh Pop from Cloud Control

Cloudcontrol_small_tbd_photographerSeveral years ago we threw a chilled out little SXSW party, and we were more than excited to have Cloud Control closing the night out for us over at Empire Automotive.  The band has taken some time releasing new material, but I’m completely okay with that, as this new jam is perfect for Monday morning.  It’s bright in every regard, be it the emotional pull or the sound itself.  It’s a track you won’t be able to get out of your head, and you won’t complain about that fact either.  They’ll be releasing their new album Dream Cave in the US on September 17th; we can’t wait.

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