Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.16 – 5.20)

It’s that time of the week friends, where you get to revisit all the stuff we covered last week, mostly because we’re too lazy to do it on a Friday. We had a lot of super rad stuff, with fresh tunes from the likes of Living Hour, Interior Geometry and Lost Film. Plus, with Liars reissue treatment, I get a chance to post an old school Liars jam, so I was stoked there. Plus, our friend Nick Rad documented his fun at the Turnstile show, so I included a jam in here too, because why the heck not?! Happy Monday!

Automatic Share Skyscraper Single

I’ve definitely been enjoying the jams from Automatic‘s forthcoming album, Excess, but I’m certainly a bit wary too. I mean, how does a band come out swinging with this mellowed post-punk and slick production; it feels like its a direct response to the 70s punk bravado…spun through this more futuristic lens. This new track crawls under your skin like some microscopic organism, embedding itself in your being as it seductively drops the chorus on repeat. The band are three for three with their singles, so I’ve got nothing but excitement for the forthcoming LP; it drops officially on June 24th via Stones Throw.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.4 – 4.8)

Here we are folks, another Monday. We’re starting off the week, as we always do, looking back at last week’s hits, just in case our five followers missed a song or two. We’ve got new indie pop stuff from Red Sleeping Beauty and Jeanines, plus new tunes from long-time ATH faves, Stephen’s Shore. Then there’s a new Chronophage album on the way, so we’ve got that covered here too. It’s a quick little way to breeze into your week here, starting things off nice and light. Enjoy!

Automatic Share Venus Hour Video

I don’t know what it is about Automatic, but the band seems almost too cool for me to listen to on a regular basis. Today they drop another track from their forthcoming Excess LP, and I just can’t help but get sucked into their tunes. At its bare bone, the songs are these bopping exercises in rhythm, with little else moving through aside form the bass and drum work. Yet, there’s something in the way the vocals feel sheepishly hip, like they’re unaware how much cool exists in their craft. They remind me of this weird mixture of Deep Time and Pylon, thrown in with a nod back to 60s pop groups; Excess is going to rule, and it drops on June 24th via Stones Throw.

New Music from Sonic Avenues

sonicEver since playing my way through two copies of Television Youth I’ve been waiting for the next record from Sonic Avenues.  They offer up this infectious power-pop that carefully walks the line between punk and pop, though not in that cheesy teenage manner.  It’s fitting that the band is releasing their next album, Mistakes, on Dirtnap Records again; it’s the home of other like-minded acts such as The Marked Men or Low Culture. You can grab what is sure to be an excellent record on April 15th when it hits the stores.

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